Hassle-free Event Check-in Whova Release

All event organizers have gone through the nightmare at an event registration desk —  clipboards, flapping paper, highlighters, pens… and a waiting line getting longer and longer! Collecting all the check-in details from a paper spreadsheet after an event is another big headache.

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new service: an easy-to-use Event Check-in in Whova Event Management System.  Managing check-in at registration desk is now paperless and hassle-free!

How can Whova Make Event Check-in Hassle-Free?


One Click, Paperless Check-In

Paperless Event Check-in

You can greet your attendees with Whova’s check-in tool running on your tablet or laptop.

All you have to do is to type in just a part of an attendee’s name and press a “check in” button on your tablet or laptop.  You don’t need to keep flipping papers to find the last name of an attendee from the hard-to-read condensed spreadsheet.   Typing a partial name into the search box will instantly get you a list of people you may look for.


Easy Event Check-in

You’ll be able to speed up processes at the registration desk and bring average check-in time to just seconds per guest. Attendees will be able to get through check-in immediately and enjoy all your event has to offer, instead of waiting around.


All Information in One Place


Easy Event Check-in

You can easily and quickly get all the information you need for check-in in one place: registration package they purchased, ticket type, attendee category, meal preferences, whatever options they selected for gifts, etc.

With the information, you can easily find and hand out a welcome packet, a swag bag, or a brochure prepared for each individual.


Real Time Stats on Attendance

With paper-based check-in, it is hard to instantly measure how many people have checked-in and how many more you can expect.  Whova check-in shows a real-time count of checked-in attendees to help you stay aware and updated on your event.


Manage Electronically and Export When You Need


Export Excel Sheet Event Check-in

Not only can you manage check-in details electronically in one place at Whova, but you can export a list of checked-in (or not checked-in) attendees into spreadsheet files when you need them, for example, for post-event analysis and follow-ups.


Want To Try It Out?

It is available for our customers using the Whova event app and/or Whova registration at free of charge!   Simply contact us at hello@whova.com.

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