Attendance is a key metric for just about any event – a well-attended event helps build community, and increased ticket sales give you a bigger budget to continue improving the event each year. Of course, this is hardly a secret, especially to event organizers. Chances are, you’re already employing a number of strategies to promote your event to attendees. 

For example, you might be:

  • Sending promotional emails to your own mailing lists and even working with event partners to be promoted through their mailing lists.
  • Promoting the event across social media channels, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 
  • Creating promotional content emphasizing different elements of your event to attract different audiences – for example, highlighting a respected keynote speaker in some content and networking opportunities for young professionals in others. 

These are all great approaches to take, but do you know whether they are effective and which is working the best?  Knowing the answers to these questions help you gain insights to guide your marketing efforts.

Whova’s latest release allows you to measure the results of these channels and campaigns and identify which sources attract the most registrants, gain valuable insights to fine-tune your promotional efforts, bring your event promotion to the next level, and ultimately generate more ticket sales.

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3 Simple Steps to Use Link Tracking 

Say you plan to promote your event through an email campaign. You’ve already built your registration page in Whova, and what comes next is simple – it only takes a few clicks to see exactly how many registrants are coming to your registration page from your email campaign.  

  1. Click “Create tracking link”, give it a name and add a description for your reference. For instance, in this case, you might name the link “Email campaign 1”. 
  2. The generated link will still take registrants to the same registration page, but will allow you to see who came from that link.
  3. Just copy the URL, paste it into your email, and send it as you would normally. 

Now, when someone purchases a ticket from the unique link, Whova will automatically track it! 

Compare and Understand Your Event Promotion Efforts

Let’s walk through how Link Tracking can help you compare the results of different promotion attempts and focus and enhance on the ones that perform the best.

Comparing different channels 

You might be promoting your event across different channels, but how much are they actually helping? To find out, generate a different tracking link for each channel you plan to post to, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or another email list. Easily compare the number of clicks and number of tickets sold from each channel to see which one performs the best.

There’s no limit to how many campaigns you can track through Whova, so feel free to compare results for as many campaigns as you want.

Link Tracking helps you figure out how attendees are finding your event

Comparing different content

You may also want to see what content performs best, regardless of channel. For instance, what attracts the most attendees: advertising a new mentorship program at your event or a session with high-profile speakers?

Whova allows you to create different Tracking Links for posts to the same channel, so you send both out and see which performs better: emails advertising the mentorship program or emails advertising the session. 

It’s as easy to test content as it is to compare different channels – just generate a separate tracking link for each post and compare the results.

Comparing post times, audiences, and more

Wondering what time of day is best for reaching your audience? Curious if your Twitter audience is interested in different content than your email audience? 

The Link Tracking feature gives you the freedom to test these criteria as well, along with any other questions you have about how to most effectively reach your attendees. Simply create a unique link for each test you try, and monitor the result on Whova dashboard.

Promote Your Event More Effectively Than Ever

With Whova’s Registration Link Tracking, it’s never been easier to run intelligent promotional campaigns that target the audiences you’re looking for. You don’t need to be a tech whiz or a marketing expert to improve your event promotion and draw in more and more attendees. This advanced feature is just another reason that you should switch from other registration tools for your next event!

If you’re interested in how else Whova can support promoting and managing your event from a single, all-in-one event platform, sign up today for a free demo.

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