January 19, 2024

Event organizers use the backend dashboard to set up and perform many event management tasks.  This backend dashboard tends to contain lots of event data, and some of them may be sensitive, accessible exclusively to event admins. At Whova, ensuring the security of event data remains our foremost priority. In the past, we have already committed to safeguarding customer data and maintaining strong compliances with various industry security standards

Now we are taking one step further and are pleased to announce new 2-Factor Verification requirements for event admins entering the organizer dashboard! Simply enter with your normal email and password combination, then navigate to your email to retrieve the 6-digit verification code to complete your login. This is designed to add an extra barrier of protection for your information, yet it is still an extremely quick and convenient login process! Your event data has never been safer.

With our new 2-Factor Verification and ongoing dedication to maintaining the highest security standards, Whova continues to provide you with the utmost protection for your valuable event information. Rest assured, your data is in safe hands with Whova.

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Designate admins with ease

Make sure your approved team members are on board. With Whova, you can easily designate admins for your event by assigning them in the dashboard through their email address. So when anyone else tries to login, you can be sure verification codes will only be sent to them if their email address is listed in the “Admins” section of the dashboard. 

Easily add admins to your event via their email address!

Easily access your 2-factor authentication code via email

Don’t worry, while this new enhancement does wonders for boosting security, this new method of entering the Whova dashboard is still extremely simple for you and your invited event admins. When you or other admins log in, a short verification code will be sent directly to the email address of whoever initiated the sign in for guaranteed safety. 

Please remember to check your spam folder for the code email!

Simply navigate to your email to collect your verification code!

Once retrieved, input your code into Whova to enter the dashboard!

Enhance your event’s security now!

Utilize an additional layer of security with the implementation of 2-Factor Authentication. Ensure only approved event admins with a verification code sent to their email address can access the organizer dashboard. Even with the heightened security, the login process remains quick and convenient. Whova continues to prioritize the highest security standards, assuring users that their event information is in secure hands.

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