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Event Registration Software Trusted by Leading Brands

Powerful Platform to Streamline Event Registrations

Multiple ticket types

Create free or paid tickets with customizable quantities and prices

Early bird pricing

Automatically adjust ticket prices based on the purchase date

Discount codes

Create amount- or percentage-based discount codes for special pricing

Add-ons & additional purchases

Sell add-on and allow attendees to make additional purchases later

Group tickets

Facilitate group discount to boost ticket sales

Member- & invite-only tickets

Make your ticket exclusive to members or invited individuals

"It was so much more than just registering for an event. It really helped us with our event planning, logistics, food and beverage headcounts, and things like that. Huge time saver, great benefit and again, that one stop singular shop, not only running the event itself but in the preplanning."
Online Event Registration - Testimonial by Jessica Parkhurst
Jessica Parkhurst, Senior VP of Marketing and Branding
Organizer @ Acentria Annual Conference

Personalized Registration for Any Types of Events

Customized registration forms

Create unique forms for different audiences to meet their specific needs

Personalize registration pages

Market relevant tickets to specific audience groups to avoid confusion

Tailored confirmation emails

Personalize confirmation with details specific to each ticket type

Easily view & export responses

View registrant responses in analytic charts and easily export to excels

Session Sign-up

Get session sign-up headcount early to optimize room assignments

"It was great, because we can just take it, send this link to this group, send this link to this group, instead of just having one page and having them select, because then it just starts getting confusing. And so those multiple registration pages really worked well for us."
Event registration software testimonial by Loryn Wellman
Loryn Wellman, CEO, ThreeElevenOTwo Events
Organizer @ Generational Wealth Conference

Intelligent Marketing Tools to Attract More Attendees

Branded ticketing web page

Create a professional registration page to make your event stand out

Embeddable registration widgets

Easily link or embed ticketing widgets on your website and webpages

Generate buzz with email campaigns

Send targeted campaigns to new contacts or past attendees to drive registrations

Retarget campaign for “abandoned” registration

Recover lost ticket sales with reminders for abandoned registrations

One sign up, many to come

Auto-prompt registrants to share your event on social media to attract more sign-ups

Campaign link tracking

Prioritize your event promotion efforts with intelligent tracking links

"We used the Abandoned Registration feature. We were able to recover thousands of dollars that we wouldn't have otherwise gotten. If somebody started a registration and didn't complete it, Whova was doing all of the follow up on the back end. Our team didn't have to."
Event registration software testimonial by Dana Asby
Nicole Crumpler, COO, The Jeremy Anderson Group, LLC
Organizer @ Next Level Speaker Conference

Convenient Exhibitor & Sponsor Registration

Exhibitor & sponsorship tiering

Customizable registration forms for each tier

A-la-carte sponsorship opportunities

Sell a-la-carte opportunities with full flexibility

Exhibitor booth selection

Exhibitors directly select their booths on interactive floor map

Streamline information to app and webpages

Automatically sync registration details to your event app and exhibitor/sponsor webpages

Dedicated registration page

Separate registration page exclusively for exhibitors and sponsors

"Before there was so much back and forth between me and the exhibitors. ‘We need this’... ‘Can you fill out that?’ Whova almost takes the human factor out of it. They can pick their tier, put in all of their information on their booth staff… It just really took me out of that equation, and it’s a big time saver."
Online Event Registration - Testimonial by Jessica Parkhurst
Courtney Haindel, Community Manager
Elevate Conference

Why Pay More When You Don’t Have To?

Registration Software for Events with Lower Fees
  • Lower ticket fee than other popular registration systems
  • Option to pass fees to registrants
  • Support offline payment (Check, Cash, Wiring)

Early Payout to Help Cover your Event Expenses

Receive early registration payouts to cover venue deposits, food, travel, and other event expenses sooner. Benefit from improved cash flow and stress-free event planning.

Event Registration - control ticket tiering
"We chose to set up an account on Stripe.com, where we just had to provide information about our organization and our banking information. And so we were able to get [revenue] moved from Whova into our bank a lot sooner than if we had to wait for a check to be cut and mailed, which was really helpful for keeping our accounts balanced and getting that revenue in sooner."
Event registration software testimonial by Dana Asby
Dana Asby, Project Specialist, National Federation of Families
Organizer @ Families Can't-Wait

Seamless Integration with an All-in-One Event Platform

Instantly sync attendee, exhibitor and sponsor information

Registration automatically syncs with event app, name badges, check-in and certificates

Cut event app setup time by half

No more transfering attendee list between systems

Connect tickets to specific content

Give tickets access to different days, session tracks, and networking opportunities

Automatically set attendee categories

Categories can be created based on ticket types or answers to specific questions

“This year we decided to use Whova's registration instead, because it just really streamlines the process. Using another software for registration, it required us to export that list as an Excel spreadsheet and then import it into Whova. Totally took that out of our plates and just streamline the process.”
Event registration software testimonial by Dana Asby
Ambreen Maan, Program Manager@American Brain Tumor Association
American Brain Tumor Association National Conference

Secure Payout for Services You Can Trust

We accept credit and debit cards with PCI-compliant secure payment processor, Stripe. Learn more about Whova's security here

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I choose the right online event registration software for my event?

