Event sponsors can help you fund your event, as well as add to its prestige. Companies are also looking to sponsor events to gain visibility and a positive reputation. Crafting a nice event sponsorship proposal can be really helpful to convince those companies’ stakeholders to sponsor your event.

In this article, we gathered 15 Event Sponsorship Examples and compiled a 5 Step Guide to help you get inspired for how to prepare your next event sponsorship prospectus.

Let’s dive in!

15 Event Sponsorship Examples

1. The Successful Bookkeeper Summit 2021

This sponsorship example is from the Successful Bookkeeper Summit, a conference that connects business bookkeepers from around the world.
Event Sponsorship Example - Bookkeeper

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  • Why should a sponsor partner with this event? This prospectus makes sure sponsors immediately know the benefits of sponsoring their event by highlighting 8 reasons, such as engagement and brand exposure. With visually appealing icons and bolded text, they’re sure to catch the attention of any sponsor skimming through the proposal.
  • As you can see, the different sponsorship packages in this proposal are clearly displayed in a table with the package name, cost, and benefits. These benefits are all explained on the next page so sponsors can assess each package clearly.
  • Featuring major speakers, their positions, and their specialties can also be a great way to persuade sponsors to increase their package to be visible on the keynotes.

2. Early Educators Leadership Conference

This conference brought together early childhood professionals, influencers, policymakers, and practitioners in the early education field. Attendees can from around the world learn about the latest developments in their field, share best practices and obtain new skills.
Event Sponsorship Example - EELC

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  • By listing past sponsors, this event immediately creates trust for potential sponsors. If a reputable brand is featured it makes other sponsors more confident in the event’s value, and in turn, more likely to partner.
  • Additionally, this proposal uses the venue as part of its selling point. If the sponsor is going to send representatives to maintain a physical appearance at the event, a desirable venue can be an important perk.
  • Along with set packages, having a-la-carte sponsorship options helps sponsors personalize their event sponsorship portfolio, making it more likely they’ll find a package that’s the right fit for them.
  • After the sponsor decides they want to commit, they will fill out the sponsorship commitment form. This gives them an immediate and easy way to secure their sponsorship package.

3. Linux Foundation

This event sponsorship proposal example covers multiple events put on in 2021 by the Linux Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports the growth and commercialization of the Linux operating system.
Event Sponsorship Example - Linux

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  • This event sponsorship proposal includes an audience snapshot with demographic information for the audiences at these numerous events. This gives the sponsor a good picture of who the audience will be at these events and who their brand would be reaching.
  • Each event also gets its own page with information like a summary, statistics, past speakers, and other information sponsors will want to know about specific events.
  • The prospectus also includes a convenient table listing each event’s sponsorship package, cost, number of packages remaining, and detailed features of the packages. When sponsors see this, they can make a more informed decision.

4. WE21 Virtual Career Fair

As a career fair for women in engineering, this virtual event highlights sponsorship opportunities for supporting an underrepresented market.
Event Sponsorship Example - WE21

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  • The cover for this prospectus includes the name, date, time, and location of this career fair. They also reinforce event values with a design that focuses on both engineering and empowerment.
  • This prospectus knows its audience: as this is for a career fair, each package focuses on perks that will make it easier to find candidates, like customizable booths, video chat, and more.
  • This event also allows sponsors to mix and match features with a-la-carte options. Sponsors can select which opportunities they’re interested in, and each sponsorship option features a cost, limit/availability, and description.

5. 4TH OECD Meetng of Mining Regions and Cities

This meeting was to discuss the economic and regional development of mining regions through policy. It was run by the OECD, an economic organization of 38 countries belongs to.
Event Sponsorship Example - OECD

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  • If an event means a lot to a particular city, this can be a big opportunity for sponsor visibility. This event sponsorship example includes a message from the mayor of Karratha, Western Australia to highlight the event’s importance and legitimacy.
  • Sponsors want to know who will be at the event. This proposal lists the event’s most important attendees to persuade sponsors that want to reach these high-profile attendees.
  • This proposal displays the sponsorship packages in a table that includes the package name, cost, availability, and features. This makes it easy for potential sponsors to figure out which package is the best fit for their budget and goals.
  • Lastly, a booking form is included on the last page of the event sponsorship proposal to give sponsors an easy and immediate way to apply. This includes a checklist of what package and/or a-la-carte items a potential sponsor will want, as well as the rules and regulations and the cancellation policy.

