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“From design to print, the name badges seamlessly aggregates all attendee list data. We used four separate badge designs and color coded to differentiate the speakers, exhibitors, attendees and organizers.

We used the Whova app to scan the unique QR code on the badge for quick check-in… In addition, the session feedback feature allowed our team to apply different three evaluations to the appropriate sessions and see the responses in real time.”

Review by Jamie Payton for Whova Event Management System

Alex Smith, Creative Director
Tribal Public Health Conference

DIY Name Badges Tool: Cost-Effective & Professional

Professional design templates

Save time with 17 expertly designed templates

Full customization & personalization

Tailor name badge based on attendee type

Effortless set-up

Streamline info from attendee list of event app

Print pre-event or onsite

Print badges in bulk or on-demand using popular printers

QR code for check-in

Simplify check-in and lead scanning with embedded QR codes

Broad printer compatibility

Works seamlessly with popular desktop and badge printers

The name badge generation feature really helped us out as we took this on for for our event, because it’s just so easy to generate them with the templates that [Whova provides], or you can create your own and then just easily, with the attendee list, it just uploads, right away, and then you can print based on whether it’s a speaker or an exhibitor.
Review by Jamie Payton for Whova Event Management System

Tigre Hammond, Member Relations Specialist
Mid-Atlantic Asphalt Expo & Conference

Fast Attendee Check-in: Avoid Long Lines

Fast check-in with phone or laptop

No more expensive scanning devices needed

QR code scanner

Scan QR code on their app or name badge

Easy delegation to volunteers

Add volunteers as check-in staff at anytime

Self check-in

Reduce staff needs with self check-in


Facilitate event check-in, day check-in and session check-in

[Check-in] was really simple and easy because we literally could add volunteers to be check in attendance. So we didn’t have to get computers, we didn’t have to get the RFID equipment barcode scanners, we literally were just able to add them and they were able to scan people on their phone by the QR code or type in their name.
Review by Loryn Wellman for Whova Event Management System

Loryn Wellman, CEO, ThreeElevenOTwo Events
Organizer @ Generational Wealth Conference

Polls, Session Feedback and Surveys: Double the Responses

Comprehensive event feedback tools

Live polls, event surveys, session feedback

Extensive question banks & templates

Access a bank of 200+ questions and 10+ templates

Convenient app submissions on-the-go

Attendees can submit responses directly through Whova Mobile App

Gamification to further boost responses

Boost responses with in-app pop-ups and popular gamification features

Automatic survey reminders

Increase responses with scheduled email reminders and push notifications

Prior to using Whova it was individual paper responses that were then manually entered into an excel sheet. Now it’s all done on Whova. Most people just do it on their cell phone on the app […] Just export it into an excel sheet through the app from Whova is what we do and it’s easy for us to review that data.
Review by Jessica Rizza for Whova Event Management Software

Jessica Rizza, Development Coordinator
Organizer @ People In Need Forum

Certificate: Generate and Distribute in Minutes

Easily determine qualifications

Quickly identify qualified recipients with attendance records

Create from templates

Customize professional certificates without design skills

Full customization

Leverage customized fields for maximum flexibility and personalization

Generate in under 5 minutes

Generate hundreds of certificates in under 5 minutes

E-distribution, save paper & cost

Distribute certificates to thousands recipients electronically in one click

Previously, we’ve been doing Mail Merges. And then I have to use an add-on for Gmail, and personalize the emails. And it was a long drawn out process, attaching the [certificate] documents to all of the emails to send them out. So for this, Whova saved us a lot of time, a lot of my time that I would have had to do otherwise.
Review by Jessica Rizza for Whova Event Management Software

Nicole Hoover, Event and Management Coordinator
Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference

Online Waivers: Protect Your Event from Liability

Quick waiver form creation

Create online forms in minutes using pre-designed templates

Easy customization

Effortlessly customize forms to meet your specific needs

Support PDF attachment

Upload detailed terms and conditions in PDFs

Real-time progress tracking

Monitor the progress of sent forms and submissions

Completion reminders

Easily remind attendees to increase completion rate

Integrated with check-in

Instantly verify waiver status during attendee check-in

We could download a template and edit that, modify it. And then it was very efficient at being able to send to our participants, and they could sign it, return it, and we had a virtual record of all of the signed waiver forms. Very efficient, very successful for us and eliminated us from having to do a manual process of emailing everybody a form, or coming up with some way to do this.
Review by Jessica Rizza for Whova Event Management Software

Suzanne Esber, ToP Network
Organizer @ ToP Network Annual Gathering

Social Wall: Elevate Your Event Experience

Highlight sponsors on big screen

Display sponsor logos prominently on a big screen at your event or on your website

