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Take Your Event to the Next Level with a Big-Screen Display

Keep your attendees well informed, create a dynamic experience, and help your sponsors shine throughout your event.

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Testimonial by Lara Marsh
“I would just share my screen and show the Social Wall and so it would rotate through the sponsor logos that we had. We also have grant and scholarship winners every year and so I had their photos up and what they won and what it was going to be used for. So they were highlighted, which was fun for everyone to see and kind of advertise that.”
Lara Marsh, Owner, ratherthanrunning, LLC
Organizer @ Iowa Nurse Practitioner Society Annual Conference
Live Event Slideshow Engagement

Display Your Event Activity and Engage Your Participants

Engage your attendees by displaying live updates from your event. Showcase photos taken by attendees, sponsor logos, announcements, reminders, and more.

Spend Less Than a Minute Setting Everything Up!

Simply select the type of content you want to display on the big screen and the information will be automatically pulled from the Whova event app.

Live Event Slideshow Customization

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