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Virtual Sessions Accessible from Any Devices

All your session streams and recorded videos in one place 

Protected accesses available only for your registered attendees

Accessible on phones, tablets or laptops, anywhere anytime.

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Virtual conference platform for session streaming
Virtual conference is not an 8-hour webinar

Amazing Attendee Engagement just like Face-to-Face Conferences

Whova virtual event platform maximizes your attendee engagement.

Engage audiences with various online tools including live polls, session Q&A, surveys, session feedback, discussion board, and more

Notify attendees about any important updates via push notifications on their phones

Triple survey/poll response rate with in-app gamification

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Read Melissa's feedback about Whova virtual event platform!
“We had to shift our conference virtually with only 5 days to go before the conference. Luckily, we were able to do so seamlessly and used pre-recorded videos (via Whova). In addition, we are using the Whova app to continue to create communities and foster ideas. Continuing conversations is important to us at this crucial time.”
Melissa Slogan, Program Coordinator
Duke University

Maximize Attendee Virtual Networking Opportunities and Community Building

Help attendees make new connections with attendee profiles, match-making, icebreaking, and virtual meet-ups

Private chats to foster deeper connection

Active community board to discuss common topics and share photos, articles and tips

Virtual business card exchange to enable future communication

Enhance attendee networking at virtual Conferences

Great ROI for sponsors and exhibitors

Whova Virtual Event Platform

Showcase your sponsors and exhibitors online with sponsor banners throughout the app, interactive virtual exhibitor halls, lead retrieving tools, company profiles and videos, exhibitor coupons, online raffles, and passport/stamp gamification.

Ensure great ROI even they are not physically in their booth!

Widely Adopted by Events Going Virtual

2020 Innovations in Healthcare Digital Forum
Fair Trade Campaigns National Conference 2020
virtualOPEN 2020
IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging
and more…

Hopefully this crisis (COVID-19 outbreak) makes every government agency, company and NGO get set up to do nearly every meeting and conference remotely…
Webinar and online conference software is OK but has some way to go before it can really rival face to face meetings – on the other hand, some of the digital conferencing apps like Whova are really effective ways to make rapid connections with attendees (virtually) who have shared interests that you wouldn’t know about if you (used to) relied on bumping into them over the morning tea break.

Manu Caddie

Innovation & Regulation, Rua Bioscience

Though I’m sad to not meet these families in person, I’m thrilled to still be attending this conference (hosted by Birmingham Homeschoolers Community) virtually via the Whova app to promote the upcoming Birmingham Homeschool Cotillion & Birmingham Cotillion…

Tara Rasheta

Attendee, A Model Patient 501c3

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