Time is in short supply for event planners like you. Many hours and lots of energy is spent on the tiniest of details to make your event top notch. A great event planner is always on the lookout for ways to make their job more efficient in the least amount of time.

You may dream of an intelligent genie. Not only would the genie eliminate tedious tasks, it would also magically put a smile on your attendees’ faces, and even cut costs for you.

At Whova, we get it. That’s why we took another step forward to be your genie. We seamlessly integrated Whova’s event registration tool and audience engagement offerings. It streamlines the event management process from beginning to end for you and help increase audience participation. 

Best news is its low cost. The fee of the Whova’s event registration tool is significantly lower than others in the market. And, these three wishes come true with Whova: 

  • Allows you to easily enable and set up event registration function within the same dashboard
  • Drives audience engagement with the Whova event app from the moment their ticket is purchased
  • Saves you time and energy by streamlining the management process

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Cut Costs on Event Registration Tool (and More)

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The Whova registration fee is 3.0% with a $0.99 per-ticket fee, much lower than Eventbrite (3.7% with a $1.79 per ticket) and Cvent (there is even a high set up fee), becoming a budget-friendly solution for event planners under cost pressure. For example, you can save $5,300 by using Whova if you have 500 registrants paying $1,000/ticket.

Reach out to us for a demo and get an accurate price quote for your event.

Registration and the Event App Into One Easy Setup

Whova wins the People’s Choice Award at the Event Technology Awards (often referred to as ‘Oscars’ of event technology). Organizers voted for Whova as it fundamentally changes event experiences both for organizers and attendees.  For organizers, Whova allows you to streamline the event planning process and automate tedious tasks:

  • Set up your registration website in 5 minutes
  • Easily manage an up-to-date registrant list and use it to create name badges, send email campaigns and/or push-notifications, check-in attendees, etc.
  • Automatically sync the registrant list and the Whova app

And, everything will be done within one Whova event management dashboard.

Once attendees are registered, you can use Whova’s push-notification system to announce event schedules or encourage them to participate in pre-event network or polls/surveys, which can be forwarded to their emails too. Also, the versatile Community Board is a place to drive interesting discussions or collect feedback through topics such as “What you expect to learn from this event” or “Ask organizers anything.”


How to Increase Audience Participation with Minimal Effort

Audience participation is critically important for their event satisfaction as well as the event’s success. Your audience wants to get involved in sessions and event activities in natural and fun ways. They want to connect with speakers, mingle with fellow attendees, and get meaningful business and career opportunities through strategic networking. That’s the reason why people say the #1 event trend is attendee engagement these days.

Here’s how the Whova app can do just that for your attendees. They can:

What do you (event planners) have to do? Just sit back, relax and let the attendees take charge. And you would see hundreds (or thousands) of attendee posts, photos, Q&As, and small meet-ups / eat-ups created by your attendees. Doubled audience participation – isn’t it exciting?

More Information: Whova is a winner of the Best Technology for Audience Participation and the Best Event Networking Technology Award. With the Whova app consistently showing 75-99% in app download rate and the highest rating (4.8 rates, 74,479 reviews) among event apps in the app stores, we would be happy to help you make your event a great success. Request more information or see a live demo of the Whova event app.


Two Birds, One Stone

You just need one stone to kill two birds:

  • Cut your costs with an affordable event registration tool.
  • While staying in the same software, engage attendees and increase audience participation in new, effective ways.

Plus, you can save time as you manage only one stone (i.e. Whova). Contact us today, we will show you how to make your job easier. 

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