Happy Event Organizers

Our members of the American Ambulance Association used the Whova application at the 2016 Stars of Life event held in our Nations Capital this April. The application was very positively received by all the attendees, the significant ease installation and use was greatly appreciated. The ability to not only share photos and info, but to have a post event ability to stay in contact with attendees is an excellence example of the flexibility of the application. Whova is a well developed product that I would recommend for use.

Randy Strozyk

Senior Vice President of Operations, American Medical Response, Inc.

We are actually using the Whova app as a networking tool for this event here at The Art of Marketing conference, and it’s totally awesome. It has a customizable agenda, it has a way to streamline all of the speakers, notes and ways to communicate with each other on digital, when we are here face to face.

I have been using this app for a couple of events!

Tysa Fennern

Co-Director of Marketing, TEDxAmericasFinestCity

Whova is a must-have app for every event! It has allowed our organizers at startup weekend to easily connect and engage all the attendees throughout and after the event. Our favorite feature was automatically having each of the attendees’ profiles and pictures readily available. Collaboration between our participants has never been higher! As community leaders, we are blessed to have Whova to grow our community.

Jayrell Ringpis

Organizer, Startup Weekend

The conference was amazing! I know many people downloaded the app and said it was so user-friendly and had all the pertinent information..Thank you so much for making this available to our attendees…We greatly appreciate it! I will keep in touch with you and see about the next event we do and using Whova.

Jeanette Yoffe

Executive Director, Celia Center, Inc.

We used Whova for TEDxLincoln in 2014 and I was very pleased with it. It’s as simple or as complex as you want to make it. Uploading the event schedule and links to our sponsors was the main thing I wanted and it served well for this. In addition, we were able to load our participants and that made it easy for them to connect with each other. There’s a twitter capability built in and using our hashtag people could easily monitor activity.

Randy Bretz

Curator, TEDxLincoln

I believe Whova provided an excellent “just-in-time” resource for participants to view the agenda and the participants. It was easy to use and I would use it again! (or recommend it to others planning an event)

Becky Prentice

Executive Director, Rockwall ISD

We received a huge number of congrats for having implemented Whova in our conference. All participants found it very useful, and made an extended use of it. For us, as organiser, it was useful to see how many participants were checking in on this or that session of the day after, to get an idea on how many people to expect getting on this or that bus, and stuff like these.
For our attendees the Bulletin Board became the place where to exchange info of common interest (exchanging dinner tickets, organising informal meeting and gatherings).

Francesco Grani

Organizer, ServDes 2016 Copenhagen

Our user responded to a survey about which Whova app feature they enjoyed the most. They liked having instant access to the professional profiles of other attendees, the ability to exchange contact information with anyone using the same app.

Event Organizer, UC San Diego

Loving the app for our event 26 February, Manchester.

Feedback from attendees has been great.

Stephen Ashcroft

Event Organizer, ProcureChange

Whova made a huge difference in our ability to communicate with participants. The app allowed for instant communications across the entire venue. These feature was something that we had been longing for in previous events…Participants could easily find venue maps, food menus, and directions quickly and easily. It saved the participants a lot of time and effort. Without Whova our event could not have gone so smoothly.

Jennifer Wilhelm

Organizer, Steel City Codefest

It was a hit at the LIL Social Mixer! It is perfect for these kinds of events, where businesses need and/or want to exchange information and get in contact later. Dealing with the physical cards is much more of a hassle. I know that I am prone to misplacing small objects, such as a business card, and something like Whova is a great way to keep myself organized! I would highly recommend Whova to other event organizers.

Alexis Ross

Event Organizer, LIL Social Mixer

What a huge success the app was this weekend. People absolutely loved it. I love the app and I’m pushing it to other associations. I think it’s really great. I think I’m going to be a lifetime customer!

Jillina Kwiatkowski

President, Smart Serve Process Serving

The app was a great tool for our attendees. According to our survey results, they all found it easy to use and very helpful. It met our needs and provided a great way to share information, especially when we had to make changes during the event.

Tara Cahill

Director of Instructional Technology, Rockwall ISD

It was great and the attendees really liked it. They all commented that it’s a great app and they found it very helpful. The agenda page had over 10,000 views, which is really beyond my expectations, considering that we had about 600-700 attendees…I’m sure we will use this again in our future conferences.

