After having worked from home for almost four weeks amid COVID-19, it feels like everything’s been the same. But today we have something different to share. We received exciting news: Whova made into the Global Top 100 Software Companies in G2’s ranking!

What is G2? It’s a popular software review platform that gathers millions of user reviews for software, just like how Yelp collects reviews for restaurants. Every year it publishes a ranking of the software companies based on all the user reviews. You can find this year’s list here: .

Software companies that have also made it into the top 100 list are probably very familiar to you, like Dropbox, Paypal, Intuit, Google, Salesforce, and LinkedIn, …  

Wow, Whova is among the elite!

And Whova is the only event technology company that made it into this list!

Looking back, we came a long way to get to today’s achievement. We still remember the first time Whova was used in an event. Every couple of years we review the previous versions of our product, and we always feel embarrassed about those old versions. The product you see today has gone through thousands of iterations based on our customers’ and users’ feedback.

Our company has a customer-driven culture built into our genes. It’s why we have multiple channels to directly listen to customers’ feedback. With our product team doing customer support and answering to customer tickets during nights and weekends, we put a laser focus on our customers’ needs. 

Because we’re always listening to customer concerns, we realized the impact that COVID-19 was going to have on their events immediately. That’s why we became one of the very first event technology companies to start supporting virtual events.

Right now, we have our whole product team on standby to better support event organizers with virtual conferences. Within one month, we released virtual conference platform 1.0, 2.0, the revamped web portal, and will soon release even more features that fundamentally change the virtual event participant’s experience!

Stay tuned for all of the exciting upcoming features! To know more about how we can help with your event, just contact us!

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