As an event organizer, you know just how critical spreading awareness for your event can be. You might have the perfect event planned, but if enough people don’t know about it, you won’t get to see your hard work pay off. That’s why word of mouth can be so effective; it allows your event information to spread organically without having to spend valuable time organizing social media campaigns and other marketing strategies. 

But you can’t count on attendees sharing your event or can you? 

By using Whova’s new Social Media Center, you’ve already put yourself a step ahead when it comes to marketing your event. On top of compiling social media tools, content scheduling, and analytics in one central, accessible location, Whova empowers attendees, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors to share the event themselves. Automatically encourage them to share event information with exciting promotional pictures in just a few clicks, spreading awareness far beyond your immediate circles. 

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Spread the word by empowering attendees to promote the event

One of the first, strangely effective ways to get attendees to advertise your event is as easy as just reminding them to do so. With the Social Media Center, attendees, exhibitors, speakers, sponsors, and more will not only be encouraged to share event information, but prewritten posts and customized images mean that doing so only takes a moment! 

As an organizer, you can choose which groups will be asked to share event information for instance, you can encourage attendees to post about the event after they register and exhibitors to advertise their appearance as they set up their profile. Whova will show them an image or video chosen by you, either from your computer or designed by Whova with a Share Event button, so they can spread the word in just a moment. You can even add your own social media accounts and create official hashtags so Whova can prompt attendees to tag you in their posts!

Don’t have a designer? Whova creates sleek, shareable promo images for you!

An eye-catching graphic can go a long way in promoting an event, but you may not be able to commit the time and resources to hire a designer. Don’t worry; we’ve already designed a variety of promotional images that incorporate your event’s name and branding. Choose the designs you like best and quickly customize images promoting specific sessions, exhibitors, sponsors, speakers, and more. Before you know it, it’s ready to be shared, and all you need to do is to wait for the attendees to share them!  

You plan it, we execute it — social sharing just got so much easier with the social media scheduler

Don’t want to spend time checking in with social media to post new updates every now and then? Not a problem! The social media scheduler saves you time by allowing you to plan out your content ahead of time while we take care of the rest. Not only is this tool completely free along with the rest of the Social Media Center, but you can plan as many posts as you like from multiple accounts across multiple platforms. Engage attendees and generate excitement for your event with a consistent calendar you can even use Whova’s promo images to make posting sharable content easier. It’s that simple!

Keep track of sharing in real-time

Connecting with your attendees can also go a long way in promoting your event. We’ll let you know who’s been sharing your event and who the most active attendees are. You can even use Whova to schedule a thank you email for the attendees who have promoted the event, making sure they know they’re appreciated! If you’re feeling creative, you can even gamify event promotion by offering a prize to the most active attendees. 

In addition to keeping an eye on attendees, the Social Media Center’s analytics will also let you know which posts get the most engagement, helping you streamline your content with the most effective posts! 

Manage everything from one location

Of course, you don’t want to keep your social presence limited to one platform. The Social Media Center can support your accounts for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If you have multiple accounts on the same platform you want to use, you can add them too, allowing you to easily expand your reach across platforms. 

Effective and engaging no matter the event format

It doesn’t matter if your next event will be virtual, hybrid, or in-person; spreading the word on social media can help promote your event no matter what its format is. By taking advantage of these tools, Whova can help you master social media promotion without taking time away from working in the event itself!

If your event is private and you don’t want it to go viral, don’t worry! This is an opt-in feature, meaning that if you’re not interested in using Whova to promote via social media, you don’t need to use it! 

Want to learn more about the Social Media Center or the other ways Whova can support your upcoming event? Sign up today for a free demo.


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