Showcase event photos and activities

Highlight event activities and photos to spread excitement

Keep everyone informed

Share announcements and reminders to ensure attendees are always updated

Automated feed, no manual effort

Information automatically pulled from your Whova event app

Quick setup

Set up in just a few steps, taking less than a minute

I would just share my screen and show the Social Wall and so it would rotate through the sponsor logos that we had. We also have grant and scholarship winners every year and so I had their photos up and what they won and what it was going to be used for. So they were highlighted, which was fun for everyone to see and kind of advertise that.
Review by Jessica Rizza for Whova Event Management Software

Lara Marsh, Owner, ratherthanrunning, LLC
Organizer @ Iowa Nurse Practitioner Society Annual Conference

Event Analytics & Reports: Gain Data-Driven Insights

Pre-event attendee analytics

Get pre-event analytics to optimize your event promotion campaign

Understand your audience

See who’s visiting your webpages and engaging with your social media posts

Monitor important statistics

Track ticket sales, check-in progress, surveys responses and gamification activities

Sponsor and exhibitor analytics

Provide detailed quantitative ROI to event sponsors and exhibitors

Post-event report

Receive a comprehensive 50+ page post-event report to showcase your success

The report section, I can now go and say, look what the previous sponsors got, over a million impressions or whatever. So I use the Whova data a lot to sell to new people to be able to say, look what the previous people got.
Review by Jessica Rizza for Whova Event Management Software

Shanta Patton, CEO, Patton and Associates
National Association of Real Estate Brokers Annual Convention

Speaker Center: Coordinate Speakers Seamlessly

Effortless info collection

Enable speakers to upload bios, headshots, and session details directly

Quick speaker webpage creation

Build a professional speaker webpage without any design or coding skills

Easy updates

Manage speaker updates seamlessly with auto-sync across App and web pages

Direct communication

Communicate with speakers easily without the need for a mailing list.

One of the things we faced with an event that has over 100 speakers is if a speaker’s job title changes, or if they have a new bio, they want the integration between not only them being able to go in and make those updates, but then them automatically being updated and published on the speaker page and the agenda page. That was a really big selling point for us.
Review by Jessica Rizza for Whova Event Management Software

Sarah Vaught Cathey, Senior Director of Operations, Kentucky Chamber of Commerce
Organizer @ Kentucky Chamber of Commerce

Whova Event Management Software FAQ

Why is Whova’s Event Management Software better than others?

Whova’s Event Management Software stands out for several key reasons:

  1. Enormously Comprehensive Features: Whova offers an all-in-one platform that includes registration management, attendee engagement tools, sponsor and exhibitor solutions, and detailed analytics, covering every aspect of event planning and execution.
  2. Incredibly Easy-to-use Interface: The platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, allowing event organizers to manage their events efficiently without needing extensive technical knowledge.
  3. Unbeatable Efficiency and Time Savings: The platform automates many event management tasks, such as creating speaker webpages and setting up big-screen displays, saving organizers significant time and effort.
  4. Top Quality Customer Support: Whova provides excellent customer support and resources, including webinars, tutorials, and a responsive help desk, ensuring organizers have the assistance they need throughout the event planning process.
  5. Unparalleled Engagement and Networking: With features like live polling, surveys, gamification, and a dynamic event feed, Whova enhances attendee engagement and facilitates networking, creating a more interactive and enjoyable event experience.

These factors combined make Whova’s Event Management Software a superior choice for organizing and executing successful events.

What benefits does Whova event management software provide for event organizers?

Whova event management software offers numerous benefits for event organizers:

  1. Streamlined Planning and Management: Whova provides a comprehensive platform that simplifies the entire event planning process, from registration to post-event reporting, allowing organizers to manage all aspects of their event in one place.
  2. Time Savings: The software automates many tasks, such as creating speaker webpages, setting up big-screen displays, and sending reminders, freeing up organizers to focus on higher-level planning and execution.
  3. Enhanced Attendee Engagement: With features like live polling, surveys, gamification, and networking tools, Whova helps create an interactive and engaging experience for attendees, leading to higher satisfaction and better feedback.
  4. Efficient Communication: Whova allows for easy and effective communication with speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees. Organizers can send announcements, reminders, and updates through the platform, ensuring everyone stays informed.
  5. Real-Time Analytics: Organizers can access real-time data on ticket sales, attendee check-ins, session attendance, and engagement activities, enabling them to make informed decisions during the event.
  6. Comprehensive Reports: Whova generates detailed post-event reports that highlight key metrics and insights, helping organizers evaluate the event’s success and demonstrate ROI to stakeholders.
  7. Customization and Branding: The platform offers customizable branding options, allowing organizers to tailor the event app and other materials to match their event’s theme and branding, creating a cohesive and professional look.
  8. Sponsor and Exhibitor Solutions: Whova provides tools to showcase sponsors and exhibitors effectively, including big-screen displays, virtual booths, and lead generation features, helping to increase their visibility and engagement.
  9. Attendee Networking: The software includes features like attendee profiles, messaging, and virtual meet-ups, facilitating networking and connections among participants, which can enhance the overall event experience.
  10. User-Friendly Interface: Whova is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, reducing the learning curve for event organizers and allowing them to manage their events efficiently without needing extensive technical knowledge.
  11. Robust Support: Whova offers excellent customer support, including tutorials, webinars, and a responsive help desk, ensuring organizers have the assistance they need throughout the event planning process.

