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Like the Greek goddess it was named after, Hera Hub provides for strong, dedicated entrepreneur women with a productive and prosperous work space. It is this productivity and prosperous mindset that gave rise to the two things. Felena Hanson – Hera Hub’s founder- had in mind when she began the plans for the inaugural San Diego Women Investing in Women Summit 2014. Her objectives were, of course, going paperless and connecting attendees to each other.

#1: Going paperless

From an organizer’s point of view, going paperless would mean eliminating the need to shell out a fortune in printing costs – the traditionally indispensable method of creating an event, as it was the only way to keep people informed. In the recent WIIW Summit, Hanson expressed that one thing she enjoyed was the event app’s ability to generate and distribute all necessary information through its mobile brochure, announcements, logistics, and other features, without the need for printed programs.

#2: Being able to connect attendees

“I want attendees to feel connected to each other in the event that they are attending; a lot of times [at events], you go into a room and don’t even know who the other people in the room are,” Hanson said.

Coffee on Table with Whova mobile app

And connect they did. Because Whova was built with a series of networking features, all users within the Summit had access to a list of all other attendees and participants. The name on the list is linked to a specially made professional profile page specific to that particular person, making it possible for attendees to feel better informed about their fellow participants. In addition, the Discover feature can compile customized lists of people to connect for each attendee. Each list would feature other individuals who share her similar professional or academic experience, thus eliminating the need for users to go through a selection process for the people to network with.

#3: Integrating all into one

Besides this, however, Hanson revealed that one of the prominent issues organizers are faced with in the growing mobile event app industry is the ability to incorporate many more things into the event app – things that go beyond simply mobile brochures or even networking capabilities. Email communication and the follow-up survey are also very important factors for any event organizer to consider.

Whova offers a variety of functions, including surveys, announcements, and more. If you’re interested in seeing how it works, check out the demo video here.


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