Your event is coming up, and securing sponsors is crucial. In order to attract new sponsors and encourage past ones to pay for additional benefits, you’ve set up tiered packages with increased visibility for the top tiers. Because you’re using Whova for your event, you already have several built-in opportunities to tier sponsorship benefits, from prioritizing online booth locations to giving high-tier sponsors in-app banners.

But this year, you’re looking for even more ways to encourage sponsors to go to that next level. With Whova’s latest feature, you have more opportunities for tiering than ever by allowing sponsors to sponsor specific sessions featuring their branding throughout both the web and mobile app. Whether your event is in-person, hybrid, or virtual, creating these custom levels of visibility is easy and effective!

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Increase brand awareness by showcasing high-level sponsors in particular sessions

Sponsors will be eager to stand out from the others by upgrading their package to sponsor specific sessions. By featuring their company name and logo in highly visible locations, including the agenda, session streaming/video screen, and the session description, we take care of giving them that extra visibility for you!

This applies to more than just virtual events, too! Attendees will see the sponsor branding on both desktop and mobile whenever they access the agenda or session description, no matter the event type. If the event is virtual or hybrid, you can also feature logos directly in the session video in an unobtrusive but highly visible spot at the bottom of the screen. With these varied branding options, attendees will be sure to remember high-tier sponsors’ names. 


Attract more high-level sponsors by featuring multiple sponsors in key sessions 

Customize your sponsor packages the way that works best for your event. You can bring in even more sponsors by adding up to three sponsors per session, whose branding will be featured in the description, appear onscreen in session videos, and rotate in the agenda.

This can give you new options and flexibility in how to construct your sponsorship packages. For instance, spread the benefits across several tiers by making sole session sponsorship a feature only for the highest tiers. Alternatively, you might want to allow sponsors to choose between being the sole sponsor for a smaller session or one of multiple sponsors for a large session with lots of visibility. It’s all up to you!

Easily manage sponsor tiering, perks, and more

While there’s a lot of flexibility in how you choose to manage these tiering options, setting up and updating them isn’t complicated. You can conveniently reorder tiers, choose banner locations, and manage which sessions are sponsored by which company in one convenient back-end location. Control sponsor visibility, tiering, and benefits through Whova to match your own custom tiering packages; it only takes a few clicks. 

Looking for more? Companies can also sponsor networking sessions 

You can also apply the same benefits to Whova’s Network Tables feature. These shuffling video chat rooms are a great way to facilitate networking at virtual or hybrid events, as well as a convenient way to start meeting people before an event of any type begins.

Now, sponsors can be involved too! The sponsors’ name and logo will be featured in the session information and onscreen during the call, providing even more opportunities to give sponsors visibility and create attractive tiering options. 

Giving great benefits has never been this easy

When it comes to providing strong ROI and keeping your sponsors satisfied, Whova has got your back. From sponsored sessions and other tiering options to easy set-up through our Sponsor Center, we’re here to help you provide your sponsors with the best experience possible in a way that’s simple and manageable for you. 

Interested in what Whova can do for your next event? Reach out today to schedule a free demo. 

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