Exhibitors are an important part of your event, so you want to make sure they’re getting the high ROI that keeps them returning year after year. You’re already giving exhibitors great visibility with digital booths and in-app profiles, but you’re also looking for ways to help them reach even more attendees. 

With Whova’s latest feature, you can empower exhibitors to find new, high-quality leads with exhibitor outreach campaigns. By running these campaigns directly through the platform, you can provide unique benefits to your exhibitors and even create new tiering opportunities, all while giving them a more effective way of connecting with attendees. 

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Increase exhibitor ROI with personalized outreach campaigns

With outreach campaigns, exhibitors can not only send more messages, they can also send them with a single click. If organizers choose to enable the exhibitor outreach add-on, exhibitors can run up to two campaigns that will reach attendees en mass.

Exhibitors can write their own messages or use a template provided by Whova, and customize them to include personalized images and links relevant to each attendee.

Exhibitors might send campaigns for a variety of purposes, including: 

  • Announcing their presence at your event.
  • Informing attendees about product showcases or booth promotions.
  • Introducing the booth staff so attendees know who to reach out to.
  • Sharing education content related to their company.
  • Encouraging attendees to come by and connect.

Exhibitors create personalized messages with templates, and send to all attendees with 1 click

Create tiering opportunities for high-paying exhibitors

You can also provide outreach campaigns as a benefit for high-paying, high-tier exhibitors. As organizer, you can control which exhibitors are able to send outreach campaigns, allowing you to incentivize exhibitors to register for higher tiers with opportunities for more substantial ROI. 

Record leads instantly

When attendees choose to interact with or reply to these campaign messages, they’ll automatically be recorded as a lead for the exhibitor. This is one of several convenient ways Whova helps exhibitors record leads – including QR code scanning, entering contact information from the app, and automatically recording digital booth interactions –  making it even easier for exhibitors to reach attendees and generate high-quality leads. From there, the list of leads can be easily exported off of the app.

Attendees just have to interact with the message to be recorded as leads

Avoid spamming attendees with unwanted messages

While most attendees want to find the best exhibitor deals and opportunities, they also don’t want to be overwhelmed with messages. To keep exhibitor outreach separate from private DMs, exhibitor messages will be kept in a separate channel that sends the attendee a notification once a day, rather than every time they get a new message. Exhibitor staff members will also still be able to send 1-1 messages for their own networking and socialization, separate from outreach campaigns.

As an organizer, you can also set which attendees categories will receive campaign messages and choose to exclude attendees who aren’t there for exhibitor deals such as VIPs and speakers. You can also control the frequency and volume of these messages by setting whether exhibitors can send one or two campaigns during the event. 

Exhibitor messages will be kept in a dedicated tab

View campaign analysis to measure ROI

As with any marketing strategy, it’s important to evaluate and assess results once it’s over. In Whova, you can view a breakdown of views and clicks for each exhibitor campaign. See the types of campaigns that performed best, and analyze if ROI was increased and by how much. With this in mind, you can plan ahead and get the best results for the next event.

Help exhibitors generate quality leads

Achieving high exhibitor ROI is easy with the right tools. With exhibitor outreach campaigns, exhibitors can connect with leads more efficiently than ever, giving them a valuable experience at your event and keeping them returning each year.

To learn more about how Whova can help you provide value to exhibitors, just sign up for a free demo.

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