Nine months ago, we released the Artifact Center, and since then it’s become one of Whova’s most popular features, used to support poster sessions, sciences fairs, galleries, and more. Virtual and hybrid events have used it to support online presentations, and in-person events have found it useful to conveniently set up presentations without having to worry about space constraints or physical setup! However, if your event has dozens of artifacts or more, managing concurrent livestreams can still be tedious and expensive. 

To simplify setup and reduce cost, Whova now provides an optional add-on that allows you to stream directly through the Artifact Center! Rather than creating separate Zoom licenses for each presentation, organizers can easily enable livestreaming for all the presentations at once directly through Whova.

To provide the best streaming quality, Whova uses an industry-leading third-party streaming service, so Artifact Center livestreaming is a paid add-on. Once you enable it, you’ll get streaming for all concurrent presentations, saving you money compared to alternatives, and allowing you to easily handle presentations for less. 

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Manage as many presentations as you need without creating separate streaming accounts

With this option, you don’t have to worry about managing dozens or even hundreds of different streaming accounts. Rather than individually creating each streaming session and copying each link to a poster profile, just enable the livestream feature through the organizer dashboard to instantly set up streams at a flat fee. 

With high-quality video and full access from both the mobile and desktop platforms, livestreaming and managing presentations is even more convenient than it was before.

No third party accounts or software downloads

Avoid having to make multiple streaming accounts or download additional software  the Artifact Center livestream runs entirely through Whova, whether that’s through the mobile app or on your web browser. Not only is it quicker to stick with one easy-to-access platform,  but you can conveniently manage livestreaming from the same centralized location you use to manage the rest of the Artifact Center. 

Dynamic, interactive presentations with screen sharing and multiple presenters

Does a presentation have multiple presenters? Do presenters need to screenshare to present their slides? Not a problem! The Artifact Center is already utilized for a large number of use cases, from research presentations to start-up pitches to art galleries, so livestreaming is as versatile and flexible as possible in order to best accommodate a wide variety of uses. 

With Artifact Center livestreaming, each stream can have up to 7 presenters at a time. In addition to being able to share their screen with the audience, these presenters can also engage with audience members by muting and unmuting them when they virtually “raise their hands”, allowing them to ask questions and interact like they might in person. 

Presenters can mute and unmute audiences members to allow them to participate and answer questions

Presenters can mute and unmute audiences members to allow them to participate and answer questions

Set up livestreaming for all presentations in just a few clicks

Don’t worry about specifying the settings you want for each presentation or having to individually set which presentations need livestreams. Instead, you can easily input your settings for all presentations when enabling artifact streaming! Presenters can then start the livestream themselves on event day when it’s time. You can even send them emails through Whova with instructions on how it works to make sure they’re prepared.

Make sure everything is ready with test sessions

We know you want to make sure everything goes smoothly during the actual sessions, so give presenters the chance to practice with test sessions. You can schedule multiple test sessions before the event through the Artifact Center. Presenters can take part to make sure they know how to join, screenshare, and present through the app, and even run through their presentation to make sure everything goes just right!

Create test sessions to allow presenters to practice ahead of time

Create test sessions to allow presenters to practice ahead of time

Simplify streaming management

Whether your event is in-person, virtual, or hybrid, running concurrent presentations doesn’t need to be complicated. With just a few clicks, easily set up dynamic, interactive livestreams for simultaneous presentations in the Artifact Center. 

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