As you know, sponsors can be a critical part of an event, so it’s important to give them plenty of opportunities for visibility not just during the event, but before it as well. An event website can be a fantastic way of doing this, making sure attendees are aware of your sponsors before they even sign up. 

Whova already makes it easy to set up an event website and promote your sponsors, and with our latest updates, you can give them more visibility than ever with just the click of a button. In addition to showcasing sponsors with a dedicated page, you can give your sponsors even more impressions by embedding a rotating sponsor banner into your own event webpage, giving you more control over sponsor information and increasing their ROI. 

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Feature sponsors throughout your website in addition to a dedicated page

Whova now provides you with two separate ways to showcase sponsors on your event website: a sponsor list and an automatically rotating sponsor banner

You can implement these tools in the way that works best for your event, but using both will help you showcase your sponsors in different levels of detail throughout your website. For instance, you might choose a simplified design for the sponsor banner so you can create a sidebar rotating the sponsors on your event’s home page. Then, use the list tool to showcase sponsor information more completely on a dedicated webpage. 

Display sponsors on a dedicated page (left) and a banner throughout your website (right)

With two sponsor visibility tools, you have more options in how to promote your sponsors and more opportunities for visibility overall. 

It takes only three minutes – no coding required

As with Whova’s other website tools, using these features is incredibly simple. 

While you can choose to easily customize these widgets to match your event’s branding, no coding or design knowledge is needed. Sponsor banners and lists are professionally designed and visually appealing, and setting up the page is as simple as sharing the page’s URL or pasting the provided code in your website builder. The information will display on your event website, under your own branded domain.

Give high-tier sponsors additional visibility

Whova’s tools also make it easy to give high-paying sponsors additional visibility. Just set them as one of the top tiers, and these top-level sponsors will be featured first in any sponsor listings, making sure attendees know their names! 

Feature high-priority sponsors first to maximize their visibility

Choose from several professionally-designed templates

Both sponsor banners and sponsor lists have an array of attractive, professionally-designed templates, with different options to suit both formats and your own preferences. 

For instance, by default, the sponsor list will feature all sponsors at once, but you can also choose to feature sponsors in a directory format or as a rotating grid. Likewise, for banners, you can choose between a single column, a rotating banner, or our newest option: a single rotating logo, to give one sponsor the spotlight at a time. You can even choose where on the page to feature the sponsor banner: at the top or as a column on the side. 

Choose from several professionally-designed templates

Easily match your event’s branding

In addition to different template options, Whova gives you lots of opportunities to further customize the way you display your sponsors, giving you plenty of flexibility in helping it fit your event. Customize the title, sponsor tiers, display sizes, branding colors, and more to best represent your event and your sponsors.

Satisfy sponsors before your event begins

Sponsor satisfaction is key to any event, and with more easy-to-use opportunities to promote them on your event website, your sponsors will receive higher visibility and get a return on investment that keeps them coming back year after year. 

If you’re interested in how else Whova can help you easily create a robust, versatile website, or about our many tools for sponsors, sign up for a free demo today.

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