Yoonsuck Choe

Event Organizer, IJCNN 2015

Used this app recently for a gathering of TEDxers ‘TEDxWeekendsingapore 2015’, I found it very helpful in connecting and knowing more about fellow attendees during the event. It also helped exchange of contact details, without having to follow the classic method of exchanging contact cards. Integrated linkedin and twitter options are indeed very useful. Looking forward to having them being used at our TEDxNTU event.

Vivek Manoharan

Co-founder & Curator, TEDxNTU

We really enjoyed the app and I’m positive it made a lot of the running of the conference much easier. I think it is a great tool and to be quite honest with you, I’ve been telling everyone I know how helpful it was. I may be doing some other events in the future and I might contract you on my own independent of my own organization. The thing I really liked the best was the customer service. You guys were always ready to help us or got back to us quickly. I spent some time talking to some other providers and they frankly left me really cold and that was the deciding factor.

Rebecca Reilly

Director of Operations, Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI Conference)

The conference was a great success, and the Whova app worked out very well… We will certainly use Whova again, we hold 15-20 conferences each year, and I am happy to use Whova for all conferences which have 80+ attendees registered.

The networking aspects of the app were the best part I think. Allowing attendees to look up the current speaker, see their bios/LinkedIn profiles…all without the organiser (me) having to add that info.

Jeff was great at promptly answering my questions and the whole process was stress-free. Keep up the good work at Whova!

Matthew Kirkby

Sponsorship and Marketing Coordinator, Zing Conferences

It’s totally a great experience using Whova as I can ‘meet’ my friend virtually at first, seeing who are on the list, also we could even have a private code restricted for the event only.

Florentina Niradewi

Organizer, TEDxJakarta

The Whova app was a great resource for our event. It was so easy to use and follow. Our attendees enjoyed interacting with one another utilizing its messaging tool and we loved the ability to push notifications out to them on a minutes notice.

We will definitely be utilizing it again for future events.

Islen Seoane

Organizer, Assistant University 2015

The attendees seemed pleased with the app. A lot of them commented on how they found it to be more appealing, easy to use, and more helpful then they thought would be. From a planners aspect I found the Whova team to be extremely prompt, attentive, and helpful.  The app was for the most part easy to use, update, etc..  It was nice to be able to quickly reach the attendees with updates etc. by send out an announcement via the Whova app.

Autumn Gilleard

Organizer, National Rural ITS Conference

My experience with Whova was exceptional. Any time I contacted support, they helped almost immediately and Aly was incredibly helpful and responsive, as well. We don’t have any more events like this coming up but if I hear of anyone else at my agency who does, I would absolutely recommend using Whova again.

Rebecca Engel

Director of Education Innovation, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains

I am very enjoying with this app. This is very helpful for me to organize the conference. Its very useful to get information about conference, seminar and the other events from this app. In the future, I will use this app to organize our event and recommend to the other event organizer.

Nur Laili Fithriana

Organizer, 3rd Java International Nursing Conference (JINC) 2015

We had a very good conference. I did like the Whova program and noticed that many of the attendees were using it. We will do this Sarnoff Symposium in 2016. We will build from this base and move forward. I’ll work with the organizing team to start earlier in publicity and in getting the conference initiated.

Fran O'Connell

Organizer, IEEE Sarnoff Symposium 2015

I personally did find it very useful. I know a lot of people that go to events and ask to see the RSVP list to see who’s signed in. I think with this app it eliminates that need (and awkwardness). In addition I believe a couple of people reached out to me on the app afterwards, who saw me but didn’t get a chance to introduce themselves. In that way it’s a kind of extended networking beyond the actual event. There’s a real value in that.

It fills an incredible need.

Ravi Ramkeesoon

Organizer, Official In The Spotlight Book Launch Party + Industry Mixer

Whova has made our career fair run smoothly and made such amazing impressions on our attendees. I appreciate everything you and your team has done for us. Our attendees were checking in to various workshops, snapping pictures, scanning business cards, and exchanging information using their professional profiles. Even one of my attendees said that he was able to connect with someone on Whova who he had lost contact for so long. The positive feedback about Whova was just endless.