6. The Arc

This prospectus highlights three different events held by the Arc. an organization for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Each event contains different participants and is either virtual or in-person.
Event Sponsorship Example - The Arc

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  • After the cover, the prospectus gives a brief overview of the organization and explains why a potential sponsor should sponsor their events. This gives the sponsor a better idea about the organization they would partner with.
  • With multiple events to choose from, the prospectus gives a quick overview of each event, including the number of attendees and a brief description, so the sponsor can choose which event might be for them.
  • Because the Arc hosts both virtual and in-person events, this proposal has different event sponsorship package tables for both event types. Each one includes which events are included, the cost of sponsoring, and the package’s features, so the sponsor can see what their options are.

7. Red Hat Summit

This free virtual open-source event in the tech industry contains sessions, breakouts, keynotes, labs, and more. Attendees from around the world can attend online to learn about the latest technology topics that interest them together.
Event Sponsorship example - Red hat summit

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  • This proposal immediately demonstrates its value with event details It includes impressive numbers for their event the previous year and a description of what the event is about. This is to excite the potential sponsor and keep them reading.
  • Moreover, the demographic page includes attendee percentages on region, industry, influence role, and technical role to give the potential sponsor an image of who’ll be at the event.
  • To impress prospective sponsors, they also list the benefits of sponsorship for their event. For instance, they highlight that many people from Fortune 500 companies attend, which is a great selling point.
  • To give potential sponsors the ability to customize their package, they’ve listed different add-ons a sponsor can purchase in addition to their package to increase the event’s ROI.

8. Fire-Rescue Canada

This tradeshow from the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs brings industry professionals together to view new products and learn about the latest developments in the industry.
Event Sponsorship Example - Fire-Rescue Canada

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  • The cover for this event sponsorship example is simple and straightforward. It includes the organization, event name, date, location, and makes sure to highlight that it includes information for both sponsors and exhibitors.
  • Along with the sponsorship packages, co-sponsorships are also available, as well as different sponsorships attached to the Awards Gala and Fun Night. They include the cost and benefits for each one to give companies reasons to sponsor.
  • Sponsors can also increase their ROI by purchasing opportunities for visibility in different sessions or products. What the opportunity entails, its cost, the benefits, and the availability are all included in the proposal.

9. TAPPI Leadership Virtual Conference

This prospectus is for a new event, an educational conference for the pulp and paper industry, happening for the first time.
Event Sponsorship Example - TAPPI

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  • As was the conference’s first year, they needed to be able to establish legitimacy without pulling from past events. To give sponsors as much information as possible, the prospectus details the industry that the conference covers as well as how the conference will be run.
  • Convincing sponsors to partner with a new event is about creating trust. The proposal dedicates a section to why sponsors should partner, and includes information about the two organizations running the virtual conference.
  • In addition, the proposal lists 4 benefits and a brief description of how the benefit relates to the conference to further drive home the acquisition of sponsors.
  • The prospectus also outlines the various sponsorship tiers. They all include the cost, availability, and a description of the tier’s features and benefits to give the potential sponsors informed choices.

10. MICCAI 2021

This prospectus is for the 24th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention, an educational conference that contains satellite events, workshops, tutorials, and challenges, which will be hosted virtually. It is organized by the iCube institute of the University of Strasbourg in France.
Event Sponsorship Example - MICCAI

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  • Some recognition is given to those who organized the event. Potential sponsors may see this and think that if the committee is getting this type of visibility, they will get good visibility as well.
  • For the conference sponsorship packages, this conference prospectus lists all of them on one page. They include the cost and what it includes. They also include contact info at the bottom in case of any questions. This is good for potential sponsors to see the different packages and know where to ask questions about them.
  • To detail the event, this proposal includes a description of networking at the event. It also includes past statistics and why a potential sponsor should partner with the event.
  • Furthermore, more detail is shared about the conference with descriptions of some of the main sessions within the event.

