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So you’ve been sold. You found a great event app that is simply stunning and you want to use it for your next event. Now the real question is, how you convince your higher ups to get on the same boat, and this is where the going gets tough.

Truthfully, there’s no real method to this game. Everyone is a little different and the actual task of convincing is a fine art of getting just the right amount of ethos, pathos, and logos — meaning credibility, emotion, and logic respectively. However, there are some general guidelines which can help you along on your way to success.

Here’s the breakdown for each category of higher up and what techniques of persuasion to use.


The CEOThe Head Honcho

This is the big one. This is either the CEO, or the business owner, or the conference owner, and most of the time, he or she is not the softest cookie in the basket.

For the head honcho, don’t waste your time explaining all the nitty-gritty details on each little feature. Normally, there’s only one thing that you must remember to stress in your pitch and that is money. Show your boss how this app is going to substantially increase the revenue and you’ve wormed your way into his or her line of consideration.

Useful materials of persuasion for the Head Honcho will include revenue generating features like ways to attract sponsors or more attendees. It might also help to have a few case studies on hand, to make for a more convincing argument.


The Director of MarketingThe Mastermind of Public Imaging

Everyone organization has a public image, both online and off. The Mastermind, also known as the Head of Marketing, is the person behind this public image and brings in the audience you need.

Fortunately for you, most marketing people are very tech savvy. For them, all you need to do is to gear the conversation for how the event app can help increase your event’s publicity. Features that can connect the attendee directly to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter are a great way to start things off. But if your app has unique features that can get people buzzing on Facebook and Twitter, it will basically sale itself.


The PresidentThe President of Some Important Association

Mr. President has about a million and two things on his mind, plus a few billion extra on the side. Your job is to make it quick, make it simple, and make it so that he knows you can help him attract more members.

Event apps with attendee insight and can get through to a specific target industry or audience can help you make the persuasion. Just make sure you make your pitch clear and goal oriented.


Golden Rule

The last thing you have to remember is to breathe and make sure you are explaining things in a very simple and easy to understand way. Key every pitch to the needs and personality of each higher up and you will be able to succeed.


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