SigComm Chicago 2014

Once a year, scientists, engineers, educators, and students gather together at the computer communication flagship conference, ACM SIGCOMM (short for Special Interest Group on Data Communication). This year, from Augusts 17th to August 22nd, hundreds of SIGCOMM attendees gathered at Chicago to work on applications, technologies, architectures, and protocols for computer communication.

We received many check-ins and many likes, of course. However, what we are proudest to announce is that this year’s SIGCOMM held the biggest turnout for two features on the Whova app — the Profile Exchange feature and the Group feature. In a single day alone, over a hundred attendees had made use of our networking system and exchanged professional profiles with one another. And many more made use of this feature in the days to come.

Additionally, in order to participate in a community with their fellow industry peers, many SIGCOMM attendees joined a group on their Whova event app dedicated specifically to the SIGCOMM 2014 conference. Currently, this community, with all its members, is still ongoing within the app, despite the fact that the conference has long ended.

Healthcare Hackathon

Another successful event that Whova had recently supported as the three day Forge Hackathon in Chicago (read case study). Forge is a community of students, faculty, physicians, and entrepreneurs focused on building entrepreneurial culture in healthcare.

The Forge Hackathon 2014 brought together 100 hackers on August 22nd to build solutions to real problems in the healthcare industry in 34 hours. Organizers for this event made full use of the Slide/Album feature and the Logistics features on our app. Judging criteria, as well as information for special challenge events held during the Hackathon, were placed in an easily accessible location on the Slide/Album location for everyone to view.

What’s more was that the Hackathon definitely takes first place in creative usage of the Logistics feature. Because not only did organizers provide the address, parking location, and floor plans, they also provided information on where Mentors for the event will be located at different points, where the different sub-challenges where located, and other useful resources. It is in this happy manner that the Hackathon came to pass.

If you have more questions on Whova, feel free to contact us.


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