15 Top Event Registration Platforms & Tools to Simplify Signups

Looking for an event registration platform that's easy to use and customizable to accommodate your event's needs? One that offers instant payout and charges lower fees?

To help make your search for the best event registration platforms easier, we've reviewed the 15 popular options on the market. Start with our checklist, then see our detailed review to find the best fit for your event!

What to Look For in an Event Registration Platform

  1. Reputation: Do their customers speak highly of their product quality, ease of use and customer service on review sites like G2?
  2. Robustness: If your registration platform is down for even a day, you can lose large quantities of potential ticket sales.
  3. Security: Is the registration site compliant with PCI, SOC 2® Type II? Be conscious of payment and information security.
  4. Early Payout: Does the platform allow you to receive funds instantly to cover expenses?
  5. Ticket Fees: Does the platform take a big cut from your paid tickets? Is it free for free tickets?

Comparison of the Best Event Registration Software

Here's a look at the top 15 online registration systems out there, considering the key factors we just talked about. We've calculated the registration fee for a $500 ticket, if the information is available. Additionally, we gathered their online reputation and popularity.

(Tab to enlarge the table below) Comparison table for the best event registration platforms

15 Best Event Registration Platforms for Your Next Conference

1. Eventbrite

Rating: 4.3 (759)

Pricing: Fee for a $500 ticket is $20.29. Note: Fees are 3.7% + $1.79 per ticket.

Best for: Entertainment events, social gatherings, parties, and casual classes.

Eventbrite is favored for organizing entertainment and social events, such as parties, classes, and charity events. This popular event registration software allows organizers to build branded web pages and offers flexible ticketing and registration options.

Special Features

Customizable event pages, various ticketing and registration options including group and discount tickets.

Why we'd choose Eventbrite:

Widely recognized and used, enhancing attendee familiarity with the event registration software platform.
User-friendly interface allows for easy setup and ticket management.

Why Eventbrite might not be the best option:

Not suitable for professional events requiring advanced management features.
Increasing fees and lack of instant payout can be a drawback for some organizers.

2. Whova

Rating: 4.8 (1,388)

Pricing: Fee for a $500 ticket is $13.49. Fees are 3.0% + $0.99 per paid ticket, no fee for free tickets.

Best for: Conferences, Association Events, Expos

Widely recognized as a best event registration platform, Whova is acclaimed for its ease of use and effectiveness in event management, backed by awards such as the Best Product Team at the Event Technology Awards. This all-in-one event management platform is highly recommended on platforms like G2, Capterra, and TrustRadius.

Special Features

Whova's powerful event registration software supports a rich set of features, for example:

  • multiple ticket types
  • early bird pricing
  • custom registration form
  • add on purchases
  • group tickets
  • member-only tickets

It also fully integrates with other tools within its all-in-one event management platform, such as name badge printing, check-in, mobile event app, event website and push notifications.

Why we'd choose Whova:

Charges a lower ticket fee (3.0% + $0.99) and supports instant payout
Offers a suite of features that offers seamless online registration experience and significantly boost attendee engagement and networking through the event app (read more: Two Birds, ONE Stone: Save Money on Event Registration Tool & Double Audience Participation).

Why Whova might not be the best option:

Not suitable for small gatherings (under 50 attendees) or personal events such as weddings and parties.

Whova Event Registration testimonial
"Loved using Whova as an organizer! The registration module was incredibly easy to use and had every feature that I wanted. The name badge generator was really helpful, too. I also loved that the program could be integrated/exported, for display on our website as well as in the app."
— Jamie Payton, Associate Professor, Temple University
Whova event registration software in action

See how much fees you can save with Whova:

Average Ticket Price ($): TOTAL SAVINGS BY WHOVA:
Number of Attendees: $3,415 savings over EVENTBRITE
$14,824 savings over C****

C**** may lower the price for large enterprise customers.

3. Cvent

Rating: 4.3 (1,799)

Pricing: Fee for a $500 ticket is approximately $30.00, plus additional setup fees.

