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The word on the block is that mobile event apps are becoming increasingly popular and you are perfectly aware of their benefits – less printing costs, improved information organization, increased ability to track attendee preferences, etc. So you turn on your browser to do some research and suddenly, you’re inundated with names, brands, and lots and lots of choices. What you’ll probably then do is try to gather information; what app is the best one out there? What’s the best fit for your event? But what are the key questions to ask when looking for this information?

The Ineffective Questions

In choosing an event app, most event organizers’ first instinct would be to ask practical but not very beneficial questions. Questions such as:

  • Does this app offer mobile brochure services?
  • Does it offer maps and event agendas?
  • Can I promote my sponsors somewhere?
  • Can my attendees connect to their social media through your app outlet?
  • Almost every event app out there will contain certain basic features, such as agendas and maps. Most will even have social network connections and some degree of information on the attendees. Simply considering these basic factors will get you nowhere at all. What you should be asking for is information on the specifics.

The Effective Questions

Every event is different. So the questions that matter the most are the ones that are specific to your event, such as:

  • Does the app offer samples, trials, or demos before purchase?
  • How can this app attract more sponsors for my event?
  • Can I continue to engage my attendees through the app after my event?
  • Can the app help my attendees connect with one another?
  • Does the app accommodate surveys or attendee feedback?
  • Can it make presentation slides available to the attendees?
  • Can I apply instantaneous updates on the event app at all times?

As a team, Whova constantly strives to incorporate a wide variety of features to support each event’s individual needs. In creating your event, we provide you with customization options so you can select the right kinds of features to best serve your event and not have to worry about the extra baggage.


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