Just as sponsors are critical to your event, your event can be an important opportunity for your sponsors. Through supporting your event, they seek to increase their brand recognition, advocate for their cause, and elevate their corporate image.

At Whova, we understand the importance of helping sponsors achieve their goals and fostering long-term partnerships with event organizers like you. That’s why we have developed a comprehensive suite of tools, designed to effortlessly promote sponsors and maximize their brand visibility. From rotating banners and session sponsorships to sponsor webpages, our platform empowers event organizers to showcase sponsors through multiple channels.

In our continuous effort to enhance sponsor brand awareness, we are thrilled to introduce our latest feature: Sponsor Outreach Campaigns. This powerful tool allows sponsors to easily launch targeted campaigns, reach out to all event attendees to announce their participation, highlight their commitment to social responsibility and technological innovations, and even elevate their brand image. The possibilities are endless.

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Increase sponsors’ visibility with massive outreach campaigns

Sponsors can leverage outreach campaigns to benefit their brand in a number of ways. Here are a few examples:

Announcing their presence at your event: Even a simple announcement can go a long way towards boosting brand recognition and visibility. By capturing attendees’ attention early on, sponsors can start establishing positive connections from the start. This also gives them the opportunity to expand their reach and discover opportunities for growth.

Showcasing their commitment to social responsibility and enhancing their corporate image: By supporting initiatives related to diversity, equality, sustainability, and charity, sponsors can align their brand with attendee values and begin socially conscious partnerships.

Engaging with the local community: By informing attendees about community-driven events and their support for local causes, sponsors can build trust and foster valuable connections within their community.

Positioning themselves as thought leaders: Event sponsors can establish themselves as thought leaders and technology innovators by acting as a trusted source in their field. For example, a sponsor might share press releases and other valuable content, as well as showcasing their expertise and providing industry insights to gain credibility with attendees.

Invite attendees to ​sponsored meet-up​s, info session​s​, or other activities: Sponsors can extend invitations to attendees for sponsored meet-ups, informative sessions, or special activities. This exclusive access allows sponsors to engage directly with the audience, providing valuable insights and creating memorable experiences.

Promote job opportunities: Outreach campaigns are also a great opportunity for sponsors to promote job opportunities within their organization, attracting potential talent and showcasing their commitment to career development.

Send messages in an instant with a pre-written template

Composing a campaign with a template

This tool is also user-friendly for your sponsors. Using Whova’s mobile event app or web platform, sponsors can easily start with a template, personalize their message, and send it out to the intended recipients with a simple click of a button.

Measure ROI with detailed data analytics

After a campaign is sent out, sponsors can quickly see the number of impressions, clicks, and likes, all in real time. The analytics give sponsors quantifiable numbers to measure their ROI and fully understand the value of supporting your event.

Detailed data analytics for sponsors

As an organizer, you can view these numbers in your post event report, which you can also share with your sponsors at any time.

Create exclusive offers for high-tier sponsors

You can also offer outreach campaigns as an exclusive benefit for high-paying, top-tier sponsors. As the organizer, you have control over which sponsors have access to outreach campaigns, meaning sponsors interested in new opportunities to expand their reach will be incentivized to upgrade to a higher tier. 

Avoid spam with campaign controls

If you’re worried about sponsors sending too many messages, you can easily set limits on the frequency and volume of the messages sponsors can send during the event. You can also control which attendee categories will receive campaign messages, allowing you to exclude VIPs, speakers, or any other categories that sponsors shouldn’t reach out to. 

Save time and effort promoting sponsors

Empowering sponsors to send campaigns directly to attendees eliminates the need for you to send individual emails on their behalf. This time-saving feature allows sponsors to take control of their outreach, encouraging direct engagement and giving you valuable time and energy to focus on the rest of your event.

Easily increase sponsor visibility 

Sponsors can be a vital part of your event’s success, and in return, they expect to increase brand recognition and elevate their corporate image. Whova has a number of tools to help accomplish this, including rotating banners and dedicated sponsor web pages. Now, with our latest feature, you can further enhance their brand awareness by allowing sponsors to easily reach attendees before your event even begins.

To learn more about how Whova can help you increase sponsor ROI, just sign up for a free demo.

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