When choosing an online event registration software, you need to consider the following factors:

  1. Reputation: Do their customers speak highly of their product quality, ease of use and customer service on review sites like G2?
  2. Robustness: If your registration platform is down for even a day, you can lose large quantities of potential ticket sales.
  3. Security: Is the registration site compliant with PCI, SOC 2® Type II? Be conscious of payment and information security.
  4. Early Payout: Does the platform allow you to receive funds instantly to cover expenses?
  5. Ticket Fees: Does the platform take a big cut from your paid tickets? Is it free for free tickets?
How to create tickets on Whova registration software?

It’s fairly easy to create tickets on Whova, simply follow these steps:

  1. Dashboard > Tickets > Ticket Setup > Create Tickets
  2. Fill out your ticket information, such as Ticket Name, Description, Price, Sales Start Date and End Date, etc.
  3. Click the Create button.
  4. Publish your registration page.
Does Whova’s event registration platform support free tickets?

Yes, Whova supports free tickets without charging any ticket fees. There is no limit on the number of free tickets you can distribute through Whova. Additionally, the Whova event registration system is bundled with Whova’s mobile event app and event management software at affordable prices, saving you thousands of dollars in event expenses and hundreds of hours of manual work.

Can I customize my registration forms with Whova’s event registration software?

Absolutely! Whova's flexible event registration system lets you customize the registration form with specific fields and questions, ensuring you collect all the necessary information from your attendees. Our platform provides everything you need to create a registration experience that aligns perfectly with your event’s unique requirements.

How do I receive instant payout with Whova’s online registration system?

Whova uses Stripe as its payment processing platform, requiring you to link your Stripe account to Whova’s online registration system. Once a ticket is sold, the funds are immediately deposited into your Stripe account, enabling you to transfer them to your bank account instantly.

How do I handle refunds with Whova’s event registration software?

Since Whova utilizes Stripe as its payment processor, all refunds must be managed directly by you through your Stripe account. We recommend maintaining a sufficient balance in your Stripe account to accommodate any refund requests.

How does Whova's event registration software integrate with name badge and check-in?

As attendees register via Whova’s online registration portal, their information is automatically added to the attendee list database. You can then generate and print name badges for each attendee, featuring a unique QR code for identification. At the event or session entrances, staff or volunteers can either search for names or scan the QR codes to check attendees in for the event, specific days, or individual sessions. Self check-in is also supported.

How does Whova compare to other online registration software in the industry?

Whova stands out in the online registration software industry for several key reasons:

Comprehensive Event Management
  1. All-in-One Platform: Whova provides a full suite of event management tools, from registration to engagement and analytics, reducing the need for multiple software solutions.
  2. Customization: It offers extensive customization options for event registration pages, tickets, and attendee information collection, allowing organizers to tailor the experience to their specific needs.
Enhanced Attendee Engagement
  1. Networking Opportunities: Whova excels in fostering attendee engagement with its robust networking features, including community boards, direct messaging, and matchmaking tools based on shared interests or goals.
  2. Interactive Features: Tools such as live polls, Q&A sessions, and social wall integration keep attendees actively involved throughout the event.
Superior Data Management
  1. Analytics and Insights: Whova provides detailed analytics on attendee behavior, session popularity, and engagement metrics, helping organizers make informed decisions.
  2. Lead Generation: For sponsors and exhibitors, Whova offers tools to capture leads effectively and measure engagement, enhancing the ROI for stakeholders.
User-Friendly Experience
  1. Ease of Use: Whova’s intuitive interface and comprehensive customer support make it accessible even for organizers with minimal technical expertise.
  2. Mobile App: The Whova mobile app ensures attendees have seamless access to event information, networking opportunities, and real-time updates on the go.
Versatility and Scalability
  1. Event Types: Whova supports various event types, including conferences, trade shows, workshops, and virtual or hybrid events, making it a versatile choice for organizers.
  2. Scalability: Whether it’s a small workshop or a large-scale conference, Whova scales efficiently to accommodate the needs of events of all sizes.
Proven Success
  1. Industry Recognition: Whova has received numerous awards for its innovative solutions and customer satisfaction, showcasing its reliability and effectiveness.
  2. Customer Testimonials: Positive feedback from a wide range of users highlights Whova’s ability to meet diverse event management needs successfully.

These features collectively make Whova a preferred choice for event organizers looking for a comprehensive, engaging, and efficient online registration and event management solution.

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