Testimonials from Thousands of Event Organizers

Whova platform has been used successfully for a couple of SABPA conferences. Our team of volunteers have been amazed at the new features and user-friendliness of the Whova platform. The event was a great success. Thank you and your team for your support that streamlined the registration, promotion and communication process.

Stephanie Shi

EVP, Pfizer

We had participants from 39 countries and without Whova we would have experienced many organizational and logistical difficulties. It was not only us – the organizers, but also the conference speakers and participants, who were absolutely excited with the functionality, flexibility and user friendliness of the Whova app. My colleagues who are based in London and I are grateful to you and your team for enabling us to handle such a large scale international event without even a minor hick-up!

Severian Gvinepadze

Principal Manager, EBRD

As the organizer of the event, the WHOVA app had the perfect combination of “ready-made” options with the ability to customize and personalize. The online customer service was also amazing. The app provided a wonderful user experience for our delegates by making it easy to connect with other attendees, share contact information, and be informed about all the event logistics.  Overall, WHOVA was a great value and contributed to the success of our event.

Kathy Brown

Community Relations & Marketing Director, Lake Nona Institute

I’ve tested about fifteen additional event apps. [Attendee] feedback on the app was universally positive. I ended up having two solid meetings on-site I wouldn’t have had without that app – the first time I can ever say that. I’m also pleased by the responsiveness of their team, they are always fast.

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Jon Reed

Co-Founder, Diginomica

With Whova’s Agenda Center, it was quick and easy to integrate agenda into our website. It only required the ability to copy and paste Whova-created code into our existing website. Updating the agenda across platforms (website and mobile) is efficient, and as a volunteer board member I appreciate being able to make quick updates in one central location.

*Read the article about Whova’s Agenda Center

Molly K. Rearick

Co-Secretary , Cal-TASH 2017

It’s an app that really works and I’m looking forward to continuing to use the app at future events. Event organizers can broadcast messages of any changes to the program, lost property, and other announcements. All attendees connected with each other. They said: “Keep using Whova or equivalent. Seemed like a great networking amplifier….”

*Read the full article here: “Use of Technologies at #IWMW16”
*Watch their video: here

Brian Kelley

Founder, IWMW Events

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