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You may have dreamed about a great event where attendees participate very actively and have many interactions with you and fellow attendees. While it may sound ideal, cutting edge event technology can turn an ordinary event into an extraordinary one by making it possible. 

The Whova Event app’s Bulletin Board  has become a favorite of organizers and attendees by helping them participate more and conveniently share useful information from lost & found items to ridesharing. It is also easy to post and browse messages with built-in templates and hashtags. Event organizers like yourself can see how everyone is enjoying the event, and further engage with them through the bulletin board.

Attendee Interaction with Whova

Here find out how organizers and attendees at hundreds of events have used it and had pleasant and productive experiences.

#1) Lost & Found

Your attendees no longer have to panic when they lose their belongings because there’s hope! With the Bulletin Board, they can make a post detailing what they’ve lost by using a message template, and other people can help find the item. There’s no need for you, the event organizer, to search for something or make announcements. It will save you time!

Whova Bulletin Board Use Cases1

#2) Ridesharing

Ridesharing can be super convenient to attendees who are unfamiliar with the area. People who are local will also find ridesharing helpful when there’s limited parking space or heavy traffic to the venue. Attendees from events that used the Whova app loved using the Bulletin Board to schedule a carpool by posting their location and time information. Attendees will not only share a ride, but can also enjoy the new opportunity to have a small talk and get connected with each other in a car!

#3) Local Attractions

Not many events offer a dinner and it is actually good chance for attendees to explore local restaurants and hangout with old colleagues or new people they met at the events. They can share recommendations of places to hangout with one another and invite people through the Bulletin Board. Did you forget to provide information of local attractions to your attendees?  Don’t worry, you can do it at any time through the Bulletin Board.

Whova Bulletin Board Use Cases2

#4) Question & Answer

Attendees always have questions about things such as sessions or logistics, but they don’t need to contact busy organizers and wait for answers. Attendees can help each other, answering any questions in a jiffy on the Bulletin Board. Organizers can further engage attendees with useful information or reminders of their own.

#5) Exhibitors Promotions

The Bulletin makes your exhibitors happy, allowing them to motivate attendees to come visit booths to check out some great offers. Together with the coupon / giveaway feature for exhibitors that increases booth traffic and collects visitors’ information through the app, the Bulletin Board further helps them engage attendees and get the most out of your event.

#6) Job and business opportunities

At any type of event, there’s always attendees who are interested in new career opportunities and people who are looking for candidates to hire or business partners. The Bulletin Board is a good place for your vendors, sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees to share information of job openings or collaboration opportunities. 


Easy to Post and Browse

Whova’s easy-to-use message templates make posting about ridesharing, lost & found, and self-introduction convenient and quick.  Attendees can easily filter those posts by category to view what they’re interested in right away. For general conversation, they can simply use built-in or custom hashtags, such as #JobPosting, #Hangout. Just like Twitter, hashtags with a person’s name allows him/her to easily notice how the conversation is going.  



The Bulletin Board is a great feature on the Whova app that not only allows your attendees to participate more actively in event activities, but provides you a good way to engage them. With useful and timely information and a means to involve themselves in the event, attendees will be overjoyed.

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