January 30, 2024

In the world of event management, every detail matters. Effective communication with participants such as attendees, exhibitors, volunteers, etc, can greatly improve their event experience and also make organizers’ life easier.

Whova’s announcements have been one of the most popular features among our organizers for years. With over 90.33% of events utilizing our announcements, it provides a great channel that allows organizers to reach their audience via both email and in-app notifications, achieving high open rates (80%).

Now, in our continuous pursuit of enhancing this feature, we’re excited to introduce the latest addition:  Selective Announcements Capabilities for both the Whova admin dashboard and event app! With this release, you can not only choose specific categories for announcements but also exclude certain categories or ticket holders, like speakers or VIPs, to ensure they receive only relevant information, eliminating unnecessary spam.

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Ensure the right information is reaching the right audience 

With Whova’s announcements in the past, it was easy to target the right audience by selecting your recipients. Now, it’s just as easy to select which attendee categories you want to exclude from receiving your announcements!

Easily designate attendee categories to exclude!

In just a few clicks, effortlessly filter out attendees categories when sending announcements from both the Whova mobile app and organizer dashboard! Just like before, you’ll also have the ability to schedule these announcements ahead of time or send them right away!

Efficient communication for any situation

At Whova, we strive to give you the tools to become the best organizer you can possibly be. Here are some examples of how to use this new announcement enhancement, if any of them apply to your event, feel free to draw inspiration! 

  • Send announcements only to members by excluding non-member categories.
  • Exclude VIP from a regular lunch announcement that goes out to everyone else.
  • Ensure targeted messaging by excluding speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and staff from general attendee announcements.

Gain more control of your announcements now

As an organizer, it’s a no-brainer that you’d want total control over the information stream at your event. Whether you’re planning your announcements in advance or sharing them spontaneously, sending them from the Whova mobile app or from the organizer dashboard, leverage this new release to optimize your event communications. Connecting with the ideal audience is now more straightforward and seamless than ever!

For more information on how Whova can enhance your information-sharing experience at your event, click below for a free demo.

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