Best for: Summits, Trade Shows

Cvent offers a robust event registration suite for managing events of all sizes, featuring a wide range of tools for event marketing, attendee engagement, event data analytics, and integrated payment processing.

Special Features

Integrated payment solutions, extensive analytics capabilities, and advanced attendee engagement tools.

Why we'd choose Cvent:

Comprehensive features capable of addressing nearly any event registration need.
Known for its broad functionality that supports complex event planning requirements.

Why Cvent might not be the best option:

Steeper learning curve and more complex setup compared to other platforms.
Customer support has been noted as an area needing improvement, affecting user experience during the learning process.
Much more costly than other registration platforms like Whova.

4. 6Connex

Rating: 4.5 (200)

Pricing: Information on ticket fees not applicable.

Best for: Enterprise-level external events such as trade shows and corporate gatherings.

6Connex specializes in providing online event registration and management solutions tailored for enterprises, including trade shows, job fairs, and exhibitions. Its comprehensive cloud-based portfolio supports both virtual and in-person events.

Special Features

Includes virtual venues, webinars, and learning management systems, alongside in-person event apps.

Why we'd choose 6Connex:

Suitable for a wide range of large-scale events.
Extensive suite of tools supports both virtual and physical event needs.

Why 6Connex might not be the best option:

Can be costly, particularly for features and customization required by larger events.
Not as cost-effective for smaller organizations or events with limited budgets.

5. Wild Apricot

Rating: 4.0 (39)

Pricing: Fee for a $500 ticket is $12.49 + monthly subscription fee.

Best for: Nonprofits, associations, and clubs looking for integrated membership management software and event management solutions.

Wild Apricot is designed specifically for associations, nonprofits, clubs, and other membership-based organizations. It offers event registration tools that are seamlessly integrated with its membership management system.

Special Features

Integration with membership databases, supporting functionalities like new member acceptance and membership renewal.

Why we'd choose Eventbrite:

Specialized for membership management, enhancing administrative efficiency.
Integrates event registrations with membership management for cohesive user experiences.

Why Eventbrite might not be the best option:

Recent concerns about lack of ongoing support and development.
Multiple price increases have been noted, which may affect smaller organizations with tighter budgets.

6. RingCentral Events (formerly Hopin)

Rating: 4.5 (890)

Pricing: Fee for a $500 ticket is $19.49, plus a monthly subscription fee.

Best for: Virtual and hybrid events that require high interaction levels between attendees, sponsors, speakers, and vendors.

RingCentral Events, previously known as Hopin, specializes in virtual and hybrid events, providing tools to replicate the engagement and interaction of in-person events online.

Special Features

Robust event registration tools for virtual attendees, facilitating interactive experiences over live video for various event stakeholders.

Why we'd choose Eventbrite:

Offers unique and personalized interactive event registrations for virtual and hybrid events.
Designed to closely mimic the dynamics of in-person events online.

Why Eventbrite might not be the best option:

The platform's backend setup interface can be less intuitive than competitors', posing a learning curve.
Some feedback indicates a need for improvement in user interface design.

7. Ticketbud

Rating: 4.3 (23)

Pricing: Fee for a $500 ticket is $10.99.

Best for: Festivals, parties, tours, and sports events.

Ticketbud's event registration software is favored for its simplicity and efficiency, primarily catering to festivals, parties, tours, and sports season pass sales. The platform is designed for quick setup, allowing organizers to sell event tickets within minutes.

Special Features

User-friendly interface designed for rapid event setup and ticket sales.

Why we'd choose Ticketbud:

Highly intuitive and easy to navigate, enabling event organizers to rapidly set up events.
Modest pricing structure makes it accessible for smaller events.

Why Ticketbud might not be the best option:

Not suitable for large-scale professional events like conferences or expos.
Lacks the advanced features required for complex corporate event management.

8. RainFocus

Rating: 4.6 (40)

Pricing: Specific fee details for a $500 ticket are not available.

Best for: Event planners that need robust marketing and data analytics to drive event attendance.

