We are honored that ASPLOS, Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems – one of the top conferences in the computer architecture and systems field, will be using our mobile app next week (March 2 -5). This is our home conference — many of our research and development team have published papers in this conference during our academic careers and have attended it many times.

ASPLOS 2014 in Whova appAlthough our app has been used in more than a dozen events so far — including the prestigious TEDx San Diego event — we are both nervous and eager about ASPLOS’14 because many of our friends and colleagues will participate in the conference as both organizers and attendees. Certainly, we don’t want to look badly enough in front of them for them to tell their students, “don’t quit your research jobs to do silly startups like Whova.”

As with anyone on a “deadline crunching mode” (academics are very familiar with this), we have worked almost non-stop — even during weekends — for the past three weeks to make sure our app’s UI/UX, agenda, and profiles are as perfect as they can be. Our hope is that we can rank high at ASPLOS in terms of “overall merit”, “presentation”, “novelty”, and “evaluation”, the four criteria CS academic papers are evaluated with.

For those of you curious about our app, learn more here in Whova event app homepage.

If you are attending ASPLOS’14, we hope that the app can help you network with ease at the conference. With our app, you can browse through all your fellow attendees’ profiles that we have automatically built by compiling information publicly available on Internet, including all forms of publications. It is designed to help you discover people who share your professional background at the touch of a button, allow you to contact other attendees with in-app messages, and sync your apps together to exchange your e-Profiles. Of course, we will also provide interactive agendas for your convenience, as well as options for you to comment on papers you like.

Remember to try this out today. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.


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