The new semester is about to start, and the career fair is more important than ever. With recent rises in unemployment, students about to enter the workforce are facing a hostile, discouraging job market. Career fairs can be a great tool for securing those positions, but is that even possible during a pandemic? While you’ve likely heard of virtual events, a career fair seems different, relying on face to face communication between job seekers and employers. 

Fortunately, it’s entirely possible to bring all the essential elements of a successful career fair online! With Whova’s new Career Fair function, you can finally stop worrying about how you’re going to pull this off. Through empowering prospective employers to set up their own customizable virtual booths, attendees can have the same interactive experience they would have gotten in-person. Who knew it could be this easy!

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Showcase companies with videos, brochures, and more in the customizable virtual booths

With their own customizable page within the Career Fair function, employers can recreate the experience of exploring different booths online. There, they can feature jobs, any upcoming live showcases, and post relevant photos, as well as uploading documents and flyers, and featuring booth staff for attendees to get in touch with. This will allow all the company information to stay in one accessible, centralized location, so employers can reach the best candidates possible, and attendees can get an overview of a company in a way they couldn’t otherwise. 

Applying for jobs is made easy with a customizable application form

At an in-person career fair, an applicant might hand out their resume to employers they’re interested in. With Whova, the process can go even further, allowing attendees to completely apply for the job within the virtual booth. Attendees can submit a resume, cover letter, and even letters of recommendation through the booth, automatically set up by Whova! 

If the employer wants to make adjustments to the application form, Whova even has built-in questions about attendee qualifications that employers can choose for themselves, allowing employers to set up customized applications as efficiently as possible. 


Directly engage with talent through virtual communication

If an attendee wants to get to know a company, there are a variety of options they can pursue! After watching any introductory videos and reading up the information the employer has posted, an attendee can use the listed contact information, or the chat function, to set up a one-on-one meeting to ask staff all the questions they might at a physical booth. 

Companies can also take this into their own hands by holding their own virtual meetups to recruit applicants! They can even feature the meet-up link directly on their profile, so attendees know when and how they can drop in. 

Instead of walking from booth to booth, communication at a virtual career fair is made more efficient and just as effective as attendees privately chat with potential employers on a sidebar in each profile. This way, booth staff can save time by maintaining open communication with multiple applicants at once, and attendees can ask any questions they have without having to enter a call.

Save time by empowering employers to set up their own booths

Whether the career fair is the main part of your virtual event or just one aspect, we know how busy organizing an event can be! To save yourself time by eliminating tedious back and forth email exchanges, you can empower employers to set up their own virtual booths through a personal link. This can only save both of you time and ensure the best quality possible. 

Employers can easily upload any photos, live sessions, company descriptions, or anything else to best represent their company the way they want, guaranteeing their satisfaction with the setup. The set-up is also easy for event organizers if you already have information about the different companies on an Excel sheet, this can all be quickly uploaded to Whova, making set-up simpler for everyone. 

View all companies and job opportunities in a central location

No more applicants getting lost on the conference floor, trying to find that interesting booth they were meaning to check out. Likewise, no more learning about a really cool company they’d love to work for, only to learn that they’re not hiring for positions in their field. All companies and job opportunities at the Career Fair are located in one central location, making it easy for any attendees to navigate all the opportunities available to them. 

Applicants can even view how many jobs each company has available, as well as how many applications they’ve received, so attendees can see what positions are popular and where the competition is the stiffest. 

Know exactly how the career fair is doing with live stats and final report

Gauging the success of an event no longer means just checking how big attendance was. Whova’s Career Fair provides live statistics as the event proceeds, telling you all you need to know about traffic interaction and submitted applications. This can allow you to not only check up on the fair while it goes on, but you can also make adjustments and see how it affects engagement in real time!

Once the event is over, Whova will send you a compilation of all the results in your PDF report, so you can review the career fair and even compare it to past events.

Grab attendees’ interest with virtual swag bags embedded into the booths

If employers are worried about not catching the eye of prospective employees, never fear! Just like how a booth at a career fair might hand out company swag, potential applicants can get the same benefits through the virtual career fair. Employers can choose to feature a raffle on each of their profiles for applicants to engage with and enter, making them more likely to check out the company and its opportunities. 

Help your virtual event succeed with Whova

Opportunities don’t have to stop with in-person events! With the right resources, you can still provide the same experiences that have made all your past events stand out. You might even discover some new strategies you wouldn’t have otherwise. 

If you’re interested in using the Career Fair or any of Whova’s other features at your upcoming event, just contact Whova today.

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