As you plan for your upcoming virtual event, it can feel like you’re losing one of the most important elements: socialization. The relationships attendees can form during these conferences aren’t only potentially valuable business connections — the opportunity to socialize and form friendships with other attendees can make a conference a lot more fun and memorable. But try as you might, can you really give attendees that social element from behind the screen?

With Whova’s new 1-1 video calls, getting in touch remotely has never been easier. Attendees can look for others with common backgrounds or interests and easily get on a “face-to-face” video call together — much less intimidating than seeking someone out in person or speaking up in a group! 1-1 video chat allows attendees to easily start having in-depth chats with much better focus than in a noisy environment, making sure that this event will be one to remember.

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Bring interaction to another level with video calls

Text chat and virtual meet-ups can be a great way to get a conversation going, but you don’t want attendees to just leave it there. With 1-1 video calls, attendees can make plans to further those connections by talking face-to-face just like they would with someone they met at an event in-person.

Video chat is easy just start a conversation, request permission to call, and then chat at a time that works for both of you. With attendees no longer able to meet in-person, video calling helps them have the kind of in-depth conversations they might otherwise have missed, securing business connections and providing the event with an important personal element.

Versatile uses for different types of events

While networking is the most obvious use for video chat, it can come in handy any time someone might want to speak face-to-face. For example, video calling is a secure way to discuss positions and even conduct interviews at virtual job fairs, and they can allow exhibitors to follow up on leads in a more personal way by talking one-on-one.

Check in with participants throughout the event

Video chat can also help organizers maintain open communication and stay up-to-date with attendees throughout the event! 1-1 video calling makes keeping in touch remotely easy, as organizers check in on attendee experiences and help them through any problems they might have.

Organizers can also call speakers, exhibitors, and any other important participants to discuss all areas of the event and even help them prepare before sessions and demonstrations. Instead of having to seek these people out from the other side of the convention center, it just takes the click of a button to get in touch.

Video networking through the same platform as the rest of the event

Instead of having to alternate between different platforms for individual calls and the rest of the event, attendees can get the full event experience in one place, keeping networking simple and convenient.

It can be tempting for more introverted attendees to avoid making new connections at virtual events, but keeping things in a single location makes the process of reaching out feel less daunting. Attendees can decide to take advantage of Whova’s other networking features to introduce themselves, and quickly start talking face-to-face without even having to switch tabs.

Guarantee attendees’ security by protecting them from spam calls

Worried about spam callers or other users taking advantage of this feature? Video chat is already limited to registered attendees, but attendees can further avoid spam by controlling exactly who gets to chat with them.

Attendees must ask permission from the person they’re talking to before they can call them, so if the would-be caller doesn’t introduce themselves or otherwise seems suspicious, attendees can choose to not grant them permission to make video calls. This puts a stop to any potential spammers before they even have the chance to make their first call. If the attendee gives them permission and later changes their mind, the permission can also be removed later!

Talk through both the web portal and mobile app

Accessibility and convenience are key for both virtual events and forming connections, so Whova makes sure you can connect with other attendees at all times and in any context. With the video chat function available through both the web portal and mobile app, you can take your time chatting on mobile well before the event even begins, and talk later in between sessions through the desktop. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, it’s easy to stay connected! 

Make the event memorable with individual interactions

Networking with other attendees can be an important part of what makes an event memorable, and those experiences don’t need to be lost in a virtual event. With Whova’s help, you can allow attendees to make meaningful connections well before the event even begins. 

Interested in 1-1 video chat or any of Whova’s other features? Request a demo today to see exactly how we can help your virtual event succeed.

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