11. TXCPE 2021

The Texas Society of CPAs represents members who are public CPAs and finance industry professionals in Texas. This event proposal covers multiple different conferences and expos put on by the organization.
Event Sponsorship Example - TXCPA

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  • After a title page, this event sponsorship proposal contains detailed information about the organization, including a description and demographic information. There is a brief description of the organization and some demographic information. This rundown emphasizes how sponsors will be able to reach members, as well as their buying power.
  • Next, a list of all the events that are run by the TXCPA are tabulated. It includes the location, date, estimated attendance, and reach. This information is given to show the potential sponsor all the events they can be visible for.
  • Before the sponsorship package table, the highest tier gets an entire page dedicated to its benefits, emphasizing its importance.
  • Lastly, the terms of the contract are given to ensure there are no disagreements or misunderstandings between the organization and partners.

12. ACS Sping 2021

This virtual event run by the American Chemical Society brings together scientists and others in the field of macromolecular chemistry.
Event Sponsorship Example - ACS

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  • This event sponsorship proposal example details sponsorship opportunities in a pretty unique way. Notably, each sponsorship is sold in an a-la-carte style, including ways to generate new business, increase brand awareness, demonstrate thought leadership, and more.
  • With each of these sponsorships comes added value. Every sponsorship package includes opportunities to increase brand visibility.

13. Boost Conference

This event is the largest conference for in and out-of-school after-school learning professionals. Their event proposal includes both opportunities for sponsorship and exhibition.
Event Sponsorship Example - Boost

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  • This proposal includes survey results from not only attendees but also past sponsors and exhibitors. This helps potential sponsors see who will probably attend and gauge how other sponsors have fared at previous events.
  • The sponsorship opportunities are listed as amenities and listed based on the type of opportunity. They also allow custom ideas and include contact information for sponsors to follow up.
  • Along with the in-event sponsorship opportunities, the prospectus also promotes other advertising/sponsorship opportunities on their website, newsletter, and social media.

14. 365 EduCon

This is a Microsoft 365 educational conference to teach business and government executives the interface of Microsoft 365 and SharePoint. The event is held four times a year in various U.S. locations.
Event Sponsorship Example - Microsoft EduCon

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  • For each parallel event, the location, venue, and date are given. This proposal makes the details for multiple events easy to navigate with a table of contents for each section in the header.
  • It also features a breakdown of attendee demographics under the statistics section, including includes attendee percentages by industry, organization size, and job role to give the potential sponsor an idea of the audience.
  • Next, the pricing for each package is displayed. Each sponsorship package is for an individual event, but discounts are given for multi-city commitments. As exhibitor is the lowest sponsorship tier, each sponsorship also comes with an exhibitor booth.
  • This final section includes a table outlining the benefits of each sponsorship package.

15. Python Web Conference

This virtual conference hosted by Six Feet Up, a consulting firm for Python and Cloud Computing, focuses on promoting the top practices for web production problems.
Event Sponsorship Example - Python

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  • First, the prospectus outlines the event’s format in detail, making sure potential sponsors know exactly how the event will be run.
  • After information on conference stats and targets, each package is displayed in a table including the name, cost, availability, and features.
  • The prospectus also provides images for some of the specific features to better show sponsors how their brand will be visible.
  • This event sponsorship proposal also includes a FAQ to answer any questions a potential sponsor may have. It includes contact information for any follow-up questions and outlines what a sponsor should send to the organization in addition to the payment.

How to Create an Event Sponsorship Prospectus – 5 Steps

Now that we’ve looked at some examples of prospectuses, let’s talk about what goes into making one.

An event sponsorship proposal or prospectus is an organized summary of your event and the sponsorship opportunities it offers. This proposal can be for either one event or contain multiple different events for your organization.

Because no two events are the same, the type of event, whether it is a conference, educational event, a career fair, nonprofit event, or anything else, will also affect how you write your prospectus. This list will go over common guidelines when creating a sponsorship proposal — it doesn’t have to strictly follow these rules.

The key is to capture the attention of the potential sponsor because they will likely skim the proposal at first, so don’t overcomplicate things — make sure everything is presented clearly. Also, communicate why sponsorship is worth it and why they should trust your organization.

On another note, have someone with at least a little bit of graphic design experience on hand to make it visually appealing. Most event sponsorship proposals are done as a PDF, but some choose to feature the proposal as a webpage on their website. However, a PDF can be preferable to many sponsors, as it is universal and printable.

1. Create an aesthetically pleasing cover

This is the first thing that prospective sponsors will see, so you want to make it visually appealing.

