After months of working hard to make virtual events the absolute best they can be, we’re proud to say that Whova has worked on some record-breaking events world record-breaking!

In August, Whova worked with Podfest Global Summit to set the Guinness World Record for the largest attendance for a virtual podcasting conference in one week! 

With more events held online than ever before, we’re well aware of the unique possibilities that can come from virtual events and how organizers can use these new benefits to succeed.  

By expanding the number of attendees for Podfest Global Summit, we were able to do more than set a world record; we’ve also created more opportunities than ever for this community to connect and hear new perspectives that might otherwise have been missing. Giving more attendees the chance to interact resulted in sky-rocketing engagement and a successful event in all areas of the conference.


Whova was one of the first event technology companies to begin supporting virtual events, and since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve worked with over 1,500 virtual events, learning the ins and outs of the format and exactly what makes a virtual event achieve such groundbreaking numbers.  

From an attendee perspective, just logging in to a virtual event is much more convenient than attending one in-person, and without food, venue, and travel costs, usually more affordable. Meanwhile, organizers no longer have to restrict ticket numbers to accommodate the number of seats or a small venue, opening events up to more attendees than ever before.

While building a huge attendance can be difficult, Whova gives virtual events the tools, from marketing to holding sessions to facilitating engagement, to take advantage of all the benefits that can come with being online, including reaching a wider audience.  

Virtual events can present a new range of possibilities for success, and you don’t want to be left behind. As more and more events begin to tackle the transition to online, we’re excited to work with organizers to bring their conferences to exciting new heights, whether that’s reaching a new personal best for your business or for the entire world. 

If you’re interested in how Whova can help your event grow, just reach out to us today for more information and a free demo. 

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