As you are setting up your event, you might want to further incentivize attendees to join your event. A great way to attract more attendees and encourage people to buy more tickets is to offer group discounts, and you can now easily set this up directly through Whova’s registration! This new feature is especially helpful if attendees are purchasing for a large group, and are unsure of exactly who will be joining. They can now add contact information for individual attendees up to a specific date before the conference!

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Easily set up specially marked group tickets in Whova’s registration 

You can now effortlessly create group tickets alongside individual ones in Whova’s registration. Customize your ticket bundle names, add detailed descriptions, and offer multiple bundle packages all in the same place! Group tickets are marked by a green ticket icon so attendees can easily identify them on the registration page. They can select to purchase a range of tickets, from a minimum and maximum set by you.

Group tickets are marked by green ticket icons on the registration pages

Incentivize purchases by offering bundle discounts 

By offering discounts for group tickets only, attendees might be more inclined to purchase that deal, boosting your ticket sales with minimal effort. You can also set a minimum per purchase for the discount, ensuring attendees have to buy a certain amount of tickets to receive the bundle discount. 

Buy in bulk first, and figure out your attendees later

Sometimes a group or company wants to buy 5 tickets ahead of time to take advantage of the group discount, but might not know exactly who will be attending yet. Our new feature lets attendees buy tickets in bulk and fill in names and contact information for each ticket later on, once they know who will be joining! Attendees can still easily fill in contact information as they buy tickets, if they know who is joining them at the time of purchase. 

Attendees automatically receive emails with a link to finish adding or editing attendee information for each group ticket

And don’t worry, you can set a specific deadline before your event that attendees have to fill in the ticket contact information. Whova automatically sends emails reminding attendees to complete their details, so you can be assured all the information you need will be completed on time! 

Prevent overselling and qualify purchases by setting ticket limits

Easily prevent overselling, or misuse of the discount, by setting a minimum and maximum number of tickets available for purchase. You can set the minimum amount of tickets attendees need to buy in order to qualify for the discount, and Whova will automatically mark this on the registration page so attendees are fully aware. You can also set a total capacity of tickets available, and once ticket sales hit that number the group ticket will be marked as sold out on the registration page. 

Separate audiences by offering group discounts through an exclusive registration page

In Whova, you can easily create multiple registration pages by customizing templates already in the platform. If you want to market group tickets to a separate audience, then simply set up this information on its unique registration page! You can then dedicate another registration page solely to individual tickets, and share each page’s unique links with each unique attendee group. Or, add multiple group tickets to separate registration pages. The possibilities are limitless!  

Customize registration forms for group tickets and gather specific information 

Whova has always supported customized registration tickets for different ticket types. Now you can easily apply unique registration forms to group tickets if you want to ask specific information to attendees buying tickets in bulk! All of the information filled out in the question forms tightly integrates with the rest of the platform, saving you time manually inputting all this yourself! 

Attract more attendees with ticket bundles 

Incentivizing attendees to join your event can be a major stressor, but it doesn’t have to be with Whova! By easily setting up group ticket discounts through our registration page, you can attract more attendees. Attendees have more flexibility when buying group tickets as well, as they don’t have to add contact information on the spot, but can change or update ticket details later on! 

If you want to learn more about the many features available on Whova’s platform to support your hybrid, in-person, or virtual event, sign up today for a free product demo!

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