Sponsors are a vital component of any successful event. They bring credibility to your event by associating it with well-respected names, expand the event’s reach, and perhaps most importantly, provide the necessary funding to effectively manage the often costly event budget.

In the past, Whova has allowed organizers like you to increase brand visibility and promote your sponsors through sponsor banners, sponsor digital profiles, sponsor profile customization and designated webpages, and most recently sponsor outreach campaigns

We are thrilled to introduce our newest addition: the dedicated Sponsor Registration component. This cutting-edge feature empowers you to craft a specialized registration page tailored exclusively for your esteemed sponsors. It streamlines payment collection, ensuring both speed and security in the process.

Similar to exhibitor registration, any information provided by sponsors during the registration process seamlessly flows into the sponsor center. This automated integration eliminates the need for organizers to manually upload sponsor information into their event apps, saving both time and effort.

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Register Your Sponsors in the Same Place as Attendees and Exhibitors

Besides the regular attendee registration, Whova’s registration system already has the exhibitor registration capability. As we further extend it to support sponsor registration in this release, you are now able to handle registration for all parties — attendees, sponsors and exhibitors —  in a one-stop-shop. 

This not only eliminates the need to juggle between different systems, but also avoids the duplicative work of manually copying the sponsor information to your event app. In addition, all the payment you receive from different channels can be tracked and managed in one single place.

Information is automatically streamed into the sponsor center as they register

When using Whova’s brand new Sponsor Registration, you no longer need to manually input all your sponsor’s information. When your sponsors register, they will be prompted to input all of their info themselves. Then, it will automatically be populated into our sponsor center so you don’t have to upload the list again like in the past. 

This information, which can be customized by organizers, can include their company name, company description, company logo for rotating banner, contact info, address, slogan, and anything else you may need. 

Easily Provide Tiered or A La Carte Sponsorship

Events typically offer tiered sponsorships, a la carte opportunities, or sometimes a mix of both in order to maximize revenue received from sponsors. Our registration system is extremely flexible, and is designed to handle any of these options that you may want to offer to your sponsors.

Tiered Sponsorship: In a tiered sponsorship model, sponsors are presented with different levels or tiers of sponsorship packages, such as “Gold,” “Diamond,” and “Platinum”. Each tier offers varying degrees of benefits and exposure based on the financial or in-kind contribution they make. 

A La Carte Sponsorship: This is an approach where sponsors have the flexibility to select individual sponsorship opportunities based on their preferences. Instead of being presented with pre-defined tiers, sponsors can choose specific items from a menu of options, similar to how one would order individual dishes from a restaurant menu. For example, through our recently released Advanced Sponsor Banner feature, you can sell unique visibility options in high traffic places on the Whova app.

A Mix of Both: While both tiered sponsorships and a la carte options are great choices to generate more revenue, sometimes you need to utilize a mix of both. In Whova’s sponsor registration, organizers are able to specify both tiering and a la carte opportunities, giving you more freedom and flexibility to cater to your event’s unique needs. 

Easily sell tiered, a-la-carte or mixed opportunities

By utilizing Whova’s all-in-one registration, organizers can fully customize the visibility of their sponsorship options on the Whova app, revealing different benefits and opportunities to specific tiers. 

Whova also allows you to designate caps for your tiers and a la carte options, incentivising sponsors to register and purchase early to insure they get the best use out of your event. 

All the tools you need

Whova’s sponsor registration system also comes with comprehensive features that are designed to fit any event’s needs.

Complimentary tickets: Being able to provide sponsors with complimentary tickets for their staff is a valuable feature. Through Whova, you are able to designate a maximum number of complimentary admissions as you see fit. 

Customizable Question Forms and Confirmation Emails: Just like our attendee registration and exhibitor registration, the sponsor registration also allows for organizers to easily create customized question forms for registrants to fill out, and automatically sends out confirmation emails after registration. 

Customizable question forms allow you to collect all the needed information!

Terms and conditions: Providing clear terms and conditions is essential for sponsor registration, and with Whova’s system, you are able to easily show them on the portal, as well as give your registrants the option to accept or decline. 

Display benefits for each sponsorship opportunity: Clearly specify unique sponsorship benefits right on the registration page, letting your sponsors know what to buy and why. 

Faster and more secure payment collection: By utilizing Whova’s all-in-one registration for sponsors instead of going through external systems, you are now able to securely collect payment faster than ever before. Our payment process integrates with Stripe, a PCI-compliant payment processing platform that also allows you to receive early payout easily.

Start Using Whova’s All-In-One System to Register Sponsors Now!

By utilizing Whova’s all-in-one registration system for your attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors, you are now able to save time on tedious tasks such as manually inputting information and seeking external workarounds for registration. Furthermore, it is now easier than ever to display unique additional opportunities for your valued sponsors, incentivising them to spend more and generate you more revenue. 

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