RainFocus specializes in event marketing and data analysis, providing tools for registration, content management, exhibitor activation, and virtual event delivery. The event registration software focuses on creating personalized, data-driven marketing campaigns to enhance attendance.

Special Features

Advanced reporting dashboard with detailed data visualizations, content management, and virtual event capabilities.

Why we'd choose RainFocus:

Offers a comprehensive reporting dashboard with effective data visualizations to track and analyze event metrics.
Tailored for organizers looking to enhance engagement through personalized marketing campaigns.

Why RainFocus might not be the best option:

Platform interface has been reported as not user-friendly, presenting a steep learning curve.
Criticisms include perceptions of poor value for the price and outdated technology.

9. Splash

Rating: 4.4 (326)

Pricing: $10,000 annual fee plus a per ticket fee.

Best for: Large enterprises looking to create branded, high-impact events.

Splash caters to large enterprise teams with its event marketing platform, emphasizing sophisticated design templates that aid in crafting branded, visually appealing events. Its event registration software is geared towards supporting large-scale, customer-facing events with high brand integration.

Special Features

Advanced design templates for personalized branding and marketing at events.

Why we'd choose Splash:

Sophisticated design templates allow for high-level branding and attendee engagement.
Well-suited for large enterprises needing to manage extensive event marketing campaigns.

Why Splash might not be the best option:

Cost may be prohibitive for associations, universities, governments, and for internal corporate events.
Lacks a mobile event app, which could limit engagement possibilities in a mobile-centric world.

10. Brushfire

Rating: 4.7 (69)

Pricing: Fee for a $500 ticket is $8.5 + annual subscription fee.

Best for: Church events and other religious gatherings that require tailored registration solutions.

Brushfire is specifically designed for church-related events, offering a highly customizable platform for event pages, ticketing, confirmation emails, and reporting. It's tailored to meet the unique needs of religious event organizers.

Special Features

Customizable event pages and tickets, tailored confirmation emails, and detailed reporting capabilities.

Why we'd choose Brushfire:

Offers a comprehensive set of event registrations and ticketing features suited for religious organizations.
Customizable options help enhance the event experience for attendees and simplify management for organizers.

Why Brushfire might not be the best option:

While excellent for church events, Brushfire may not be suitable for larger, non-religious conferences and expos.
Unlike some other event management tools, its specialized focus might limit its utility for broader event types.

11. GoTo Webinar

Rating: 4.2 (789)

Pricing: Specific fee details for a $500 ticket are not applicable as the platform does not support direct payment collection for webinars.

Best for: Organizations looking to host webinars with a high degree of control over attendee registration and data integration.

GoTo Webinar is designed to support the seamless execution of webinars, offering robust registration functionalities that allow for careful management of attendee approvals and restrictions. It integrates effectively with CRM systems like Hubspot to optimize attendee data management.

Special Features

Ability to approve or reject registrants, restrict access using email domains, and CRM integration capabilities.

Why we'd choose GoTo Webinar:

Popular among organizations for its reliable performance and ease of use.
CRM integration, particularly with Hubspot, streamlines attendee management.

Why GoTo Webinar might not be the best option:

The user interface for organizers and panelists is not web-based, leading to compatibility issues.
Limited functionalities in the base package; lacks direct payment collection for webinar registration.

12. Evite

Rating: 4.2 (89)

Pricing: No fee associated with a $500 ticket as the platform does not support the sale of tickets.

Best for: Casual events like parties where ticket sales are not required, and the focus is on the aesthetic and convenience of digital invitations.

Evite specializes in digital invitations, providing a user-friendly platform for creating and sending invites to parties and casual gatherings. It is known for its wide array of attractive design templates that enhance the invitation experience.

Special Features

Extensive collection of invitation card designs tailored to various themes and occasions.

Why we'd choose Evite:

Offers a diverse range of design templates, enabling users to craft personalized and memorable digital invitations.
Simplifies the process of inviting guests with an intuitive user interface.

Why Evite might not be the best option:

Does not support payment collection, limiting its use for events that require paid admissions.
Not suitable for formal events that need integrated ticketing and payment solutions.

