Happy Event Attendees

I would just like you to know that your Whova event app dramatically transformed my experience at the conference and I will always highly recommend it for anyone who attends a participating conference. I really appreciate the fact that I did not have a giant stack of papers or binder to sift through for every speaker. It (is) also a dynamic tool where it can accommodate for a change in speaker line-up (like what happened at our Emerald Conference), and is also extremely valuable for networking.

Thanks for your tool and I will always pass the word on.

Matthew Carmichael

Director of Research and Development, Med-West Distribution, LLC

That would be a 10 (on a 1-10 scale of satisfaction).

We used your app at our Sales Conference as well and really love it.

Douglas Mohr

Vice President, Solution Consulting, Vertafore

While being at the FCCLA Conference, I thought having this app was very useful and great to get all the information that I needed for the next day for my events. I personally would recommend it to other big event organizations like this one that I attended because it was extremely useful and kept me in touch with my friends as well.

Katy Ott

Attendee, WA-FCCLA State Leadership Conference

I wish more conference and events in general would use an App to help participants get more out it…how incredibly useful I found Whova to be at the recent SEJ annual conference. It’s safe to say that the conference was 10x more valuable to me than if Whova had not been available. I was able to set up meetings with about 50 people at the conference through Whova, something that would have been impossible with just a participants list. As conference attendees, let’s start demand this participant-value-delivering solutions!

Mark Trexler

Attendee, The SEJ's 24th Annual Conference

As a sponsor, I found Whova to be fantastically useful.

The ability to connect with conference attendees I might not have seen and to do so in a friendly, not overly-forward manner, was invaluable.

By far it was the best conference app I’ve used.

Heather Solos

Director, FeedBlitz

I liked the app – easy to use, many functions – agenda, contacts, locations, etc.

Mohan Sasthav

Attendee, SustPack 2016 by Smithers Pira and SPC

This app made our tradeshow attendance very efficient and we were able to capitalize on quick meetings during the show but also keep building business after the show. I wish more shows would use it.
Not only I would give a 10 but I have already recommended your app to several people around me.

Bertrand Haure

Galway Trading USA LLC

I found the Whova app to be practical, easy to use, and a good investment of my time in terms of getting  myself registered, etc.  I’ve already had contact with the leads I put into the app.

Ty Stevenson

Education Consultant, LEGO Education

This app was extremely helpful to me at this meeting. It is the best meeting app I have seen yet. I liked that I could easily make my agenda, connect with people, scan business cards. It was VERY helpful to have people’s photos in the attendees section too. I was able to connect with many people with that simple add on. In fact, I am still using it to connect with people!

I will recommend the app to other conferences I attend.

Julie Tetzlaff

Assistant Dean, Medical College of Wisconsin

This was a great addition to the conference. Easy to use on the iPhone, it kept me informed about the schedule and room locations and I especially liked being able to see who was attending. I connected to several people before the event so that we could get together there. Love it!

Deborah Smith

Attendee, 2015 Educational Congress

I found Whova to be very useful! It was my first time using it and it was very user friendly. I especially liked how you could network ahead of time as well as register for your sessions all in one place!

Archana Malhotra

Senior Human Resources Consultant, 2016 Top Talent Summit

The Whova app was great. Whenever I attend other conferences like the SPIE conference, they also provide us with the apps and in general they were very useful throughout the conferences.

Jonathan Y. Jung

Attendee, META 2015

I did like the app! Was very nice to set my schedule in it and see what was upcoming without having to carry papers around with me. I also liked that you could connect to others and ask their information.

Lynne Randolph

Attendee, National Rural ITS Conference

As a vendor, the contact info that was there was of the most value. I referenced the agenda a couple of times as it was more convenient than pulling out the paper copy. There was plenty of additional functionality that i didn’t use but looked interesting.

John Markham

Vendor, National Rural ITS Conference

The app was wonderful; very easy to use. It seemed to address the dual needs of providing all available information, while still providing functionality for easy personalization.

