WIIW 2014

On July 18th and 19th, some of America’s most successful entrepreneurs, investors, and top notch industry leaders gathered in San Diego to speak in the inaugural Women Investing In Women Summit. The WIIW Summit is an event that brings together a wide spectrum of women, be it investors, entrepreneurs, or community members to share wisdom, build networks, and collaborate with one another. This year’s inaugural San Diego summit shed light on many things, such as building success, finding deals and investors, the importance of persistence, risks, partnerships, and more.

Whova is excited this year to have had the opportunity to support this event. Having been founded by two women co-founders, the WIIW Summit (and our participation in it) held a particular resonance with us.

During this event, two of our app’s features quickly made its way up to the title of Crowd Favorites. Number one on the list is our Slide/Album share feature, a feature that allows speakers can upload their session material for attendees to browse and download. In fact, since its release, the Slide/Album feature has been a popular with many other events as well. Some organizers event went so far as to upload additional education materials from various universities in addition to the talk slides in order to supplement the material.

The next item on the list our Twitter feature. Unlike the relatively new Slide/Album feature, our Twitter feature has an enduring option on our menu of functions, ever since our participation in TEDx. The feature’s name, Twitter, is of course a dead giveaway for what it does (posting on Twitter, in case you didn’t guess). Like WIIW many events enjoy having this feature for its ability to encourage attendees to share about their experience online.

In a very gracious gesture, @hera-labs tweeted thanking us for our participation WIIW.

@heralabs: @xiongww TY for following us. And THX to the #WhovaApp for allowing the inaugural #WomenInvestSD Summit to be a great success!”

In return, we are proud to say that through our participation in this event, we have also gained a great deal of knowledge in many areas of expertise. Doubtless, we will apply what we have learned to the events that are to come.


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