An interesting survey of 7,000 event attendees found that 71% of them like to attend events to meet new people. This is not only at networking events. People want to get inspired by talking with speakers in person, find mentors, or build business connections at any events.

However, do you often see many attendees hang around after crowded sessions for a chance to talk with the speaker, only to give up after a long wait?  You might also see many attendees just walk around with coffee, hoping to bump into someone.

It’s hard to expect to make many spontaneous (yet productive) meetings by just putting your attendees in one place.  You may go the extra mile and manually arrange tens or even hundreds of one-on-one meetings for them, but that’s a complicated and overwhelming process, not to mention the additional work of handling multiple rescheduling requests.

Now we have a solution for you. Whova is excited to announce the new Meeting Scheduler within the Whova event app, which helps make your event more productive! With no extra manual work from you, your attendees can:

  • Conveniently schedule private meetings without back and forth messaging or emailing
  • Organize private meetings in one place with the personalized event schedule and receive reminders
  • Reach all attendees through one mobile event app that has comprehensive profiles

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Schedule Hassle-free Meetings in a Matter of Seconds

Meeting Scheduling form and the accept notification within the Whova event app >

Schedule meetings through messaging or emails easily needs 3 to 4 rounds of back and forth interactions. If we manually set up multiple meetings for limited time windows during busy event days, it can be very messy, easily forgettable, and result in  no-shows. Each one of these scenarios is unpleasant and unproductive.

Whova’s Meeting Scheduler allows attendees to suggest preferred time windows and a location through a convenient form on the Whova event app. Once the other person receives the meeting request, she can accept it by selecting an available time slot, or suggest a different time.  It removes the headache of figuring out a mutually agreeable time, and can be booked within a few clicks without knowing emails or needing multiple rounds of messaging.

We found many of our users connecting before even getting to RESACON which was great for building excitement leading up to our event. Our sponsors felt that it added value by allowing them to have their own profiles, individual offers and ability to connect with attendees directly. 

— Felicia Vierra, Organizer, RESA@headquarters


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Integrated Calendars with Private Meetings and Personalized Events

 < Organize private meetings and personalized event schedules in one place >

There are stand-alone meeting schedulers or calendar apps, but those are inefficient for events as it’s hard to check available times simply by looking at the event schedules. With Whova, attendees can select sessions to attend and see them in My Agenda. Once they schedule private meetings, those schedules are automatically added into My Agenda as well. When attendees schedule a new meeting, they can see the other person’s entire schedule at a glance and select an available time.  There’s no need to worry about making mistakes or the hassle of checking multiple apps.

Maximize Attendance with Custom Reminders

Once meetings are scheduled, attendees can set reminders to make sure they won’t forget. With a pop-up alert on their mobile phones, it’s easy to be reminded, and if needed, they can reschedule a meeting with a few easy clicks. This features  reduces the no-show rate, making event experiences more pleasant and rewarding.

A Total Solution including Attendee Profiles, Messaging, and Group chatting

Before planning private meetings, attendees can explore other fellow attendees’ professional profiles on the Whova app and identify interesting people by searching company name, title or other profile information. It can be huge help in understanding the person’s background, interests, and how to break the ice. In addition,  before and after the meeting, they can exchange private in-app messages or create a group chat by inviting more people. Together with the Meeting Scheduler, Whova offers a total solution to upgrade your event experience in a whole new level.

Attendee profile and networking features on the Whova event app >


Success Examples

  • One-on-one meetings between speakers/mentors and general attendees: You don’t need to go through the nightmare of arranging one-on-one meetings on behalf of your attendees. Empower your attendees to schedule their own meetings, give them better control, and reduce meeting conflicts with self-serve scheduling
  • Instant meetings between event hosts and their customers/business partners: At a corporate event with customers and business partners, an instant meeting scheduler at their fingertips can help create lots of business opportunities
  • Connecting exhibitors/sponsors and guests: Exhibitors/sponsors can schedule a follow-up meeting with their booth visitors, or to be more proactive, they can directly identify VIP leads from the attendee list on the Whova app. They can schedule meetings in advance, which helps increase exhibitors’ ROI and makes them happy at your events
  • Effective networking sessions: No matter what type of event you have, whether it’s a business expo, academic conference, or community event, the Whova app can help your attendees make coffee breaks, networking sessions, and receptions more meaningful, fun, and exciting with many scheduled meetings.


Ready to Upgrade Your Event?   

It’s easy!  Enable your attendees to get to know one another prior to your event. As a simple idea, you can start a virtual network on the Whova app by releasing it early.  It offers the chance to match up people who are interested in meeting but might otherwise not get a chance to connect.  And the best part is that you don’t need to spend a whole lot of time or effort to make your event more interactive and productive with this new feature!

The Meeting Scheduler is included in the Whova event app at no extra fee. Contact us for more information.


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