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Get Pre-Event Analytics to Optimize Your Campaign

See who’s visiting your webpages and engaging with your social media posts from one glance at the Whova dashboard, so you can quickly adjust your promotion tactics.

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Post Event Report Analytics
Testimonial by Shanta Patton
“The report section, I can now go and say, look what the previous sponsors got, over a million impressions or whatever. So I use the Whova data a lot to sell to new people to be able to say, look what the previous people got.”
Shanta Patton, CEO, Patton and Associates – Las Vegas Real Estate Group
Organizer @ National Association of Real Estate Brokers Annual Convention
Event Analytics Stats

Use Real-time Data to Monitor Onsite Engagement

Stay informed with real-time event data including ticket sales, attendee check-in progress, live polling and surveys, gamification activities, and much more.

Testimonial by Jamal Robinson
“The Whova report is actually one of my favorite reports to share with my people, because they can see in real time with the graphs […] when they saw the report, and they saw the impact of what was going on, it made them move with speed. So that report is a very good tool for data to share with your superiors, or even your laterals, whoever is planning your conference.”
Jamal Robinson, Treasurer, Texas Alliance of Black School Educators
Organizer @ Texas Alliance of Black School Educators 38th Annual State Conference

Save Time Collecting Post-Event Reporting

Get a ready-made report that demonstrates to your event committee how you engaged your participants, created a valuable experience, and increased event ROI.

Event Analytics Data

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