As one of your biggest sources of funding, strong sponsor relationships are a major priority for any successful event. 

Of course, guaranteeing sponsors the strong brand awareness they’re looking for is no easy task. Sponsors want to be able to maximize their branding exposure in different ways such as displaying their enriched profiles and reaching out to attendees, which can be difficult to facilitate, especially if the event will be held virtually. 

With Whova’s new Sponsor Center, featuring a sponsors’ brand is easier than ever. Whether the event is virtual, in-person, or a hybrid of the two, the Sponsor Center’s company banners, customized profiles, and branding videos allow them to keep up a strong presence whenever attendees open up the Whova app.

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Showcase sponsors with the new sponsor profile page, on both web and mobile

Being able to engage directly with attendees is critical in all formats. With the new sponsor profile page, the sponsors can easily set up their company descriptions, photos, coupons. At the same time, sponsors can set up video presentations, either by attaching a livestream link or uploading videos. What’s more, sponsors can directly interact with attendees on the profile page with instant messages.

This direct engagement can give attendees a strong idea of the advantages of the company, as well as a positive relationship that can lead to potential business partners and recruitment opportunities.  

event sponsor

New sponsor profile page to show sponsor video, live streaming, coupons, description with photos, and attendee interactions

It doesn’t matter how your event will be held, attendees and sponsors alike can easily view sponsor profiles from anywhere. Whether they’re walking across the convention center and want to check the location of a sponsor’s live presentation, or at home looking for a video link, the profile is easily viewable on both the mobile app and web portal.

Majorly increase sponsor visibility with a custom banner

Whova can display the sponsor banners throughout the app, guaranteeing that every attendee will be familiar with your sponsors. This boost in exposure can be a major perk! With the banner featured on every page of the web portal, virtual events can give sponsors even better visibility than they would have even gotten from an in-person event without this feature.

event sponsor benefits

Sponsor banners on both mobile app and web portal to increase visibility

Upload your sponsors manually or import the list in an instant

As an organizer, setting up your sponsors is easy! Just click “Add Sponsor” button within the Sponsor Center and input the sponsor information. Whova also automatically find logos and website URL for the companies you input, saving you a lot of time working on the details. If there are many sponsors to upload, you can also use an Excel sheet. Just import the list and let Whova do the rest of the work for you. 

While adding the sponsor, you can also include other information such as company logos, a description, and any video links. Alternatively, you can always go back to add this information later or allow sponsors to edit their profiles themselves! 

event sponsor packages

Set up and customize sponsor information, give different sponsor levels, and control their visibilities

Empower sponsors to customize their company showcase by themselves and save you time

Let sponsors decide what best represents them, while saving you time in the process. Just send sponsors a personal link, easily accessible through the Sponsor Center, and they can personalize their own company showcase by adding a description, uploading a company video, and listing any presentations. 

Rather than going back and forth with sponsors to make sure that their showcase is just right, simplify the process to ensure that sponsors have the final say in how their company is advertised.

event sponsor information

Sponsors can use this form to update information themselves anytime they want without troubling the organizers

Sponsors can easily chat with interested attendees or potential recruits

Whether they’re looking to recruit or build business opportunities, direct interaction with attendees is a major priority for sponsors, and the Sponsor Center can make it easier than ever. Instead of having to physically meet with all attendees interested in their company, sponsors can use the chat function to talk quickly and conveniently with multiple attendees at once. 

With a chat bar located on each sponsor’s company showcase, any attendee who checks out their page can reach out in an instant to ask questions or make plans to set up an official meeting.  


Give sponsors their best conference experience yet (no matter virtual or in-person)

Whether your event will be in-person, virtual, or a bit of both, Whova’s Sponsor Center provides resources that can bring your sponsors’ experience to the next level. With Whova, you can ensure that every attendee knows your sponsors’ name and make both sponsor advertisement and recruitment simple. 

Make sure sponsors get their best ROI yet! For more information, contact Whova today for a free demo.


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