Live polling is a fun way to get feedback in real-time and keep your attendees engaged and connected. However, creating live poll questions from scratch can take hours when you’re already busy with a long to-do list. That’s why we’ve created 50 ready-to-use poll questions.

Download Live Poll Template (50 questions)

Live Poll Questions for Real-time Feedback and Attendee Engagement

From collecting quantitative feedback to getting to know your attendees, live polls are a great way to increase attendee engagement at your event. There are different types of audience response systems: using a clicker or live polling apps. However, a multifaceted event app with a live polling feature is more popular for its convenience.

Poll questions to inform decision-making before or during events

Live poll questions can help you make decisions in real-time. You can use them to get an accurate headcount for activities that will keep your attendees engaged, making organization much easier. Here are some poll questions:

1. What are you most looking forward to during the event? This polling question helps you to identify what the attendees are expecting the most so that your team can pay extra attention to those areas at your event – maybe it is a talk from your keynote speaker, or the networking activities after the general sessions!

2. Are you planning to stay for lunch or go out with new friends? This question lets you count the number of people who want to stay for lunch, hence you can cut the food cost. With food pricing increasing, this can save you some expenses and keep the event within budget.

3. Would you like one to get a notepad? Similar to the above question, it helps your staff to get prepared ahead of time on the items that need to be handed to your attendees. It could be some other items in your event.

4. Will you be attending our post-event social? If your event will hold a post-event social activity, not all people will attend. Since it needs dedicated space or resources, having a clear idea of the attendance can make your planning much easier. This live poll question exactly helps you on that.

5. What time are you leaving for the airport? If you provide shuttle services to your attendees, this poll can help you make a better transportation arrangement – not only you can reduce cost but also improve the attendees’ satisfaction as you can reserve more shuttles during busy hours.

Download Live Poll Template (50 questions)

Poll Questions to Increase Attendee Engagement

With live poll questions on an event app, you and your speakers can project the questions and answers on a presentation screen for all to see. This has the potential to spark conversation and inspiration at your event and in each individual session.

By participating in the polls and seeing the dynamic results, attendees feel more involved in the event experience. Live polling is listed as one of the top engagement ideas for speakers. You can find out how conferences can use live polling to improve attendee participation.

Live polling questions of this type can include:

6. Have you been influenced by Dr. Gunther’s work? This is a poll question that can be used by your speakers to ask during a session, to keep the audiences engaged and get their attention. In the meantime, the speaker can also adjust the presentation content according to the audience’s responses.

7. Do you have experience using a product like the one I’m presenting? Similarly, if a speaker is demonstrating a product, he or she can use this poll to know more about the audience, but also keep them engaged. The speaker can then use some follow-up poll questions to know more about those who said yes.

8. Are you interested in a meet-up after this session for further discussion? This can be useful if some audiences want extra time to communicate with and learn from the speaker. It gives a speaker a chance to further interact with the audience.

9. What city should we have our next conference in? This poll question encourages your attendees to share their thoughts on the location of your next event – they may bring up some great places that you’ve never considered.

10. Which startup team should be awarded the People’s Choice Award? If you’re running an award at your event, this could be a way to gather opinions from your attendees ahead of time, as a part of your selection process. It’s a great chance to drive the engagement, too.

Download Live Poll Template (50 questions)

Poll Questions to Get to Know Audiences

Live poll questions can also help you get to know your attendees and your attendees get to know one another. Questions can include:

11. Where is your country of origin? This question helps you know the demographic of your audience. Some similar questions can be “What language do you speak?”, or “What degree did you graduate with?”, etc.

12. How many times have you attended this conference? It is always beneficial to know how many of your attendees are the first time coming to your conference. You may host a special networking session to get them to meet others and to make them feel more welcomed. This poll question helps you estimate the count and arrange accordingly.

13. Are you arriving on Sunday and interested in hanging out with others who arrived early? Want to organize a gathering right before the event? Poll your attendees and get some ideas on the headcount and suggest the right places for them to hang out with each other.

14. What topics interest you the most? If your event covers different types of topics, this poll question can help you to know what topics interest your attendees the most. You can ask this poll question towards the end of the event.

15. What are your 2 most favorite exhibitors? Whether you’re running a conference with an expo or a tradeshow – use this poll to get an idea of what product/services and what companies are most popular. This way, you can adjust your vendor sourcing and vetting in your next event.

35 More Fun Poll Questions

Besides the above 15 questions we showed, we also collected more fun poll questions that are good for you or your speakers to use. You can follow this link to download all:

Download Live Poll Template (50 questions)

Getting More Responses to Your Live Polls

By allowing your polls to be filled out on mobile or even through your event app, you can increase the likelihood that attendees will respond while on the go at your event. Some event apps even use in-app notifications to remind attendees to fill out polls, which helps boost response rates even higher.

Collect Feedback Effectively, Keep Attendees Engaged with Live Poll Questions

The poll questions you ask your attendees impact the event feedback you receive. With a little planning and forethought, you can encourage feedback and keep your attendees engaged. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. If you’re interested in exploring other creative ways to engage attendees, check out this step-by-step guide to attendee engagement.

Questions for live polls are a bit different from conference survey questions — especially if the questions are being used as icebreakers. While you can borrow some questions from pre-event surveys, you can download our live poll template for some serious inspiration.

If you’re interested to learn more about our event technology, request more information here.

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