January 5, 2024

Certificates elevate all kinds of events: from training events to professional development. They can quickly establish your event with authority and professionalism, and they’re also perfect for accrediting attendees who earned them. Still, when it comes to tracking who gets them, awarding certificates requires an expert organizer’s touch.

We at Whova recognize your need for flexibility, and our features empower you to maximize your time. With our Certificate Generation feature, organizers can create and distribute hundreds of certificates within minutes. This feature leverages our online attendance tracking and in-person session check-ins, and, by combining these tools, can effortlessly identify qualified recipients. Whether your audience is in-person or remote, we make space for your unique attendee details, such as workshop or session names, for customized, personalized certificates.

Now, our latest enhancement introduces an additional time-saving option: selecting certificate recipients based on those who fill out Surveys and Session Feedback forms in Whova! This seamless integration lets you track attendance via survey responses and get straight to awarding your deserving recipients. Our surveys and session feedback forms offer a high degree of customization, including an option to make post-session quizzes, so you can tailor award criteria to fit your requirements.

Award certificates to attendees who:

  • Complete a survey to prove attendance
  • Provide useful event/session feedback
  • And more!

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Use surveys and session feedback to track attendance, learning, and more!

Anytime an attendee fills out a survey or session feedback form, you can reliably know they’ve attended and engaged with your session.  Using the customization power of Surveys and Session Feedback forms in Whova, your forms might cover cases like these:

    • Skills Development: Want to track attendee education? Use surveys to document their credit.
    • Safety Training: Check if your attendees went to the proper training sessions. Send a post-session survey!
    • Community Expectations Webinars: Make sure everyone’s on the same page, even online, by checking attendance with a survey!

    Since Whova can track who completed these forms for you, it’s a smooth path to getting these attendees certified.

    Decide who earns a certificate in 2 simple steps!


    Introducing a new way to track certificate recipients – just select the forms that count!


    It’s a breeze for you to set up your criteria in the dashboard.  If you’ve created certificates using Whova before, you’ll be following the same, simple steps. All you have to do is select that attendees will earn a certificate if they’ve submitted survey(s) or session feedback form(s). Then, you’ll decide which survey(s) or session feedback form(s) count for credit. That’s it!

    An Accurate Recipient List and a Quick Sendout

    No more need to review countless forms manually and worry about human error! While you rest, our system will ensure you ONLY certify the people who meet your criteria and that NO ONE slips through the cracks.

    Whova generates a ready-made list of your qualified recipients


    Like in the past, once you design your certificates, they’re already personalized and ready to send – instantly through email or downloaded to mail a hard copy. No matter your format, this is the perfect way to acknowledge your attendees’ credit and establish yourself as a credible organization.

    Use Whova for a headache-free way to track session attendance

    With Whova’s latest enhancement: leverage your surveys and session feedback forms to track attendance or credit, and certify this credit in a streamlined and accurate fashion.  Best of all, it’s only one of our many certificate bonuses and only one of countless time-saving Whova tools at your disposal!

    Validate your attendees, uphold your organization’s standards and promote your event by using the latest addition to Whova’s certificates.

    For more information on how Whova can aid in your event’s organization, click the button below to schedule a free demo.

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