Reviews by Event Attendees

Seriously, everyone was talking about what a great app it was for the show. My partner and I were at the AESP conference and LOVED your app. We have even told our client about it and showed it to them to use at their conference coming up in March. The Whova app made the entire conference more productive and organized.

Ann Marie Dryden

Attendee, Association of Energy Services Professionals

This APP is so amazing. It’s user-friendly and I was amazed on how when using the APP the breakout rooms were set up. Kudos to the creators! This tool is very helpful for big conferences to be held due to Covid.

Charnell Williams

I wish more conference and events in general would use Whova to help participants get more out it……how incredibly useful I found Whova to be at the recent SEJ annual conference. It’s safe to say that the conference was 10x more valuable to me than if Whova had not been available.

Mark Trexler

Attendee, The Society of Environmental Journalists Annual Conference

Attendee's review of Whova for virtual conference

Had a 3 day virtual conference event where Whova was used. It worked out very nicely to interact with presenters and participants during this multi-day event. Not 100% like in-person, but avoid the drawbacks of travel. I would use it again.

Joel House

This app made our tradeshow attendance very efficient and we were able to capitalize on quick meetings during the show but also keep building business after the show. I wish more shows would use it.
Not only I would give a 10 but I have already recommended your app to several people around me.

Bertrand Haure

Galway Trading USA LLC

Whova dramatically transformed my experience at the conference and I will always highly recommend it for anyone who attends a conference. I really appreciate that I did not have a giant stack of papers or binder to sift through for every speaker. It could also accommodate for a change in speaker line-up (like what happened at our Emerald Conference). It was extremely valuable for networking.

Matthew Carmichael

Director of Research and Development, Med-West Distribution, LLC

Event app that pulls together streaming, messaging and attendee communication. Ever sat in a video conference and wish you could ask another attendee a question? Whova made it easy, and helped me network after an event which is great! We found a mentor to help our organization with program development – all enabled by the messaging tools on whova.

Linnea Lemon

Though I’m sad to not meet these families in person, I’m thrilled to still be attending this conference (hosted by Birmingham Homeschoolers Community) virtually via the Whova app to promote the upcoming Birmingham Homeschool Cotillion & Birmingham Cotillion…

Tara Rasheta

Attendee, A Model Patient 501c3

I’m letting you know that this is the best app ever. My delegation from UF used Whova for the ECAASU conference and it was amazing. We loved the features and found the chat messaging feature the best. We have a group of 30 people who will sing our love for the great and wonderful app of Whova.

Kristiana Simon

Attendee, East Coast Asian American Student Union

This app was extremely helpful to me at this meeting. It is the best meeting app I have seen yet. I liked that I could easily make my agenda, connect with people, scan business cards. It was VERY helpful to have people’s photos in the attendees section too. I was able to connect with many people with that simple add on. In fact, I am still using it to connect with people!

I will recommend the app to other conferences I attend.

Julie Tetzlaff

Assistant Dean, Medical College of Wisconsin

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