Creating a compelling conference agenda starts with strong abstracts. But managing the call for speakers can be a time-consuming headache. 

While Attendee Interactive provides a solid foundation for managing abstracts, it doesn’t always provide the depth of features or customization options needed for large-scale conferences. Several alternatives offer enhanced flexibility, functionality, and user experience. 

Let’s explore some powerful alternatives to Attendee Interactive for abstract management that empower you to collect, review, and manage abstracts efficiently. 

Top 8 Alternatives to Attendee Interactive for Abstract Management

1. Whova Call for Speakers

Attendee Interactive Alternatives - Whova Call for Speakers

Winner of the People’s Choice Award and the Best Event App Award at the prestigious Event Technology Awards, Whova abstract management has consistently been recognized as the best alternative to Attendee Interactive. 

One of the key advantages of Whova over Attendee Interactive is its comprehensive set of features. Whova offers everything from registration to abstract management, event website building, award-winning event apps, and much more. It covers a wide range of functionalities that Attendee Interactive simply can’t match and provides organizers with a one-stop solution for all their event management needs.

The platform offers a professional abstract submission website with customizable forms. Automated emails handle invitations, confirmations, and notifications, while secure logins and 2-factor authentication keep everything safe.

Decision-making becomes a snap with Whova’s submission sorting and ranking capabilities. Organizers can quickly sort abstracts by ratings and make swift and informed decisions.

Whova transforms accepted abstracts into sessions on your event app and agenda webpage. Speaker information is automatically collected and added to the speaker directory, saving you tons of time.

2. Cvent Abstract Management

Cvent Abstract Management is the go-to alternative to Attendee Interactive for event organizers looking to crowdsource great content efficiently. Cvent empowers organizations to manage the entire process from collecting submissions to publishing final selections into a polished agenda.

Customization is key with Cvent. You can tailor submission forms to gather all the necessary information and create a smooth experience for prospective speakers. 

It makes coordination effortless by letting you assign submissions to reviewers based on topics, track scores and comments in real-time, and make informed decisions collaboratively.

The platform integrates final content selections seamlessly with the event agenda. It allows organizers to open sessions for attendee registration without missing a beat.

3. Oxford Abstracts

Attendee Interactive Competitor - Oxford Abstract

Oxford Abstracts is a powerful competitor to Attendee Interactive that goes beyond just abstract collection. 

Organizers can easily create custom submission forms tailored to their specific needs to streamline the collection of abstracts, papers, posters, and proposals. The intuitive reviewer experience, facilitated by simple login processes, ensures efficient paper review and decision-making.

Moreover, Oxford Abstracts’ exceptional support ensures that organizers have expert assistance at every step, with flexible onboarding, a 24-hour support desk, and extensive knowledge base accumulated over 20 years of experience.

4. Dryfta

Dryfta offers a full-service abstract management system that caters to the needs of academia. The platform’s robust review and decision-making tools enable organizers to manage and assign submissions, set acceptance criteria, and notify authors.

Additionally, Dryfta’s integration with delegate registration processes further streamlines conference organization.

Dryfta sets a new standard for abstract submissions with its AI-powered quality checks, plagiarism detection, and customizable features

5. Confex Abstract Management

With over 25 years of experience and a proven track record handling hundreds of thousands of abstracts annually, Confex is a reliable and efficient alternative to Attendee Interactive for abstract management.

The platform’s online abstract submission module is capable of handling up to 10,000 abstracts per meeting. It also facilitates the collection of various file types, from abstracts and presentations to multimedia files and resumes to simplify the review and organization process.

Before, during, and after the meeting, Confex offers comprehensive support, including file collection, multiple rounds of review, permissions management, and easy integrated on-site file management through Confex PodiumTM software.

6. All Academic Inc

All Academic Inc. provides a range of features including abstract management, peer review, scheduling tools, report generation, and final program documents. With a focus on event organization, All Academic Convention ensures smooth and efficient management of annual meetings, conventions, and other events.

The platform also provides access to cutting-edge research presented at scholarly conferences worldwide. With free access to abstracts and downloadable PDF paper files, researchers can stay up-to-date with the latest scholarly work. 

7. OpenWater

OpenWater is another competitor of Attendee Interactive, which offers a single, user-friendly platform to easily collect proposals, review submissions, organize sessions, and manage speakers.

Key features of OpenWater’s abstract management software include a conference website, form builder, multi round review capabilities, session builder, public calendar, mobile app, email wizard, reporting tools, and an integration hub. The platform serves as the central hub for collecting abstracts, speaker materials, exhibitors, posters, and more.

OpenWater ensures consistent branding by creating custom-branded upload portals that match the conference’s existing website and visual identity.

8. Easy Chair

The final alternative to Attendee Interactive on our list is EasyChair. The software is equipped to handle call for submissions, abstract and paper submissions, reviewer management, reviewing processes, communication, monitoring, analytics, program editing, conference proceedings preparation, attendee registration, and online payment.

EasyChair supports two models: the standard model for conferences with a single program committee and the multi-track version for conferences with multiple tracks. 

With its flexible submission forms and support for multiple file upload types, EasyChair accommodates diverse submission requirements. 

Review assignments based on PC member preferences ensure a streamlined reviewing process.

Best Attendee Interactive Alternatives: Summary

Having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference at your conferences and academic events. Consider these alternatives to Attendee Interactive for abstract management for a more comprehensive approach to managing abstracts that saves you time and boosts your event’s success.

Ready to transform your abstract management experience?

Whova’s award-winning platform offers a user-friendly interface, powerful features, and seamless integration with other event management tools.  Request a free demo today and see how Whova can streamline your next conference.

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