You’re planning a hybrid or in-person event, and you and your attendees can’t wait to finally connect in person after over a year of distancing. However, while you’re being careful to comply with all safety regulations and recommendations, there’s always the chance that something can go wrong. In this case, it’s essential that you’ve prepared and made sure you and your company won’t be held legally liable.

Whova’s online waiver solution makes it easy to distribute, collect, and organize all the proper paperwork and forms, from liability waivers and eligibility confirmation to guardian permission slips and emergency contact information.

Even after COVID, protecting your company from legal liability is an important priority for any event. Collecting the right paperwork from attendees is essential in making sure they’ve agreed to all terms and know the safety measures that will be expected of them. 

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A streamlined solution for creating, distributing, and collecting attendee waivers

Whova provides many tools to make event management jobs easier. And this time, with Whova, you can create and fully customize a comprehensive form for your event’s needs, whether that’s covering COVID-related concerns about liability, vaccinations, safety information, or any other information or permissions you might need to collect for your event.

Create and distribute online waiver forms for attendees to sign both from desktop and through the app

From there, you can electronically distribute the forms, collect them within Whova, and easily view exactly who has filled out what! The online waiver solution takes care of tedious logistical work by making everything convenient, centralized, and easily viewable.

Cover all of your bases by customizing waiver forms for your event

Make sure your waiver matches your event’s requirements by easily building a complete, comprehensive form. Whova makes waiver creation simple by allowing you to insert different form elements like questionnaire checklists, information and descriptions, a space for attendees to enter additional comments, and boxes for signatures and dates. 

You can also choose from multiple premade Whova templates to use as a reference, such as a health screening checklist, waiver release form, and vaccine confirmation, but be sure to customize these templates to fit any differences in your event! 

Easily create and customize a comprehensive waiver form to your event's requirements

Increase efficiency by allowing attendees to submit forms from both mobile and desktop

Attendees can get their forms through email and in-app notifications, allowing them to submit forms on desktop or completely within the mobile app. Attendees can quickly fill out the waivers from anywhere in the world, making submitting information simple and convenient, and subsequently increasing the overall submission rate.

Even if you need an attendee to fill out some missing information right before the event, you don’t have to inconvenience yourself by printing extra forms just have them pull out their phones and take care of everything on the spot. It’s that easy!

Ditch the filing cabinets! Handle distributing and collecting waivers straight from Whova

Once you’ve created the waivers, decide exactly who receives them and needs to fill them out. For instance, at a hybrid event, you won’t need to have remote attendees fill out waivers that have to do with attending the event in person.

Making this distinction is as easy as clicking which attendee categories will receive a waiver. From there, you can schedule the initial email and subsequent reminders directly from Whova without having to involve another email service. 

Make check-in easy and organized with digital form collection before the event

Don’t worry about any information getting lost in the shuffle! Instead of filing waivers away and having to manually record who has turned in what, you can view exactly who has submitted their waivers from a central location in Whova. 

Ensure all attendees have turned in their paperwork before check-in

Whova has integrated the waiver form information into the checkin tools. Now you’ll also be able to see whose paperwork passes all requirements and who still doesn’t have important items checked off, keeping everything paperless and organized! If you want to take this information beyond Whova, just export the information as a PDF or Excel file for convenient reference.  

On event day, it’s easy to make sure only attendees who have filled out the proper paperwork check in  when checking attendees in on both desktop and mobile, you can view whether each attendee’s waiver has been submitted as well as viewing which items they didn’t check. 

Keep things covered as events return in person 

It’s exciting to have things going back to normal, but it’s equally important to make sure you and your organization are safe from potential liability risks. Keep you and your event safe by managing liability, as well as having attendees confirm vaccination, agree to safety measures, and turn in any other information or signatures you’ll need for your event. 

Even after COVID, Whova’s easy online waiver solution can help you manage risks and concerns for your event from the get-go. Want to learn more? Schedule a free product demo today.

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