Stacy Unholz

Attendee, National Rural ITS Conference

I liked your app – very easy to use and I was impressed with the functionality, especially the ability to instant message other delegates who I recognised but didn’t have the contact details for.
I would definitely recommend it to event organisers in the future and will keep it on my phone (I normally delete apps after events!)
Nick Furness

Attendee, Doctors Updates Val d'sere 2016

#Whova Networking on steroids!

I’ve been using this for 20 minutes and I found someone at this meetup that I know from Iowa and I wanted to reach him this week and it wouldn’t happen without this app.

I am already a huge fan. I’d love to use this for everything I go to.

Doug Lewis

Business Developer, Santex

I was so impressed with the Whova app.  I was sharing the information with our VP of Elements Massage Franchise and recommended we consider it for our Elements National Owners Conference.

Michele Maruniak

Attendee, 2015 Educational Congress

I’m very satisfied with Whova app for gathering information about conference and attendees. One more thing is that It’s quite comfortable to make exchange contact information for each other. So, as I’m a attendee for a conference, I would like to recommend to use app.

Seungwon Lee

Attendee, Immunomodulation of Stem Cells Conference

I would like to say it is an excellent app – very helpful for agenda and interaction. I think for even bigger conferences this would be a bonus.

I would rate this as a 10.

Thomas Looi

Attendee, ISTU 2016

I would rate the Whova App at 10. It was a great asset to our annual conference.

Robin Cornett

Attendee, 2016 NCSRT, Inc Annual Conference

Just discovered the Whova super awesome app to organize business cards.

Good bye overstuffed wallet!

Julia Ullmann

President, AATF Florida

Whova was extremely useful during the EdCamp Leadership Conference at Rockwall ISD that I attended. The app is easy to use and allows for a diverse group of educators to communicate effectively and efficiently. Each participant had access to changes that occurred during the conference immediately. Great tool!!

Patricia Williams

Attendee, EdCamp Leadership Rockwall

It was a great app. Easy to use, provided all the relevant information for the event and was extremely convenient when moving in between sessions because all the schedule and class information was right there at my fingertips.

Kathryn Feather

Attendee, 2015 Educational Congress

I immediately referred a local Health Foundation to your app–and found the information I needed easily–looking forward to referring others.

Frances Pelley

Attendee, 2016 SGR Conference: Coaching for Performance

Whova App was phenomenal. It was easy to use and the programs updates were seamless. I didn’t need brochures while attending events cos Whova app was extremely reliable. I’ll recommend it any day to events organizers.

Keep up the good work Whova Team!

Kate Boye

Attendee, SimUC 2016 – Transas Simulation User Conference

The app was very easy to use! Made a lot of sense. I liked being able to reach out to the other participants, and being able to scan a business card in… it is a great app for events like this!

Sophie Rock

Attendee, Extreme Future Tech Fest

I found the Whova event app to be a great accessory.  Easy to use and a great way to present organizations such as this.  I was glad to have been introduced to this app.

Chessley Tacker

Attendee, 2016 International Aluminum Extrusion Technology Seminar & Exposition

I think your app is brilliant!
I am an average internet / app user meaning not very good with gadgets.
but your app is really practical and easy to use.

Marina Dickerson

Traffic Co-ordinator, L'Oreal South Africa

My favourite part of the app is the attendees section which I found very useful for identifying potential networking candidates.

Wayne Bell


I don’t know how the back end works, but from a participant who used it at the BCEDA conference a lot, I would highly recommend it. We thought this would be a fun way to engage everyone.

Terry Van Horn

Economic Development Officer, Lower Columbia Initiatives Corporation

Just learned about the app at our last iahss event. Once we loaded it we found it very intuitive and packed with useful features!

I would definitely recommend it!!

Donald Knowles

Attendee, International Association of Healthcare Security & Safety 48th Annual Conference and Exhibition

The Whova app is useful for conference events, it helps attendees connect to each other with chat rooms, also indicated the agenda/venues and also collected feedbacks to share.

Danny Tang

VP Procurement, Li & Fung (Trading) Limited

I absolutely loved this app, it helped me organize my day in order to make sure I pick and choose as to which topic is better suited for my job. I rate this app a ten.

Karina Stronciu

Attendee, recruitDC - Spring 2016

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