Fun Facts from Whova Events in 2024

Whova has helped 40,000+ in-person events, 10,000+ virtual events, and 5,000+ hybrid events!
One event sent 214 announcements in 3 days!
472,370 messages were posted on one event’s Community Board!
There were 328,313 sponsor banner impressions at a single event.
A single exhibitor collected 3,356 leads.
One attendee wrote 387 notes in 3 days!
One events’ attendees gave 24,492 responses to icebreaker prompts.
One event had 1,008 concurrent sessions.
One event had attendees from 68 different countries.
8,843 applications were submitted at a single job fair.
An indecisive attendee changed his profile 52 times!
Attendees scheduled 204 virtual and in-person meetups at one conference!
There were 343 lost & found messages at one event!
Attendees at one conference created 442 job posts.
One virtual event had speakers in 18 different time zones!
67,000+ messages were exchanged at a single event.
One event had 23,818 photo shares.
One user scanned 1,986 business cards.

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