We are excited to announce that our registration system now supports early payout through Stripe in 39 countries, with 16 new countries added recently!

Managing ticketing, registration, and receiving the payout is a critical part of any events. This is why we partnered with Stripe to create a headache-free process to get an early payout from your ticket sales, to cover other event expenses such as venue deposit, food and travel costs earlier, and keep your account balanced.

Whova registration previously supported early payouts for events in the US, Canada, the UK, and 20 other countries. With this expansion, organizers in a total of 39 countries can take advantage of Whova’s early payout option.

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List of countries that can benefit from early payout from Whova Registration

To enable early payout on Whova, all you need to do is link your Stripe account to your Whova dashboard. In contrast, many other ticket platforms withhold the ticket funds, and then wire them to the organizer after the event – a more clunky and time-consuming process.

With our recent upgrade, Stripe early payout can now be taken advantage of in even more countries. Organizers in Portugal, Latvia, and more regions can connect their Stripe accounts to enjoy these same benefits. Check out the full list of countries supported below:

We currently support Stripe payout to accounts of 39 countries.

Save Money with Lower Fees

With the rise in pricing for event registration over the past several years, having an affordable option is something event organizers can benefit from. Registration with Whova is more cost effective than other platforms, and you don’t have to deal with third-party registration services.

The Whova registration fee is just 2.5% with a $0.99 per-ticket fee, much lower than other registration systems (for example, Eventbrite charges 3.5% with a $1.59 fee per ticket, and some even charge a high set up fees).

With Whova, you can set up your registration website in 5 minutes, easily manage your registrant list, create separate registration webpages to segment your audience, send email campaigns, increase ticket sales with registration retargeting and campaign link tracking.

Seamless Integration

As soon as attendees register in Whova, all of their information is streamed into the rest of the platform’s features, without manual uploading. Organizers can cut down their event app set up time by half, as the attendee list, attendee categories and ticket types can be automatically  added into the event app.

Other features included in our end-to-end platform include providing your attendees with ticket add-ons (like T-shirt) to purchase during registration, and attracting more registrants with discount codes and group tickets. You can even easily connect Whova to your other CRM tools – export registrant information and order details directly to CRM systems or spreadsheets.

Whova bundles many useful event management tools to further save you time and money, including:

  • Mobile event app
  • Name badge generation, grouped by ticket types
  • Easy and fast attendee check-in
  • Certificates generation & distribution
  • Targeted announcements to different ticket holders
  • and more!

Today, doing business online means using many different platforms. Condensing them and using as few platforms as possible boosts efficiency and clarity across the organization. The same applies to event organization platforms, why use multiple when you can use just one?

A Time and Cost Efficient Registration System

Affordable registration, seamless integration, and faster payouts. You get it all with Whova. Whova helps you gain early access to your ticket funds and is continuously upgrading so you can better organize large-scale events. Our goal is to make the event organizing process as smooth as possible and to provide features that save organizers both time and money.

Interested in our other registration tools or how else we can support your event? Sign up today for a free demo.

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