First, the name of the event and the organization that will be hosting the event should be shown, along with the dates of the event. The logo should also be included for branding purposes. You’ll also need to specify when the event will be, so the city, the venue, and/or virtual event format will need to be specified.

For a good example of an event sponsorship cover, check out this prospectus for the WE21 Virtual Career Fair.

2. Build trust by explaining the event and organization

In your event sponsorship proposal, there should be background information about the organization running the event to give sponsors an idea of what the organization does, their history, who any members are, and what their reach is. One good example is the TAPPI Leadership Conference.

Along with information about the organization, general information about the event itself is needed as well. It should answer questions such as: What the event is about? What is the mission? How will it be run? And what will be going on? You can get a good idea of how to do this from the Red Hat Summit.

It can also be helpful to directly outline why a potential sponsor would want to sponsor your event, like in The Successful Bookkeeper Summit’s proposal.

You might also consider including is a message from a major player in the organization or event, as shown in the 4th OECD Meeting. If the event is not virtual, then information about the venue or lodging situation can be given as well, like in the Early Educators Leadership Conference. Testimonials from past sponsors and attendees can also help.

3. Provide information about the attendees

In an event sponsorship prospectus, audience demographics might be the most important information when it comes to finding the right sponsors for your event. Sponsors want to know exactly who they will be marketing to and how many people they can reach.

Specifically, this section should include attendee statistics and demographics, such as numbers on technical roles, location, industry, buying power, and anything deemed important for sponsors to know. For examples of this, check out the proposals for the Red Hat Summit and 365 EduCon.

Equally important, a post-event survey from the previous year’s event can help convince prospective sponsors to secure their spot. These results can include how many attendees interacted with sponsors, how many found a new product at the event, and whatever else you think would be beneficial to show potential sponsors. Check out the Boost Conference prospectus for an example.

Note: if you have multiple events, points 2 and 3 may have to be combined into one page or an overall description of all events.

4. Provide information about the attendees

This section of the event sponsorship proposal is where you display what sponsorships are available to prospective sponsors. This can be done using either tiered packages, a-la-carte options, or a combination of both.

Tiered packages are usually displayed in two different ways. An efficient way to do this could be with a matrix table that includes all the packages as the columns and the packages’ features as the rows. Cost and availability should also be specified somewhere in the table. You can view the event proposals for The Arc and TSBKS for an example of how this might look. The other way to display sponsorship packages is to just list all the relevant info out under the package name, like MICCAI’s event sponsorship prospectus.

Further, a-la-carte sponsorship opportunities can work in three ways.

  1. They can be add-ons to be purchased along with a sponsorship package as a customization option. (Ex. Fire-Rescue Canada’s event sponsorship example)
  2. Rather than offering sponsorship packages, they can stand alone and be purchased separately. (Ex. Boost Conference’s sponsorship proposal)
  3. A sponsorship package can be assigned based on what sponsorship opportunity is purchased. (Ex. ACS Spring 2021’s event sponsorship example)

Info that should be included in the offered sponsorship opportunity description are things like where the sponsor will be visible, how the sponsor will be involved, how many registrations are included, what networking opportunities there are, what is included post-event, and more. After looking through some of our examples, you can see the possibilities are almost endless. Try reviewing the options in the examples to figure out which are best for your event.

5. Conclude with contact information, terms, and a booking form

Once the sponsor is convinced and excited to partner with your event, you need to give them a way to move to the next steps. The contact details you collect are up to you, but you should get a contact name, company name, email, and website. You can also collect payment information right on the form.

Then, include a checklist for the sponsorship opportunities that prospective sponsors can fill out, like in the OECD Meeting event sponsorship example. You’ll want to include terms and conditions and/or rules and regulations and definitely include the cancellation policy with details about any refund compensation.

Lastly, include contact information for the prospective sponsors to send their booking form and ask any questions about surrounding your event, organization, and sponsorship.


As you can see, writing an event sponsorship proposal can take quite some time and thought. However, once you have a solid prospectus or proposal, it’s easy to edit and use it as a template for next year’s event. Having examples to look at and draw from can also be a major benefit in figuring out how to shape yours.

Of course, writing this proposal is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to securing sponsors at your event, but it’s not the only one. If you want to impress your sponsors with extra exposure, consider using the latest technologies, such as Whova’s all-in-one event platform, which supports digital booths, in-app company banners, opportunities to tier benefits, and more. Request your demo today!

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