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Protect Your Event from Liability with Online Waivers

Quickly create online waiver forms that attendees can easily fill out from any device

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Whova Waiver Form
Testimonial by Suzanne Esber
“Whova had the solution. We could download a template and edit that, modify it. And then it was very efficient at being able to send to our participants, and they could sign it, return it, and we had a virtual record of all of the signed waiver forms. Very efficient, very successful for us and eliminated us from having to do a manual process of emailing everybody a form, or coming up with some way to do this.”
Suzanne Esber, ToP Network
Organizer @ ToP Network Annual Gathering 2023
Event Agenda Sync

Save Time Collecting Forms


Quickly gather forms from any device

Attendees can access and fill out waivers from both mobile and desktop

Submit materials any time, anywhere

Whether they’re at home or at the event, collect attendees’ signed forms instantly

Reduce tedious paperwork

Simplify organization by managing everything online

Easily Set Up and Customize the Best Waivers for Your Event

Save time with simple setup

Get started and begin building your form with just a few clicks

Handle liability, permissions, and more

Create a comprehensive form as a waiver, media release, and whatever else you need

Customize forms to fit your needs

Use templates as a reference or start from scratch with our form-building tools

Event Agenda Sync

Collect waivers from attendees and easily send reminders through Whova

Efficiently Manage Everything in One Central Location

Straightforward, organized management

Not only collect forms in Whova, but view exactly who has filled out what 

Quickly track progress

View what’s been sent out, turned in, and if attendees missed any items on the form

Easily remind attendees

Schedule an initial email and reminders to make sure everything is ready by event day

Streamline Event Check-In

Increase efficiency and reduce your event’s workload

Automatically track who has turned in what, saving you time checking in attendees

Keep attendees happy with shorter check-in lines

It only takes a moment to make sure each attendee has submitted their paperwork

Submit forms on the spot

If items are missing, attendees can quickly rectify this through the app

At check-in, view which attendees have turned in their forms and which have items missing

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