13. Google Forms

Rating: Not available

Pricing: Free of charge.

Best for: Free events or those not requiring integrated payment processing, suitable for educational, small community, or informal gatherings.

Google Forms is a versatile tool that supports the creation of online registration forms, surveys, and RSVPs, making it suitable for simple event registrations and information gathering. Its ease of use and no-cost structure make it particularly appealing for organizers on a budget or for events not requiring advanced features.

Special Features

Customizable forms that can be easily shared and integrated into various platforms.

Why we'd choose Google Forms:

Completely free, offering significant cost savings.
Simple interface allows event organizers to quickly setup and collect data.

Why Google Forms might not be the best option:

Does not support payment processing, limiting its use for paid events.
Lacks features such as name badges, event check-in capabilities, and scalability for larger, more complex events.

14. HubSpot Forms

Rating: Not available

Pricing: Free for basic features, with advanced options available at a premium.

Best for: Businesses using HubSpot’s ecosystem that look for cohesive data management and marketing automation.

HubSpot Forms is recognized for its seamless integration with HubSpot's CRM and marketing tools, making it ideal for businesses looking to streamline their event registration process and marketing efforts. The software offers a variety of customizable templates that cater to diverse registration needs.

Special Features

Deep integration with HubSpot CRM and marketing, enabling automatic addition of registrants into CRM workflows.

Why we'd choose HubSpot Forms:

Offers a range of customizable templates to suit various event types.
Integrates closely with HubSpot's broader CRM and marketing platforms, enhancing workflow automation.

Why HubSpot Forms might not be the best option:

Lacks the ability to process payments directly through the registration forms, limiting its utility for paid events.
Does not provide features for event check-in or badge creation, which can be a drawback for larger, more structured events.

15. JotForm

Rating: Not available

Pricing: Not specified, typically offers a free basic plan with premium features available.

Best for: Small businesses and individuals who need simple, customizable form solutions without requiring integrated payment or complex event management software.

JotForm is a versatile form builder that allows users to create and distribute online forms easily across multiple devices. It is particularly favored by small businesses and individual entrepreneurs for its flexibility and customization capabilities.

Special Features

Advanced customization options that outpace competitors like Google Forms and HubSpot Forms, allowing for tailored form design and functionality.

Why we'd choose JotForm:

Enhanced flexibility and extensive customization options.
User-friendly interface suitable for quick setups and modifications.

Why JotForm might not be the best option:

Does not support payment integration, making it unsuitable for paid event registrations.
Lacks functionalities like attendee check-in and badge generation, limiting its use in larger or more formal events.

What does Whova Registration Platform offer?

The Whova registration platform offers the following list of features:

  1. Free Tickets
  2. Paid Tickets
  3. Early Bird Tickets
  4. Instant/Early Payout
  5. Discount Code
  6. Add-ons
  7. Member-only or Invite-only Tickets
  8. Group Tickets
  9. Separate Registration Pages for Different Targets
  10. Customizable Question Form for Each Ticket Type
  11. Customizable Confirmation Email for Each Ticket Type
  12. Invitation Emails
  13. Campaign Link Tracking
  14. Abandoned Registration Retargeting/Recovery
  15. Exhibitor Booth Registration
  16. Sponsorship Package Registration
  17. Mini Registration Forms (Embed to Your Website)
  18. And more
Whova online event registration software free trial

How to Set Up Online Event Registration on Whova?

In order to create tickets for your event on Whova, please access:

  1. Tickets > Ticket Setup > Create Tickets
  2. Fill out your ticket information.
  3. Click the Create button.

Live Demo of Whova Event Registration Platform

We hope our comparison helped you narrow down your choices and find the right fit for your event. Remember to prioritize your event’s needs, whether that’s cost, specific features you need for event registration, or time-saving tools like attendee check-in, name badge generation, and boosting attendees’ participation.

If you are organizing conferences, expos, or community/networking events, and you're looking for an affordable yet trustful online registration platform, click here to request Whova's live demo and see why so many distinguished events and conferences have loved Whova.

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