These benefits collectively make Whova an invaluable tool for event organizers, helping them to create successful and memorable events.

What other event management tools does Whova offer?

Whova offers many useful event management tools to save event organizers time. Here are just a few examples:

  1. Abstract Management: Whova streamlines the submission, review, and approval process for abstracts, simplifying the management of conference papers and presentations.
  2. Certificate Generation: Whova enables the creation and distribution of customized certificates to acknowledge attendee participation or achievements.
  3. Session Survey: Whova allows for the collection of attendee feedback through session-specific surveys, providing valuable insights for event improvements.
  4. Session Cap: Whova lets organizers set attendance limits for sessions, ensuring optimal room capacities and attendee comfort.
  5. Ticket Verification: Whova offers a ticket verification system that uses QR code or barcode scanning to facilitate efficient and secure attendee check-ins.
  6. Attendance Tracking: Whova provides real-time tracking of attendee participation in sessions, aiding in data collection and reporting.
  7. Gamification: Whova incorporates gamification features like leaderboards and challenges to boost attendee engagement and interaction.
  8. Exhibitor Management: Whova simplifies exhibitor management with tools for virtual booths, lead generation, and detailed analytics, enhancing exhibitor ROI.
  9. Social Media Integration: Whova integrates with social media platforms, allowing organizers and attendees to share updates, photos, and engage with a broader audience.

Video Generation: Whova offers video generation capabilities, enabling organizers to create promotional and recap videos to highlight key moments of the event.

What organizations are using Whova Event Management Platform?

Here are some examples of Whova’s customers:

  1. Associations:
    • Examples: American Society of Hematology (ASH), National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
    • Description: Professional organizations and trade associations that use Whova to manage conferences, annual meetings, and industry events, facilitating member engagement and knowledge sharing.
  2. Universities:
    • Examples: Stanford University, Harvard University, University of California, Berkeley
    • Description: Academic institutions that leverage Whova for managing symposiums, academic conferences, alumni events, and student activities, enhancing communication and networking among participants.
  3. Corporates:
    • Examples: Microsoft, Amazon, US Bank
    • Description: Large corporations and businesses that utilize Whova for internal meetings, corporate conferences, product launches, and training sessions, aiming to streamline event logistics and boost employee engagement.
  4. Government:
    • Examples: U.S. Department of Energy, NASA, United Nations.

Description: Government agencies and public sector organizations that employ Whova to organize policy forums, public meetings, and official conferences, improving event coordination and public participation.

What are organizers' favorite features in Whova Event Planning Software?

Here are three organizers’ favorite features in Whova Event Planning Software: Announcement:

  • Organizers appreciate Whova’s announcement feature for its ability to quickly and efficiently communicate important updates, reminders, and information to all attendees in real-time, ensuring everyone is informed and on the same page throughout the event.

Automatic Web Page Generation:

  • Organizers love the automatic web page generation feature, which creates professional and polished event web pages without any manual design work, saving time and effort while providing a seamless and attractive online presence for the event.

Community Board:

  • Organizers value the community board feature as it fosters engagement and interaction among attendees by providing a space for discussions, Q&A, social interactions, and networking opportunities, enhancing the overall event experience.
How much does Whova Event Management Platform cost?

The cost of Whova Event Management Software varies based on the size of your event and the specific features you need. This flexible pricing model ensures that you only pay for the functionalities that best suit your event’s requirements, making it a cost-effective solution for both small and large events.

How do I start a free trial of Whova Event Management Software?

To start a free trial of Whova Event Management Software, you need to first request a 1:1 live demo with one of Whova’s event consultants. After the demo, you will receive access to a free trial, allowing you to explore and experience the software’s features firsthand.

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