Exciting Changes for Everyone!

Your (and your event attendees’) voices have been heard! We’ve always greatly appreciated your feedback. Today we have good news for you…

Your suggestions have helped us create an unprecedented event experience for everyone! We’ve upgraded our organizer dashboard and have renewed our mobile app to improve efficiency, productivity, readability, and more. We’re happy to say that your event management will go smoother and your attendees’ experience will be greater. Check out these exciting changes below!

Whova Organizer Dashboard: Upgraded and Improved

1) Bring your event app to life faster

APPISLIVENon-academic events will now be automatically published. This means that you and your event attendees will have access to your event app at the drop of a pin!


2) Promote your event & mobile app like a breeze

PROMOTION-newYou can now send e-mail campaigns, download and share customized slides and posters with your attendees, and post your event portal page on social media. It’s awesome because all of these promotion tools can be used from the comfort of your organizer dashboard.


3) Other great improvements

We want your events to be secure. Because we believe in maintaining the privacy of our customers and their event attendees, we’ve made it so invitation codes are always required to access events. This ensures only those who should be viewing certain information can.

We’ve also added some important notifications. There are now pages that will let you know that your non-academic events are ready and that your academic events are awaiting approval. You should always be in the know and these pages will let you know what’s going on.


Whova Mobile App: Redesigned and Renewed

1) A renovated agenda that your attendees will love

AGENDAThe agenda has been redesigned to improve clarity and user friendliness. The bar at the top allows your event attendees to view the schedule for just the day they have selected. In addition to the redesign, we’ve significantly enhanced the agenda’s performance and upgraded offline support.


2) Attendees can say hi, but only when they mean it!

SAYHIWe’ve made an important change to our “say hi” button. It has always been a great feature for your attendees to interact with another, but now they can press cancel if they hit the button by accident. Less accidents, more control.


3) Easier sign-up and exciting profile editing

SIGNUPPROFILESWe want your attendees’ experience using your event app to go as smooth as possible, and that includes when they sign up and edit their profile. We’ve made it easier to go through the process so that they can move onto using other features of the app.


4) More robust sponsor banner showcasing capability

SPONSOR BANNERSponsors are so important, and we wanted to reflect that within the app. For certain events, sponsor banners are able to be displayed on certain pages, such as the agenda. We’re certain your sponsors will appreciate this!


5). Other changes

We’ve squashed bugs, and have improved the general performance of the app to make it a breeze for your event attendees to explore and switch from feature to feature.


Thank You for Your Feedback

We’ve made a number of exciting changes thanks to your excellent feedback. Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions.

We appreciate your support. Thank you very much, and Happy Thanksgiving!



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