Finding an event registration software that’s easy to use, reliable, and flexible enough to accommodate your event’s needs is definitely not a simple task. Plus, it’s always ideal to find one that doesn’t take a huge cut.

To help make your search for the best event registration software easier, we’ve reviewed the 7 most popular options on the market. Start your search by going through our checklist so you understand what you’re looking for. Then, check out our detailed review so you can compare them side by side to find the best fit for your event.

5 Key Factors of Event Registration Software

  • Reputation –  Do they have good reviews on reputable business review websites like G2 and Capterra? Do their customers speak highly of their product and customer service? These are things you should pay attention to when choosing an event registration software.
  • Robustness –  Does the platform crash? If your event registration website is down for even a day, you can lose large quantities of potential ticket sales.
  • Security –  Is the software PCI and SOC 2 Type II compliant? Payment, as well as information privacy, are two huge parts of online registration and are things you should be conscious of when making your decision.
  • Early Payout –  Does the platform allow you to receive early payout from your ticket sales to cover other event expenses such as venue deposit, food and travel costs?
  • Ease of Use – Is the software easy for you to set up and easy for attendees to use? Does it come with name badge and check-in tools or an event app that can further save you time?

Event Registration Software: Reviews & Comparison

Here’s a look at the top 7 online registration systems out there, considering the key factors. We’ve also broken down their registration fee per ticket and what that amounts to on a $500 and $1,000 ticket, if the information is available. Additionally, we’ve noted some extra features they offer.

1. Google Forms

Google Forms is a software that can be used for event registration. They empower organizers to efficiently collect and manage event-related information. Google Forms allows users to create engaging online registration forms, surveys, and RSVPs tailored to their specific needs.

However, there is no way to collect payment, so if your event’s tickets aren’t free, this may not be the option for you. It is also worth noting that Google Forms doesn’t come with an event app, and are also lacking other tools such as name badges and event check-in capabilities.

Pros: Google Forms is completely free, so it’s perfect for companies on a budget.

Cons: Lacks payment collection and the features and scalability for larger and more complex events.

2. Whova

G2 Rating Ease of Use Support Quality SOC2 Type 2 Early Payout Fee of $500 Ticket Fee of $1,000 Ticket
4.8/5 9.3/10 9.3/10 Yes Yes $13.49 $25.99

Whova is an event registration software with great reputation on platforms like G2, Capterra and TrustRadius. Users enjoy how easy it is to use, setup, and manage. Whova also received the Best Product Team award from the ‘Oscars’ of the event industry (i.e., Event Technology Awards) and was also listed as one of G2’s Best 50 Software Companies.

Whova charges a low ticket fee and supports early payout. It comes with easy ticket creation, add-ons, discount code, group tickets and other advanced features. Whova’s registration system also fully integrates with its all-in-one event management platform:

  • Check-in, name badge, and certificates
  • Event app for scheduling and attendee engagement
  • Tools to maximize sponsor/exhibitor ROI

ProsWhova offers a suite of features that significantly boost attendee engagement and networking through the event app (read more: Save money on an online event registration tool and double audience participation), as well as many time-saving event registration tools for busy organizers.

ConsIf you expect fewer than 50 attendees, or if your event is a wedding or party, Whova may not be a good fit.

Loved using Whova as an organizer! The registration module was incredibly easy to use and had every feature that I wanted. The name badge generator was really helpful, too. I loved that the program could be integrated/exported, for display on our website as well as in the app.

— Jamie Payton, Associate Professor, Temple University

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3. Eventbrite

G2 Rating Ease of Use Support Quality SOC2 Type 2 Early Payout Fee of $500 Ticket Fee of $1,000 Ticket
4.4/5 9.0/10 8.5/10 Yes Needs Upgrade $20.29 $38.79

Eventbrite is an online event registration software that’s used by a variety of industries, from entertainment and social events to classes, charity, and business conferences. While Eventbrite is well known and easy to use, some organizers think its fees are a bit high. Some customers also don’t have the best experience with the quality of their support.

Since Eventbrite specializes in entertainment and social events, if you’re looking for a conference registration software, this may not be the right choice for you. 

Pros: Eventbrite is commonly used across many industries, and works well for a small social event or party as well. Because it is so well-known, many users will likely be familiar with how it works.

Cons: While this registration software may be good for online event registration, it lacks attendee engagement functions. The fee has also been steadily increasing.  

4. Cvent

G2 Rating Ease to Setup Support Quality SOC2 Type 2 Early Payout Fee of $500 Ticket Fee of $1,000 Ticket
4.3/5 7.2/10 8.7/10 Yes No Unknown Unknown

Cvent is a cloud-based event registration software that provides comprehensive solutions for planning, promoting, and executing events of all sizes. The platform offers a wide range of features, including event marketing, attendee engagement tools, event analytics, and integrated payment processing.

While Cvent offers many features, the software is not as easy to use and set up compared to other platforms.

Pros: With an all-inclusive suite, Cvent can tackle mostly any problem you may encounter when organizing an event.

Cons: Some users may find Cvent customer support to be lacking, resulting in a not-so-satisfactory user experience when trying to learn the features.

5. HubSpot Forms

HubSpot Forms is a popular event registration software that allows the user to choose from many different templates to satisfy their registration needs. They offer a wide selection of features, however, some of the more advanced options are only available for a premium, making it a poor choice for companies on a budget.

Pros: HubSpot Forms deeply integrates with its CRM and Marketing software. Registrants will be automatically added into your CRM workflow if you’re using HubSpot.

Cons: Similar to Google Forms, it can’t handle registrant payment, and does not offer check-in or name badges tools.

6. Brown Paper Tickets

G2 Rating Ease of Use Support Quality SOC2 Type 2 Early Payout Fee of $500 Ticket Fee of $1,000 Ticket
4.0/5 9.2/10 8.3/10 No No $31.49 $61.49

Brown Paper Tickets can be a good choice for charity and fundraising events, as it allows you to collect donations with no service fee. They also offer free ticket shipping, should your event require that service, and you can list your concerts, classes, festivals, parties, etc, in their event directory.

Pros: They work well with charity events, performances, and various non-profit and school events. It’s an easy to use platform.

Cons: This registration software may not be a great choice for mid- or large-scale conferences, and some customers have complained that the reporting is not very robust.

7. 6Connex

G2 Rating Ease of Use Support Quality SOC2 Type 2 Early Payout Fee of $500 Ticket Fee of $1,000 Ticket
4.5/5 8.6/10 9.4/10 No No Unknown Unknown

6Connex offers online event registration for enterprises to host and manage online events, trade shows, job fairs, exhibitions, and more. Its cloud-based product portfolio includes event management tools, in-person event apps, virtual venues, webinars, learning management, and more.

Pros: 6Connex could be a good fit for enterprise internal and external events.

Cons: Depending on the features and level of customization required, 6Connex’s product and services may be relatively expensive, especially for smaller events or organizations with limited budgets.

Free Live Demo of Event Registration Software

We hope our comparison helped you narrow down your choices and find the right fit for your event. Remember to prioritize your event’s needs, whether that’s cost, specific features you need for event registration, or time-saving tools like attendee check-in, name badge generation, and boosting attendees’ participation.

If you are organizing conferences, expos, or community/networking events, and you’re looking for an affordable yet trustful online registration platform, click here to see Whova’s free live demo and see why so many distinguished events and conferences have loved Whova.


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