Misheel Ganbat

Organizer, Mongolian American Career Fair

Whova is great. It provided an amazing and interactive experience for Cem15 International Congress on Cognition, Emotion and Motivation. This intelligent App provided also an intuitive experience to participants allowing them to stay informed about the conference and to network. It allowed us as organizers to give the program an added value with interactions and Feedback.

Slim Masmoudi

Organizer, Cem15 International Congress

Everyone absolutely LOVED it! It was perfect for our event……It was useful, easy to use, fantastic for networking. If we get going early for next year’s conference, all the attendees will be on board and get even more use from Whova. Whova is a joy to work with, honestly. I can’t believe the high level of customer service we received.

Joanie Crombie

Organizer, West Coast Songwriters 35th Music Conference

Great App. Premiered it in Nairobi, Kenya for ONGEA! 2016 Eastern Africa Music Summit. Amazing interactions with Visitors, Exhibitors and Attendees. Easy to share business cards with everyone using the app during the event. App Support and turnaround time is also impeccable. Simply amazing.

John Nderitu

Organizer, 2016 Eastern Africa Music Summit

Whova is THE app for conferences. We used it for our iaccm2015.sietar.at conference in Vienna: unimaginably many features – super easy to handle for organisers and participants alike and great design! Furthermore, instant and very helpful support across the ocean – which made our conference a success! Thanks a lot for everything again and looking forward to collaborating again soon!

Barbara Covarrubias Venegas

President, SIETAR Austria

It was a huge success and everyone saw the benefits of using it. I printed out flyers and handed it to everyone for them to view it as well. We did receive interest from organizations on using the app. We are interested in using it for future events and fostering a relationship moving forward.

Joe DelVecchio

Executive Director, Entrepreneur's Forum of Southern New Jersey

Our event was very successful and the feedback was very positive. Many of the attendees commented favourably on the Whova app. It allowed us a lot of flexibility to make last minute changes to the program and push this out to the attendees. They also liked the chat/blog functionality and there was a lot of sharing of pictures, comments etc.  From a conference organiser’s perspective the app was particularly beneficial in that it provided all the functionality we needed while at the same time allowed us to save substantial printing costs. We did not have a hard copy program, it was all done via the app. Your team was very helpful and set things up very quickly.

Robin Roome

Organizer, ISACA

The hybrid platform was literally so user friendly that when I was talking to the A/V about it, I showed them how you set it up. They literally took off, I’m not kidding, they took off like $3,000 off of the quote, because they saw how easy it was to set up because they assumed it was going to be way more difficult or way more intensive than it needed to be instead of just adding the link in there.

Loryn Wellman

Organizer, Generational Wealth Conference

I have nothing but praise for the Whova Customer Support Chat Box team, whoever leads that. The fact that if I’m working on something I can so easily just put in the live chat box and talk to a real human and get an answer within a few minutes. I used that heavily when I was just trying to find out little things here and there.

Jessica Coons

Organizer, GreenBiz

With Whova, I could make a change and the app has already been updated, so even the stuff that we caught that could have been problematic, we were able to resolve easily.

Rachel Valosik

Product Manager, QuaverCon

We felt like Whova really catered pricings that were affordable to nonprofits, which was really important for us. We were starting to feel like maybe we couldn’t host an online event, or an annual conference to that size, it would cost us way above our means. And Whova provided, I thought, a great pricing structure that could cater to nonprofit flexibility.

Ashlen Hilliard

Organizer, International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) Annual Conference

It was easy to use, easy to upload our sessions. We just downloaded that Whova Excel template. And we’re able to put our sessions in and then upload that and it was really seamless. And then changes were easy to make.

Emily Hurst

Organizer, Alabama Association for Gifted Children Conference

We had to shift our conference virtually with only 5 days to go before the conference. Luckily, we were able to do so (via Whova). In addition, we are using the Whova app to continue to create communities and foster ideas. Continuing conversations is important to us at this crucial time.

Melissa Slogan

Program Coordinator, Duke University

Whova saved our event when our local health department announced a restriction on sizes of public gatherings. We are able to use the Whova for a virtual conference: virtual exhibit hall, “dripped” workshop content throughout the scheduled day, and attendee interaction inside the Community Boards.

Kristy Trent

Administrator, Essential Church School

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