Whova Agenda ImportingHave you ever experienced uploading each panel and session of your agenda one by one? We’re sure it wasn’t too pleasant. Gone are the days where you must painstakingly spend a considerable chunk of your time doing this.

We’ve made it so that not only attendee list importing is a breeze, but agenda importing too! With our excel format system, importing your agenda will be amazingly quick and easy. Check out all the great details in our brief rundown below.agenda-importing01

First, download the easy-to-use excel template we’ve made just for you and fill it in with your awesome agenda.agenda-importing02

Once you’ve finished filling in the template, simply upload it to our system.agenda-importing03

After the template is done uploading, watch the magic as all of your agenda gets imported immediately!

You’ll get your app ready for attendee downloading faster than ever and the time you’ll save is absolutely priceless. It’s all part of our process to help you publish a fantastic app, increase your efficiency, and create an excellent event experience for your attendees.

Tell us what you think about our update below!


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