While the virtual and hybrid formats can take some adjusting to, they can also have surprising new advantages. For instance, attendee tiering at virtual and hybrid events can lead to new benefits across the board by bringing in higher tier ticket holders and attracting more attendees than ever at affordable tiers. However, some organizers have concerns about how to limit content and bring attendee tiering online in the first place. 

With Whova, attendee tiering is as simple as a few clicks of a button. Easily control access to exclusive sessions and networking opportunities, and even introduce new exclusive features, like video replay, that you wouldn’t have been able to provide in-person. For hybrid events, you can even specifically create a “remote-only” tier to control access for your in-person and remote audiences.

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Here‘s what you need to know about using Whova to tier premium content for your event:

Increase attendance by attracting attendees with exciting, affordable tiers

Something as simple as ticket pricing can be the marketing strategy you never knew you needed. By tiering attendance, you can create new, more affordable tickets that will inspire attendees who might not have registered otherwise to check out your event. 

Not only does this increase attendance at your current event and help spread the word even further, but these new attendees may decide to return next year and even opt for higher-tier tickets to take advantage of new benefits.

Exclusive access to session replay even after the event is over

Whether they had to miss a session, or they want to revisit it after the event is over, being able to rewatch a session recording is one of the major advantages for attendees at virtual and hybrid events, making it a great perk for high-tier ticket holders! 

With Whova’s latest release, limit which attendees can view these videos. Organizers can grant exclusive access to session replay to attendees with high-tier tickets, allowing them to return and continue reaping the benefits of the event after the sessions are over! 

Strengthen hybrid events by delivering unique content to remote tiers

While hybrid events are a great opportunity to bring together the in-person and online elements of events, it also helps to have ways of keeping these two sides compartmentalized. 

With Whova’s attendee tiers, you can create a tier specifically for remote attendees and limit these tickets to sessions intended for a virtual audience. Not only can you boost attendance with more affordable tickets for broader online access, but you can also give remote attendees exclusive access to online-only networking opportunities and sessions to make sure they’re getting the most out of the event while still piquing their interest in possibly attending in-person in the future. 

Control which attendees access certain online sessions 

You can also limit entire sessions to select ticket tiers, exciting and satisfying VIP attendees by giving them access to smaller, exclusive Q&As and talks with industry experts. Creating these private sessions is simple — just choose to make the sessions viewable only to specific attendees or designated ticket types.

Plan premium face-to-face networking opportunities online

Of course, opportunities for networking with other high-tier attendees can be another major plus. While they may not have access to a private VIP lounge when attending an event online, Whova’s new Network Tables feature comes with easy-to-use tiering opportunities that will afford them the same benefits. 

Network Tables allow attendees to chat with others and make new connections through a group video call. While organizers can open these sessions to all attendees, they can also create exclusive, invitation-only sessions or choose to make Network Tables only available to certain ticket tiers to provide the same benefits of privately chatting with other VIP attendees.

Create special groups for attendees at different levels

In addition to Network Tables, Whova also provides other networking opportunities for different attendee tiers to meet and connect further. With Whova’s group chats, you can create special, private groups ahead of time for high-tier attendees to chat and get to know each other. Consider setting up these conversations before the event even begins to give them access to networking opportunities! 

Specialty, targeted engagement with updates, reminders, and announcements

Have an exclusive opportunity for high-tier attendees, or just want to remind them of an upcoming limited session? Instead of sending mass notifications that won’t be relevant to all attendees or having to reach out one-by-one, you can specialize how you engage with different attendees. Send out emails or push notifications to dedicated groups, which you can either determine yourself or designate by ticket tier. 

Double your revenue with unique tiering opportunities

With new opportunities for attendee tiering, virtual and hybrid events can provide exciting new opportunities for increasing revenue and promoting your event. If you’re interested in using Whova to create tiered packages for attendees, or if you want to know how else we can help your event succeed, reach out today for a free demo.  

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