Here at Whova, we know how imperative sponsors are for your event’s success. As an additional source of event income, it’s critical to ensure high brand visibility and ROI for your sponsors so they’ll come back and continue to support your future events.

In order to assist organizers like you in creating the best possible outcome for your sponsors, Whova has created numerous features, such as the rotating sponsor banner for our mobile app and is embeddable to your own event website, dedicated sponsor webpages, and digital interactive sponsor profiles to further emphasize their presence at your event. 

To further enhance our features for event sponsors, we’ve released Advanced Sponsor Banners that allow organizers to show sponsor brands with web links in 5 additional high-traffic places. These include (1) announcements, (2) web app entry page, (3) surveys, (4) the registration landing page, and (5) registration confirmation emails.

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New opportunities to highlight your sponsors

(1) Announcements: Our announcement feature is a great way to communicate with attendees. With an 80% open rate on average, this is an excellent opportunity to showcase one of your esteemed sponsors. The banner will appear at the bottom of your announcement for attendees to see. Not only will it appear in the mobile app and web app, but also in the email notification!

Showcase a sponsor through your announcements!

(2) Web App Entry Page: For virtual and hybrid events, the web app entry page is a high-traffic place, as it’s the first stop for many remote attendees who use computers to watch sessions. Because of this, we’ve created an additional opportunity for you to promote your sponsors on this page. Different from the sponsor banner in the announcement, you can select multiple sponsors to highlight, complete with rotating logos.

Promote your sponsors on high-traffic landing pages!

(3) Surveys: Whova’s survey feature is another place heavily frequented by attendees, and now, it’s a great way to promote your sponsors too! Similar to the web app landing page, you are now able to showcase multiple sponsors in the survey page viewed by your attendees, giving even more visibility for sponsors.

Even showcase your sponsors on your event surveys!

(4) Registration: If you’re using Whova’s registration system, every potential attendee’s journey starts with the registration page before they sign up for your event. With this newest release, you are now able to promote your sponsors to more audiences even beyond your attendee list. Anyone who visits your registration page — which could be two to five times larger than your total registrants — will see the sponsors you choose to highlight on this page.

Every attendee sees the registration page, and now they will see your sponsors too!

(5) Registration Confirmation Page/Email: The registration confirmation page and email are two more places that are guaranteed to garner more visibility, as mostly all attendees will check them after registration. Now, organizers are able to highlight one of their sponsors in both the confirmation page and email!

Even promote them on your registration confirmations!

Generate more sponsorship revenue

Since our new additions to the sponsor banner are great for sponsor visibility, you can leverage them to sell more sponsorships. For example, try offering each new visibility option as a separate add-on to your sponsors. By doing this, you incentivize more purchases from them, resulting in more revenue. 

Alternatively, through Whova’s sponsor tiering feature, you can offer these new visibility options as a part of higher-tier sponsorship options. Try incentivising your sponsors to purchase the higher tiers from you for a higher price, resulting in more visibility for them and more money for you.

Quantitative sponsor ROI report

Last but not least, with Whova’s comprehensive Post Event Report, you can easily show your valuable sponsors concrete results, with the actual number of impressions generated from the many channels. Tangible numbers such as these allow your sponsors to see your hard work and a measurable ROI, motivating them to keep coming back for future events.

Start increasing visibility for your sponsors now!

With the new opportunities to showcase your sponsors on the announcements, web app entry page, surveys, registration landing page, and registration confirmation page and email, organizers can give more visibility and boost sponsorship revenue. Additionally, Whova’s post event report provides you with tangible numbers and quantifiable proof that you are increasing your sponsor’s ROI, keeping them coming back for future events!

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