We all know the importance of a cohesive, memorable brand, and as an event organizer, you’re probably well acquainted with how to make your event’s brand stand out throughout an event. But if you plan on using an online event platform, you may wonder how to increase the brand visibility on the platform as well. 

Whova makes sure event organizers are able to incorporate their own brand throughout the event. Branding often comes down to the details, so Whova offers an array of different opportunities to customize and add your own content. From our newly released custom URL to unique color schemes, text, and images, you can ensure all elements of the event are fully immersive and customized to your company’s image.

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Maximize brand visibility with a custom URL 

An event URL is the first thing attendees see before they even sign in, so make sure it’s more memorable than just a random string of letters! Whova’s latest feature allows organizers to attach their event to custom URLs. Customize the link to your event’s name, your company’s name, or anything else you feel represents your brand, ensuring that it stays on attendees’ minds from the very start.

Immerse attendees from the moment they sign in

Personalizing the sign-in page also lets organizers make decisions about how to best portray their company from the very beginning. Just like you might hang banners outside of a physical event to show off your brand, you can showcase branding materials to attendees from the get-go by choosing a color scheme and a compelling visual to feature as attendees log into the platform.

Experience a customized app on web and mobile 

Further brand your event by customizing the event’s desktop and the mobile interface to match your brand’s color scheme and imagery. You can use Whova’s branding functions to update the colors across the event and upload a unique header image and logo. You can even add your own welcome message that attendees will see when they join the event! 

Attract attendees with a professional custom event website

You can also move branding beyond the Whova platform and onto your own event website. Whova can not only generate professional, pre-designed websites and webpages, but you can further brand these pages by choosing a color scheme, images, and more.

With a pre-built website and templates for customizing pages for the agenda, speaker information, sponsors, exhibitors, logistics, and a venue map, you can give your brand even more visibility as attendees learn more about the event. Just choose a color scheme, some relevant images, and Whova will make integrating a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing brand easier than ever.

Easy-to-use branding options for hybrid and in-person

In addition to customizing the online platform, Whova gives you tools you can leverage into branding opportunities for in-person and hybrid events. For instance, brand attendees’ name badges with the event’s logo and colors, or make use of the Social Wall feature to display the event branding information you choose in addition to social media interaction through a branded hashtag. Taking advantage of these opportunities can help increase your brand visibility whether your event is virtual, hybrid, or moves back to fully in-person.  

Save time increasing visibility with shareable images 

In addition to branding opportunities within your event, you can use Whova’s branding tools to increase awareness of your event for those who might not otherwise have heard of it. You can use Whova’s generated promo images and templates to quickly create visuals that show off your brand and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Sharing on social media
  • Using as livestream backgrounds
  • Incorporating into emails
  • And any other marketing opportunity you can think of!

Keep your event memorable, and attract new attendees with compelling, professional visuals.

Further customize your homepage with featured resources

In addition to creating a memorable, aesthetically pleasing experience for attendees, you can make your event stand out further by adding custom resources to your event page. For instance, embed a button on the home page that allows attendees to access a virtual auction, sign up for a membership with your association, or anything else relevant to your event! By providing these resources in an appealing, accessible way, you can customize your event in a way that best reflects its purpose and image.

Branding your event has never been easier

Getting the benefits of an event management tool shouldn’t mean sacrificing your brand! Whova gives you the tools to make sure your brand stands out and stays memorable to attendees long after the event is over. 

Interested in what else Whova can do to make your upcoming event a successful one? Reach out today for a free demo. 

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