Bring Remote and In-Person Audiences Together for One Memorable Hybrid Event

Make effectively connecting and fully engaging both audiences simple with a unified hybrid event platform.

Whova Hybrid Event Platform

Whova's hybrid conference platform received multiple awards

“[The hybrid platform] was literally so user friendly that when I was talking to the A/V about it, I showed them how you set it up. They literally took off, I’m not kidding, they took off like $3,000 off of the quote, because they saw how easy it was to set up”
Testimonial by Loryn Wellman
Loryn Wellman, CEO, ThreeElevenOTwo Events
Organizer @ Generational Wealth Conference

Easily Manage Both In-Person and Remote Audiences for a Fully Integrated Hybrid Event

Two audiences, one platform

In-person and remote attendees can access the same features from mobile and desktop

Simplify event management tasks

Plan and execute the event and integrate with other services like Zoom from one platform

Target messages for different audiences

Keep attendees updated through announcements specific to them

Protect your event from liability

Handle liability concerns, gather information, and more with Whova’s digital waiver solution

Improve in real-time with analytics

Keep up to date with how your event is going through analytics and insights

Keep your content secure

Whova’s password-protected hybrid event platform keeps your digital content safe

Hybrid conference platform for web and mobile
“Whova gives you the flexibility to create whatever type of environment you want to use the [hybrid conference platform] for. It’s designed to provide that structure and that backbone but you get to determine how you use it.”
Brian Ferrel, President
Factor 110

Interactive Online Sessions Through One Platform

Whova's hybrid event platform maximizes your attendee engagement.

Engage both audiences with Q&A, polling, and more

Collect responses from both sides through the centralized hybrid conference platform

Let attendees rewatch sessions

Upload recordings for remote attendees to come back and view later

Avoid confusion with different agendas for different audiences

Set certain sessions so only the attendee types they’re meant for can see them

Hold poster sessions and more with the Artifact Center

Put on small, interactive presentations like poster contests, pitches, and galleries

Easily moderate participation

It just takes a few clicks to moderate photos, chat, Q&A, and however else attendees are engaging

“To help the in-person and remote audiences connect, the Community Board was great […] As soon as we unlocked registration, we had people jumping in asking questions. The icebreakers were fantastic. We had a ton of Community Board posts from different people both remote and in-person.”
Andrea Trudden
Sr. Director of Communications and Marketing

Valuable Networking Both In-Person and Remote

Bring both groups together on the Community Board

Attendees of all types can connect through discussions, tips, and photo and article sharing

Easily network through attendee profiles and 1-1 chat

Find other in-person or remote attendees or meet with other attendee types

Connect face-to-face online and in-person

Attendees can schedule meet-ups to engage and network, both in-person and through a video call

Start chatting with fun icebreaker questions

Whova’s icebreakers are a simple way for attendees to introduce themselves

Keep remote attendees involved through speed networking

Dedicated features give remote attendees exclusive opportunities to network 

Intelligently match attendees

Whova’s Matchmaking feature helps attendees find what interests they share and more

Ramp up participation with gamification

Both attendee types can compete on the leaderboard and with other gamification

Enhance attendee networking at hybrid conferences
“Our sponsors really appreciated having the [digital booths]… it provided us with a nice way to be able to incorporate those extra benefits to let our sponsors showcase their products and services.”
Jennifer Cook, Director of Marketing and Communications
National Cyber Security Alliance

Maximize Sponsors and Exhibitor ROI by Reaching Even More Attendees

Hybrid event platform for higher sponsor and exhibitor ROI

Showcase companies through customized digital booths

Staff can upload digital brochures and company videos for remote attendees 

Increase ROI by reaching both audiences

Booth staff can interact with attendees in-person and through booth chat and livestreams

Encourage attendees to explore booths with gamification options

Both groups can compete to visit the most booths with the Passport Contest

Attract attendees with booth promotions

Both audiences can take advantage of coupons, raffles, and more on mobile and desktop

Tier benefits through in-app banners and sponsored sessions

Give high-tier sponsors more visibility by featuring them through both mobile and desktop

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